How to Activate a PC Financial Mastercard or PC Money Card? – If you recently applied for the PC Financial Mastercard and were approved you’ll need to wait to receive your new credit card in the mail and then activate it before being able to use it. Just follow our easy step-by-step guide below discussing how to get your card activated so that you can begin to enjoy all of the benefits your new Presidents Choice Financial credit card from Presidents Choice Banks has to offer.

PC Financial Credit Card Activation Guide at

Online Account Sign Up Required Before Activating

First things, first! Before activating you’ll need to create an account. Once you have received your new card in the mail visit

On the homepage click “Sign In”. Once on the login page click the Sign Up link just below the Sign In button.

Follow the steps for online enrollment which include entering your full card number, 3-digit security code and the phone number you used when you applied for the PCFinancial card.

Click Continue and then follow the remaining steps which will include choosing a username and password.

Activating Your PC Financial Credit Card Online

Activating your card online is extremely simple and should only take you a few minutes. You’ll need to visit again and sign into your account.

After signing in visit the Accounts & Card link in the main menu in your PC Financial Dashboard and then click on the cards tab to the left.

You’ll then see your new card displayed in the cards section on the left panel.

Simply click on your new PC Financial Mastercard or PC Money Card and click “Activate Now” on the panel that pops.

From there you’ll need to enter the activation code found on the sticker on the front of your new card.


Activating Your PC Financial Credit Card On the Presidents Choice Mobile App

App activation is very simple as well. Just download the app from the app store and login to your account.

Click on the Cards tab and look for the card you’re trying to activate.

Click “Activate Now” and enter the activation code found on the sticker on the front of your PC Financial Mastercard.


Activating Your PC Financial Credit Card Over the Phone

If you’re having issues activating your card online or with the PC Mobile App we suggest that you call the phone number found on the back of the card.

At this time we were unable to confirm whether phone activation is possible but we would guess that you can activate by phone by simply calling the number found on the back for your new card.


PC Money Account vs PC Financial Mastercard

A PC Money account works similar to a checking account and comes with a debit card that allows you to earn PC Optimum points on your daily shopping without having to open a credit card.

The PC Financial Mastercard is simply a basic credit card that also offers the ability to earn rewards on your everyday shopping.


PC Credit Card FAQs 

Read below for frequently asked questions and answers regarding the PCFinancial card activation process and other general faqs.


What Happens if I Don’t Activate My PC Financial Credit Card?

Your card will be voided if you don’t activate it within 60-90 days. If you later decide that you want to use your card you’ll have to contact PC Financial to request a new card be mailed to you.


Can I Activate My PC Financial Credit Card Before it Arrives in the Mail?

Before activating your card you’ll need to have it in hand since you’ll need enter your card number and other details during the online account signup process.


What Different Cards Does Presidents Choice Bank Offer?

Though the activation process is the same regardless of which product you choose to use you do have the option of opening a PC Money Account or applying for the PC Financial Mastercard credit card.


Is the PC Financial Mastercard for Canadian Residents Only?

Yes, only Canadian residents are eligible for this credit card.


Does the PC Financial Mastercard Offers Rewards?

Yes! You can earn 20k PC Optimum points just for signing up and you’ll earn points for all of your purchases!


Does the PC Financial Mastercard Have An Annual Fee?

No, the PC Financial credit card is a no annual fee credit card.


How Do I Apply for a PC Financial Mastercard?

Just visit and click on Apply in the main menu.


Conclusion to Activating Your New Card at

Activating your PC Financial Mastercard and PC Money card is extremely simple and can be done online at or through the Presidents Choice Mobile App. The activation process is extremely simple and should only take a few minutes.

If you’re a Canadian resident who is looking for a credit or debit card that offers good rewards you can’t go wrong with either of the cards PC Financial offers!


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