Facial Toner Machine Product Review

The Facial Toner Machine, developed by Flex Gear, is a facial toning device that uses gentle nerve stimulation to contract the muscles of facial expression. This is designed to increase the tone of these muscles, and as a result, enhance the overall youthful appearance of the skin on the face

Facial Toner Device White
The Facial Toner Machine is available in White and Black

Product Overview

The Facial Toner Machine, developed by Flex Gear, is an anti-aging, rejuvenating device that has been FDA cleared, and has clinically demonstrated to provide users with more youthful, vibrant looking skin. The product has become very popular throughout Europe in recent years, and has recently been released for consumers in the United States. In less than twenty minutes per day, the hands-free, easy-to-use device is designed to provide medical-grade anti-aging results at a fraction of the cost of other medical-grade treatments.

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How To Use

The device is designed to be very easy for consumers to operate. The device is worn comfortably around the head, and can be worn hands-free. This allows users to continue their daily routine while they get a professional grade anti-aging treatment. The device is turned on, and users are provided with a choice of three different programs: a 10 minute treatment, a 15 minute treatment, and a 20 minute treatment. Additionally, users can change the intensity on the included controller. As users adapt to the treatment, they can progress from a level between 0 and 99. Higher levels of treatment are typically the most effective at providing the results that consumers desire. However, it is recommended that users progress slowly, to ensure that they tolerate the treatment well.


To achieve best results with the device, it is helpful to ensure that the face is clean, and all dirt, oil, and makeup have been removed before the gel pads of the device have been applied. This helps ensure that the gel pads stick to the surface of the skin most effectively. Gel pads that do not stick properly will not conduct as well, and the user will not experience the best results. To help gel pads stick to the skin more effectively reviews showed that it is can be helpful to dab water on them. If this does not help, however, the pads may need to be replaced with newer ones.

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Duration of Treatment

The recommended treatment protocol calls for 20 minute treatments, five days per week, for about twelve weeks. This particular regimen has been shown to deliver to the most optimal results. After twelve weeks of use, two twenty minute sessions per week should be sufficient to maintain results.

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Who Can Use

The device has been designed for both men and women. However, it is important that users take note that there are two models currently available. The white model of the Facial Toner Machine is designed for women, as they typically have a narrower, and smaller face. The black model of the Facial Toner Machine is designed for men, who generally have broader cheek bones.

There are some individuals who may not be ideal candidates for the Facial Toner Machine. Individuals who have cancer (particularly cancerous lesions on the face), impaired sensation, heart problems (suck as unstable cardiac arrhythmias), issues with his or her blood vessels, and those with insulin-dependent Diabetes should not use the device because of its potential impact on these conditions. People who have undergone any type of facial surgery should consult with their physician prior to using the device.

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Parts of the Body Treated

This particular facial toning machine has been designed for use exclusively on the face. It stimulates several branches of the facial nerve (the nerve that is responsible for controlling the muscles of facial expression), and does not tone muscles of the neck. However, because of the branches of the Facial Nerve that the Facial Toner Machine does stimulate, it is designed to tone muscles around the eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, and mouth.

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Safety Features

Since the controller of the device allows users to select intensity levels between 0 and 99, users are allowed to create their own customized treatment regimen. This means that users are able to treat themselves to a point that is tolerable for themselves.

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Side Effects

When used properly, the Facial Toner Machine is extremely safe to use. The same technology is used frequently in many skin care clinics. In fact, it is even used in many physical therapy clinics throughout the world. Side effects are most common when the device’s included gel pads do not stick to the skin properly. By decreasing the contact surfaces between the skin and the gel pads, a larger amount of electrical stimulation is conducted through a smaller area. This is more likely to cause skin irritation, redness, and discomfort over the treatment area. To eliminate this risk, ensure that the gel pads are properly attached to the skin prior to using the device.

Although side effects are minimal, it is good to understand what a typical experience with the Facial Toner Machine will feel like. Most users experience a sensation around their mouth and eyes when they are first starting to use the device. As the user applies a greater amount of intensity with the device, they are more likely to begin to experience tightening in certain parts of their face. Most users describe this as a massage-like experience.

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Replacement Parts

The primary parts that need to be replaced on the Facial Toner Machine are the gel pads that the device uses to transmit electrical impulses to the branches of the Facial Nerve that control the muscles of facial expression. When these gel pads have been used a great deal, their ability to attach to the skin is diminished. However, some water dabbed onto the gel pads can help the devices stick more effectively. However, when this method no longer works, Flex Gear advises that the gel pads be replaced. The pads that the device utilizes are latex free and hypoallergenic, and are very unlikely to cause any adverse side effects for users.

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The FDA cleared nerve stimulation technology of the Facial Toner Machine is very similar to the nerve stimulation technology that has been utilized in many different medical settings for many years. The device is designed to gently stimulate the branches of the Facial Nerve (Cranial Nerve VII) that control facial expression. The Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal, and Mandibular branch of the Facial Nerve each innervate several muscles that are responsible for creating the looks of surprise, happiness, sadness, and all other facial expressions.

As most people know, muscles that exercise more frequently are more likely to appear toned, and remain more firm than muscles that do not exercise. The Facial Toner Machine operates under the same idea. By wearing the device, the Facial Toner Machine causes muscles contractions that can restore the tone to any underutilized facial muscles. Increasing the tone of these muscles can help users restore a more youthful appearance to their face.

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Before and After Photos

Facial Toner Before After 1

Before (left), After (right) using the Facial Toner Machine

Facial Toner Before After 2

Before (left), and After (right) using the Facial Toner

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The Facial Toner Machine is sold for $399.00. This price includes the rechargeable headset-based deliver system, its handheld controller, a battery charger, a storage case, and 12 sets of medical-grade gel pads (about three months worth of treatments). This also includes a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, as well as a Two Year Warranty. Users who buy two Facial Toner Machines will receive a $50 discount at checkout. This means the device can be purchased for $375.00, making it much less expensive than some other professional facial toning treatments.

Although the cost of the device may seem expensive, it is actually much less expensive than treatments that are designed to provide the same results. Botox treatments can cost up to $500, and are generally provided every three to four months. Facials can cost consumers between $100 and $200 each month. Chemical peels can cost as much as $1000, and only last up to about nine months. Wrinkle injections provided in professional facilities can cost $500, and also last about nine months. Microdermabrasion treatments can cost about $300, and generally require multiple treatments for their full effect.

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