WellsFargo.com/activatecard: Activate Your WellsFargo Card

Wells Fargo offers a range of banking and wealth management solutions for consumers. Activating a debit card associated with your bank account is fast and easy. Having a card means you can make online purchases, get money from ATMs, and track everything using your account.

Read our guide below to learn more about the activation process to make setup quick and easy for yourself! You can also apply for a new card, create an account for 24/7 online access, and sign in to manage your bank transactions, deposits and withdrawals. 

Our www.WellFargo.com/ActivateCard Guide

Before you receive all of the great features associated with a debit card and online account, you need to have a checking account with the bank. You also need to be enrolled in online services to take advantage of all these benefits. 

After you get your checking account set up, you can use your card in multiple ways, including the following:

  • Send money to othera using Zelle.
  • Pay bills online or by phone.
  • Access Instant Issue debit cards if your card is lost or stolen, but you still need access to your funds.

This American institution has designed its card services to keep up with the fast-paced and innovative time of online banking. You can access your balance online anytime using the website or mobile app. 

With a card, you have 24/7 support for reporting suspicious activities as well as lost or stolen cards. You get liability protection for reimbursement toward fraudulent purchases. Chip technology and contact less features mean you can have quick and convenient payments.

Step-by-Step Wells Fargo Card Activation Instructions

Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to spending and saving on your terms. Keep in mind you can read the website in Spanish in you select the Español link. 

Step 1: Go to www.WellsFargo.com/activatecard using a reliable internet connection. 

Wells Fargo card activation

Step 2: Click the “Enroll Now” link. 

Step 3: Input your personal information, including a social security number or taxpayer ID. 

Wells Fargo enroll

Step 4: Enter your account, card, or loan number and click Continue. 

Step 5: Follow all prompts to activate your card and enroll in online banking. 

That’s it! Wells Fargo card activation is that simple. Activating over the phone is also fast and easy. Just call 1-877-294-6933 and follow the prompts. 

Log Into The Online Portal

Do you want to check your balance and view recent transactions? You can quickly log into your account by following these simple steps: 

  • Go to www.WellsFargo.com/activatecard using a smartphone, tablet, or computer connected to the internet. 
  • Enter the username and password that you signed up with during the enrollment process.
  • Click Sign On. 

Note: If you are having trouble, click the Forgot Password/Username link under the sign on box. 

Apply for a Card and Bank Account

Do you want to apply for a Wellsfargo bank account so you can reap the benefits of a debit card and online account? 

On the homepage, click the white Apply link located in the upper-righthand corner of the red box. You will be redirected to another page to determine what options best suits your financial needs. 

If you already have an account, you can request a card for your account by phone. Call customer service at 1-800-932-6736. 

About Wells Fargo

Officially known as Wells Fargo & Company, this banking system is America’s fourth-largest in terms of total assets. It provides financial services for at least one-third of Americans in the United States. The institution offers all kinds of banking services for consumers, including checking and saving accounts, mortgages, and investments. Financial services for commercial companies are also available. The bank has expanded business substantially since the establishment in 1852. 

You can easily access thousands of branch locations and ATMs around the country, and even around the world thanks to web banking and mobile applications.

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