Basketball Legends Unblocked Games Review [Never Blocked]

If you’re interested in the this game then you’ll be happy to see all of the action you can enjoy while playing. Below we have discussed the game and provided the best websites where you can play it and have a ton of fun without getting blocked out and having your fun ruined!


Our Guide to Basketball Legends Unblocked


The NBA Legends Game is super fun and by using an unblocked games site you won’t have to worry about this game being blocked at either work or school.

What is Basketball Legends Unblocked?

This game is a super fun arcade style one-on-one bball game where you can play as NBA basketball stars. Each games lasts only a few minutes allowing you to take a quick break from school or work in order to refresh and be more productive.

Our Thoughts on play during school or work: This game is a great alternative to what most people do instead which is to jump on social media. Playing this game much more fun and much better our your psyche considering all the negativity on Facebook and Twitter these days.

Game Play Tutorial/Instructions

  1. When you first go to one of the sites to play this game you will see the intro screen as seen below.

Pro Tip: To save your game online you will need to setup and account or for quick play you can just click play under the ‘local save’ option. This shouldn’t be of concern as most people don’t want need to save anything but rather just have some quick fun.

Basketball Legends Unblocked

2) Once you click play you will then advance the 2nd screen and you can either select 1 player, 2 player or quick match as seen below.

Basket Ball Legends Unblocked Games

3) Select quick match and you will move on to the How to Play screen where it will show the keyboard control for the game as seen below.

How to Play Basketball Legends Unblocked

4) Click Ok and the game will then be started as seen below.

Video of Game Play

BasketBall Legends 2

As of this writing the 2nd version of the game hasn’t been released but we will be sure to update you here once it is released. We’re hoping for 2 on 2 gameplay with the new version to spice things up a bit!

Where Can You Play This Game?

If you’re looking to play this NBA Legends WTF then you’ll be excited to see that below we have provided a list of the top sites that offer this game where you’ll have no concern about it getting blocked and having your fun ruined!

Unfortunately with Flash no longer being compatible with Chrome this game and all flash unblocked games currently do not work. Thank you Google, you’re so kind!

The sites that host these unblocked games are currently working to make them compatible with the Ruffle emulator so that these games are available again. We will update this post when the game are available again.

76 Games

66 Games

Tyrone’s Games

What Are Unblocked Games?

These are games on gaming sites that can’t be blocked by your school or employer since the games are web based and not detectable by blocking software.

Other Popular Unblocked Games

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Please comment below if you have any other questions about this game.


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