How to Activate Your New Bank Issued Debit Card?

If you recently received a new Visa or Mastercard ATM / debit card from your bank you’ll need to activate is before being able to use it anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted. The debit card activation process is designed to be extremely simple and in most cases it only takes a few minutes. Card activation is required due to potential fraud and your bank wanting to ensure that someone doesn’t intercept your card in the mail and try to use it fraudulently.

This step-by-step guide generally works for all of the major debit card issuers regardless of whether you bank with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, Citi, U.S. Bank or most other small banks and credit unions such as Navy Federal Credit Union and much more! Sometimes the steps to activate a new debit card will vary slightly depending on the bank but this generic guide will work for the majority of people needing to activate their debit card.

After our debit card activation guide we have included an FAQ section where we answer some most often asked questions about debit cards in general such as what happens if you don’t activate your debit card of if you don’t receive it in the mail.

So continue reading below for our step-by-step guide regarding how to activate a new debit card. After activation you’ll be able to use your new debit card immediately.



5 Simple Ways to Activate Your New Bank Debit Card

When your new debit card comes in the mail from your bank it should have a sticker on the front of the card with a phone number you can call to activate your card or a website you can also visit to activate your card. Typically you can also activate your debit card via your Banks mobile app or by visiting your bank in person where you can using it at one of your banks ATMs or a banker may be able to activate it for you inside the branch.

Typically online activation is the quickest way to begin using your card but calling the phone number is a perfectly suitable solution as well.


1. Activating Your Debit Card Over the Phone

Phone activation is simple, just call the number on the sticker on the front of your card and follow the prompts to activate your card. Depending on who you bank with this process may be fully automated or in other instances you will be required to speak to a customer service agent.

Typically you’ll be asked for various card information such as the card number, expiration date, 3-digit cvv code found on the back and you may even be asked for personally identifying information that only you would know such as date of birthday, last 4 digits of your social, etc… Supply the requested information and you should have your card activated for use in no time.

In come cases the automated system you call is able to verify your number so you’re not required to provide any personally identifying information.

During the activation process you’ll likely be prompted to create a 4-digit PIN number unless one has already be selected for you. In addition to activating your card you’ll need this 4-digit PIN number to complete purchases.

*Note: If you card does not come with a sticker on the front you’ll need to call the number found on the back of your the card to activate it.


2. Activating Your Debit Card Online

Online activation is also very fast, if your card came with a sticker on the front and offers online activation just visit the supplied webpage and follow the steps. This typically requires you to have already have enrolled in online banking which your bank should have assisted you with when you opened your bank account with them. With banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo you’ll need to login to your online banking portal and follow the steps to activate your new card. Like phone activation you’ll need to enter your card number, expiration date, security code and choose a 4-digit PIN. There’s no need to supply any personal information since you’re the only one that should have access to your online banking.


3. Activating Your Debit Card With Your Banks Mobile App

Activating your card with you banks mobile app is as simple as activating it online although not all banks have this as an option (Typically some of the smaller banks don’t offer app activation). Download your banks mobile banking app and sign in to your online banking account. From there select the debit card activation option and follow the steps to activate your card. This process can vary slightly depending on the app interface so if you’re having trouble visit the support tab in the app and get in touch with customer service or try phone or online activation.


4. Activating Your Debit Card at an ATM

If you already have your PIN number some banks allow you to activate your debit card via one of their ATMs. Just insert your card into the ATM and enter your PIN, make a deposit or withdrawal and your card should be activated. There may be a few additional on screen steps to activate your card depending on who you bank with but this process is extremely straightforward. The only drawback to this activation method is it would be more time consuming to make a visit to your bank. This method is not available with all banks so we suggest that you contact your local branch before taking the time to make an inperson visit to your bank.


5. Activating Your Debit Card at Your Local Branch

Some banks allow you to make a personal visit to your local branch and a banker there can activate your card for you. This isn’t an option with all banks for security reasons so it’s best to call ahead before taking the time to drive to your bank and finding out that you can’t activate your card this way.


Debit Card Activation FAQs

How Long Does it Take to Activate a Debit Card?

It should only take you a few minutes to activate your new debit card if you choose online, phone or mobile app activation. It will obviously take longer if you decide to visit your local branch.


When Can I Use My Debit Card After Activating it?

Once you activate your card you should be able to use it immediately. If for some reason your card isn’t working double check that you’re using the right PIN and that the merchant accepts your type of card (Visa or Mastercard usually). If you’re still having trouble call the number on the bank of your card to speak with a customer service rep from your bank.


How to I Activate My Debit Card Online?

Visit the webpage found on the sticker on the front of your debit card and follow the steps. This should only take about 1 minute and then your card will be activated for immediate use.


Can I Activate My Debit Card Before it Arrives?

No, you’ll need your card information which can only be found on your new card.


Can Someone Else Activate My Debit Card?

The only way someone else can activate your debit card is if they have the physical card and they know your PIN number, so keep your PIN number safe! Regardless banks typically offer $0 liability for fraudulent charges so you should be fine.


How Long Do You Have to Activate a New Debit Card?

This varies depending on the issuing bank but you typically have to activate your card in 45-60 days. If it’s been longer get in touch with support from you bank, you may need to request a new card.


What Happens if You Don’t Activate My New Card?

If you don’t activate your debit card it will eventually be cancelled by your bank and you’ll have to request a new card if you ever want or need a debit card again in the future.


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Conclusion to Activating a New Debit Card

Activating your new debit card should be an extremely simple process that you can complete is just a few short minutes. Follow the steps provided for your preferred activation method and you should be all activated and ready to use your new card right away. If you’re having any trouble just call the number found on the back of your card and your banks customer service department will be able to help you!


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