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Home Box Office, or HBO, has been a leader in premier entertainment ever since the company came on the scene in 1972. HBO Go allows subscribers to the cable channel to take thousands of hours of movies and award-winning shows with them wherever they go.

If you have an HBO subscription, activating the Go app is simple. You can also activate a new device by just logging into the computer or mobile phone with your HBO account information.

To unlock hours of films and shows, go to and get started — it’s fast and easy!

Our Guide

Setting up your account can be completed in just a few minutes and you will be able to stream in no time.

Please keep in mind the following for activating your account

  • You will need access to your cable, satellite, internet provider and account information. 
  • You will need a valid email address. This email will become your primary login information to access your HBO Go Account.

That is all you need! You are one step closer to having hours of entertainment right at your fingertips.

Step-by-Step HBO GO Activation Instructions

Step 1: Open your favorite internet browser on your computer or smartphone and type in www.HBOgo.con/activate. Press “Enter.”

Step 2: Enter the code provided by HBO in the dialogue box. Double-check to ensure the code is entered correctly. Verify your email address and cable provider account information to complete the signing-in process. 

Note: If you need help with anything, you can click on the link that says “Visit the Help Center.” You will be redirected to a page with numerous links that help with getting started, your account details, and other troubleshooting issues. There are additional links that allow you to contact the company if you’re having any problems. 

Step 3: If you want to log into through a smart TV, search for the HBO Go app and click on “Log In with HBO Go ID.” Enter the email and password you submitted during registration. Press “Enter.”

Step 4: You can also sign into HBO Go using your TV provider’s website. Enter your username and password that is associated with your cable or satellite account. If you are having trouble signing in, contact your provider for further support.

More Information About HBOGO

As with other streaming services, you are subject to terms and conditions for the use of the service.

You have the option to sign in to TiVo using the username and password for the TV provider account. If you cannot remember the sign-information, you should contact your TV provider. All password changes are through the TV provider. HBO does not have access to your information and cannot help you access your account if you misplace or cannot remember your password.

HBO Go is being phased out because HBO Max streaming service will replace it. Most subscribers who had previously had access to HBO Go will sign in to HBO Max with the same provider account details used for the previous service. Contact your TV, mobile, or internet provider to find out if your service supports Max. If you are interested in checking out new service offers, you can sign in at to determine if your device supports it. 



About HBO

HBO is one of the longest operating TV subscription services in the U.S. It pioneered a premium channel, where customers pay an extra monthly fee to view its content. This content is presented without editing for objectionable material. 

It is home to many innovative and award-winning original shows such as “The Sopranos,” “Sex And The City,” “Game Of Thrones” and “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” among others. This station also provides programming for many newer released movies. The company is part of the Warner Media group, and its programming is available in more than 155 countries worldwide.

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