evoDerma NOOME Anti-Aging Motion Facial Device Review

The evoDerma NOOME Anti-Aging Motion Facial Device is an electronic device that is designed to provide users with more vibrant, youthful looking skin by enhancing the production of proteins in the skin that are responsible for maintaining the skin’s youthful appearance.


evoDerma NOOME Device

The evoDerma NOOME Device

Product Overview

The evoDerma NOOME Anti-Aging Motion Facial Device (pronounced “New Me”) is an electronic device that is designed to help users obtain more youthful skin by regaining the skin’s natural cushion and radiance.  It smoothes  away imperfections on the skin, including fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin discoloration by enhancing the blood flow to the surface and underlying layers of the skin with the use of technology inspired by “dry cupping” or “kyukaku.”  The device is safe to use, and has been clinically proven for facial rejuvenation and skin cell renewal.  It can be used by individuals to help reverse the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin perfections, while also helping to stave off the effects of aging on the skin.  Like many other anti-aging products, the device’s technology helps enhance the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which are responsible for maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin.

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How to Use

The device is very easy to use, so users can expect to get anti-aging results from the evoDerma NOOME in the matter of just a few minutes of use per day.  It is recommended that users of the NOOME read the included Instructions Manual thoroughly before using the device.  However, for a general guide of how easy the device is to use, a step-by-step guide has been included below.

1)      Clean the skin, making sure to remove all makeup, oil, dirt, and other residue present on the skin that can reduce the effectiveness of the device.

2)      Dry the face thoroughly with a clean towel.

3)      Press the On/Off button on the wand of the device.

4)      Gently glide the device’s treatment head across the portion of the skin that you wish to treat.  Make sure to follow an upward direction (A visual guide for how to treat the face has been included at the bottom of this section).

5)      When the treatment is complete, apply any anti-aging serum or cream to the face.

6)      Clean the cup of the evoDerma NOOME after each use.

The evoDerma company suggests that users clean the NOOME’s filter at least one time per month when the device is used on a daily basis.

evoDerma NOOME How To

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Duration of Treatment

The duration of treatment of the evoDerma NOOME is dependent upon the results that users wish to see.  For example, the company provides a list of results that users should expect to see immediately as well as those that users should expect to see after an extended period of use of the device.

As early as the following the first use of the device, users should expect to find that the evoDerma NOOME has smoothed the fine lines and expression lines on their face.  It soothes any muscle strain that can result because of stress, as well as time.  Users will typically find that their face is more youthful, and it has a more healthy, glowing appearance.  As mentioned earlier, the device will also immediately help enhance the effects of the user’s existing anti-aging skin care regimen.

The long term results of using the evoDerma NOOME Anti-Aging Device include enhanced firmness and resiliency of the skin.  It continues to help attenuate fine lines and wrinkles by enhancing blood flow to the face.  This continued enhancement of blood flow helps increase healing of facial skin cells, while providing the face with a more youthful appearance.  It also helps enhance facial contour and definition while preventing and repairing the appearance of aging.

To get the most out of the evoDerma NOOME Device, the company suggests that use of the device be combined with facial steams, moisturizing creams, anti-aging serums, and other healthy skin care practices.

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Who Can Use

The device is designed to be safe for use by anyone, including men and women with any skin tone or skin type.  The device is safe for use on those with exceptionally dark, and exceptionally light skinned individuals. The device is also safe for those with exceptionally oily, or exceptionally dry skin. Men tend to be more susceptible to surface imperfections and overproduction of oil, which can eventually lead to permanent skin blemishes.  Because of this, the evoDerma NOOME is great for use by men.

Although the NOOME is safe for use by many people, there are some individuals for whom the use of the device is not recommended.  People with exceptionally sensitive skin, those who have been recently sunburned, who with thin-textured skin, those with broken capillaries, those with cuts or new scar tissue, those with acne pustules or cold sores, and those with epilepsy (seizures) should not use the device.  Additionally, the device should only be used by those at least twenty years old.

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Parts of the Body Treated

The evoDerma NOOME has been designed for use primarily on the face and upper chest.  It has been proven to be an effective anti-aging agent when used on the forehead, temple, nose, cheeks, chin, around the mouth, on the neck, and on the area between the chest and neck called the decoilete.

evoDerma NOOME Parts Treated

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Safety Features

The device uses technology that has been utilized safely in professional settings for many years.  As such, there is no need for any accessory safety features on the device.

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Side Effects

The device does not utilize the same technology that has been used in many at-home anti-aging products.  Because of this, the number of side effects reported with the device is much less than other anti-aging products.  The dry-cupping or kyukaku-like technology utilized by the evoDerma NOOME does not produce any widespread side effects for users.  However, users may experience mild reddening that should fade quickly after the treatment is complete.

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Replacement Parts

Unlike other anti-aging products that use expensive treatment heads, the evoDerma NOOME does not require any replacement treatment heads or lamp cartridges.  Instead, the device runs on a pair of AA batteries that need to be replaced periodically.  The frequency of replacement of these batteries depends on the amount of use that the device receives.

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The natural aging process that occurs in skin cells over time tends to reduce the firmness and brightness of the skin.  This is a result of the decreased ability of the skin to replace damaged or destroyed collagen and elastin proteins.  Collagen and elastin are two proteins that are naturally occurring in the skin.  In young, healthy skin, these proteins are responsible for maintaining plump, tight, firm skin.  However, as people age, the quantity of these proteins found in the skin tends to decrease, often after the age of twenty.  Generally, this is why people’s skin begins to sag and wrinkle as they age.

The technology utilized by the evoDerma NOOME has been used for many years for improve skin circulation (blood flow) and skin cell renewal.  The non-invasive subderma therapy (NIST) has been clinically proven to provide painless and efficient anti-aging results to users by using a mechanical micro-lifting rapid pulses for facial rejuvenation.  The dry cupping or kyukaku treatment technique uses a vacuuming technique to improve skin circulation and skin cell renewal , resulting in anti-aging results.  Because collagen and elastin in the skin are regenerated more quickly, individuals who use the evoDerma NOOME tend to find that their skin appears much more youthful.

evoDerma NOOME Technology

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Before and After Photos

If you would like to submit your evoDerma NOOME Before and After Photos, feel free to submit them to admin@youreviewit.com.  Additionally, users of the device who wish to share their evoDerma NOOME Reviews with potential consumers can leave their thoughts about the device in the Comments section, below.

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evoDerma NOOME Device Box


The evoDerma NOOME costs $129.00, making it one of the most affordable electronic anti-aging devices on the market today.  This price includes the NOOME device, its User Manual, and 2 AA batteries to power the device.  Additionally, the device comes with a One Year Limited Warranty on parts and manufacturing.


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