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In this support guide we have covered all things related to the Turbotax Share and Glance Intuit websites. Whether you’re new to using Glance Networks or you simply need to get a code to join an Intuit remote access session this article is for you!

Our Guide to Turbotax.Share.Intuit.com & Glance.Intuit.com Remote Access

Below we’ve answered questions about the Intuit.Glance.net service for Quickbooks and Turbotax and also provided details on where you can download the software along with getting your code and how to get further help from Intuit!

What is Glance Intuit & TurboTax Share?

Glance Intuit is a web based remote session screen sharing service provided by Glance in conjunction with Intuit and their Quickbooks, Turbotax and ProConnect software.

It allows users like you to get customer service help with your Turbotax, Quickbooks or ProConnect questions directly from an Intuit agent when you have questions about completing your taxes or using Quickbooks. The software allows for one-to-one screen sharing by giving the Intuit agent access to view your screen in the Turbotax software or Quickbooks online portal which allows them to quickly and easily help you no matter what step you are at in completing your taxes or books.

TurboTaxShare.Intuit.com and Glance.Intuit.com Download

If you need to Join an Intuit Proconnect session the software is available to download on both Mac and PC. When it comes to more info you can visit proconnect.intuit.com and when it comes to downloading the application on PC, simply visit the Glance.Intuit.com or TurboTaxShare.Intuit.com download url and downloading will automatically commence.

For Mac and Windows users, the GlanceGuest folder will need to be opened from your downloads folder to begin the installation process.

www.glance.intuit.com download


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Step-by-Step Instructions for Downloading Glance-Intuit.com & TurboTaxshare.Intuit.com for Remote Access Sessions

To download either of the Intuit Glance software packages for remote access:

  1. Visit glance.intuit.com or turbotaxshare.intuit.com and your download will automatically begin
  2. To install the application just run the .exe file and follow the on screen instructions
  3. After downloading just start up the software to begin using the remote access features

Pro Tip: You can skip downloading the Glance software files and instead download the Glance Chrome Extension to quickly and easily get on a remote session with an agent.

Troubleshooting Glance for issues with www.Glance.Intuit.con 

If you’ve experienced issues downloading the software:

  1. Try refreshing the glance.intuitu.com web page
  2. Try opening the site from a different browsers
  3. Be sure to check that any VPNs are turned off before you try downloading and using Glance again

Can Intuit.Glance.Net Be Used On Mobile?

Those of you who may be interested in using these screen sharing feature on mobile will be glad to hear that there’s a GlanceIntuit mobile app. This is ideal for letting you remotely connect with others for remote access, even if you don’t have access to a desktop.

It’s also a feature that companies can make good use out of as it lets them see their customers’ screen when using their phone. This can help greatly with improving the customer service by being able to respond and help faster. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and is simple to set up and use.

Intuit’s mobile app works by enabling staff members to see a customer’s mobile screen through sessions that are initiated by both the customer and staff member.

What is the Glance Network?

The Glance Network is a remote screen sharing software system that was launched in 2000 with the goal of helping companies provide their customers with faster and easier support. The technology available allows for screen sharing, Co-browsing, mobile app sharing, and agent videos.

Companies have chosen to use this software is because it allows them to hold consultations with their customers digitally without having to be face to face. The agent videos let companies connect with customers in a more natural setting for a better human interaction. Therefore, members of your team may have an easier time closing deals and helping customers as the communication feels more natural.

Companies can use Glance’s call center to see the screens of other staff members which can be useful when it comes to hosting remote meetings between multiple people.

While there are many features available with Glance that are great for companies, people looking to join secure remote access sessions can also benefit from the features it offers.

What is Glance Guest?

GlanceGuest is the application that allows people to share their desktop screens with you. When the Glance Guest software has been downloaded, you have the ability to also share your screen with the other person.

What is Glance Screen Share?

Glance Screen Share makes it easy and quick for you to see someone else’s desktop screen. All it requires is downloading the software, signing in, and that’s it. One of the reasons as to why it’s so great for companies to help customers is because they don’t need to download or install anything in order to see your screen.

This makes it less daunting and allows your agents to speed up the process of guiding customers through anything that they’re having trouble with. 

How Does Glanceguest Cobrowse Work? 

Cobrowser is a feature that enables members of your company to see each other’s screens. This is super helpful for whenever there’s confusion or problems as staff members who are working remotely can simply see each other’s screens.

As a result, finding out what a problem is or coming up with a solution can be made much quicker and hassle free. You can cut down on the wasted time of team members being on the phone trying to describe something. Instead, the screens can be shared among each other.

It implements JavaScript to let you see what’s on someone else’s browser. Its recommended to implement the Cobrowse JavaScript tag to all of the pages that you plan to use in the session. 

Is there a Glance Networks Chrome Extension?

The GlanceGuest Extension is available on the Chrome Web Store. At this time there are more than 500,000 GlanceGuest users who have downloaded the app from Google Chrome.

Glance Integrations

Glance can be configured with ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Dynamics 365. These are applications that many companies across the world make good use out of. You can also create single sign ins and make login keys. 

Where Can I Get More Info & Customer Service?


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