NuFACE Classic Microcurrent Hand Held Device


The NuFACE Classic Device, by CarolCole, is a home anti-aging facial toning device that is designed to promote more youthful skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the jaw line, around the mouth, on the forehead, and around the eyes.  The device uses microcurrent technology to promote the production of proteins in the skin that are responsible for maintain its youthful, vibrant appearance.

NuFACE Classic Device

NuFACE Classic Device, White

Product Overview

The NuFACE Classic Microcurrent Hand Held Device is an anti-aging product that utilizes the innovative technology of microcurrents to provide users with a non-invasive facial lift.  This technology is designed to enhance the appearance of the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaving the user with more vibrant, younger-looking skin.  It uses FDA cleared technology that has been utilized in luxurious spas and aesthetic clinics for many years.  The device runs on a 9-volt battery, and is lightweight enough to be used with ease.  The product has been featured in many media sources, including on the television shows The Doctors, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, The Today Show.  It has also been featured in  many other print sources.


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How to Use

The NuFACE Classic device has been designed to provide the user with wrinkle-free skin in as little as three simple steps: Prep, Lift, and Finish.  Although it is advised to consult the device’s User Manual before beginning to use the NuFACE product for the first time, the Instructions included below will give potential consumers a basic idea of what to expect during each treatment.

1)      Cleanse the skin thoroughly to remove any dirt, oil, makeup, and lotions that may be present on the surface of the skin.

2)      Apply the included NuFACE Gel Primer to the facial skin that you intend to treat.  This primer is a conductivity gel that has been designed to increase the performance of the NuFACE Anti-Aging devices.

3)      Glide the NuFACE Classic over the area to be treated by placing the probes over an area of the face near the midline.  Treat one side of the face at a time.

4)      When the device beeps, begin gliding the devices towards the back, or lateral, side of the face.  The second beep emitted by the device is intended to act as a stopping cue for the user.

5)      Move up the face superiorly (towards the forehead) to treat subsequent sections of the face, and follow the same instructions as above.

6)      On the forehead, begin by placing the treatment probes at the eyebrow level.  Slowly guide the device upward, listening for the first and second beeps as cues for treatment.

7)      Users can also tuck and hold the treatment probes beneath the brow line for an added lifting effect.

8)      Repeat the process three times for maximal results.

9)      If the Gel Primer begins to dry, water or hydrating mist can be used to re-moisten the area to be treated.  Users should avoid dragging the probes against the surface of the skin.

10)   Remove the NuFACE Gel Primer from the face with a damp cloth.

11)   Wipe any remaining gel primer from the treatment probes of the NuFACE device.  NOTE: Do not run the NuFACE Classic under water, since it is an electrical component.

Although the video included in this post is in reference to the NuFACE Trinity device, the NuFACE Classic is used very similarly.  Read More about NuFACE Trinity Here.

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Duration of Treatment

A treatment with the NuFACE Classic Hand Held Anti-Aging device is designed to take between five and twenty minutes.  As users become more experienced using the device, their treatment times tend to decrease.  For the first 90 days of use, the NuFACE Classic should be implanted once every twenty-four hours, five days per week.  After the user has reached his or her desired result, the device can be used two to three times per week to maintain their results.  Many users see a significant improvement in the facial contour and tone of their skin after thirty days of use.  However, there are also many individuals who begin to see results as soon as the first treatment.

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Who Can Use

The NuFACE Classic is designed to be used by individuals of any skin tone and any skin type.  This means those with naturally dark, oily, or dry skin can safely use the device without the risk of any adverse skin effects.  Men and women can each use the device safely.  In fact, the NuFACE Classic Rogue for Men device works the same way as the traditional NuFACE Classic, but in a darker, more masculine, color.

There are some individuals for whom microcurrent and other certain forms of electrical therapy are not viable.  For example, those who are under the age of eighteen, those who are pregnant, those with a pacemaker, those with an electronic implanted device, those with a history of epilepsy or seizures, and those with a history of cancer should not use the device.  Certain health conditions can be exacerbated or worsened with electrotherapy of any kind.  Even in professional settings, these individuals would be unlikely to qualify for this, or similar forms of treatment.

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Parts of the Body Treated

The NuFACE Classic Device has been designed to be used on all areas of the face.  It has been shown to effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes, around the mouth, and on the chin and jaw line.  These areas are ones that are typically first to begin to show signs of aging.

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Safety Features

Because the amount of current that the NuFACE Classic Device delivers to the skin, the treatment tends to be very safe for most people.  As such, there is little need for the implantation of any additional safety features.  However, the first and second treatment tones that are emitted by the device help guide the users and ensure that they are using the NuFACE Classic properly.

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Side Effects

The small degree of current that is delivered into the skin by the NuFACE device is such a miniscule amount that few side effects should be expected by users.  In fact, the device only sends signals into the skin that are subsensory.  This means that they cannot even be felt by the user, even though the device is properly functioning.  This is a degree of electrotherapy treatment that has been utilized in many medical facilities for many years.  The typical sensation that most people describe during treatment is a soothing, very mild current.  No reddening, drying, or skin irritation should be expected by users.

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Replacement Parts

The device is powered simply by a standard 9-Volt battery.  Unlike some other aesthetic devices that utilize expensive treatment bulbs or cartridges, the use of the 9-Vol battery makes it very inexpensive to operate.  Each battery will supply the user with fifty treatments.  Replacing the battery of the device is very easy to perform, and should take less than just a few minutes.

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The technology that is utilized in the NuFACE Classic Device is the same that has been used in professional clinics and salons for many years.  The same microcurrent technology used by the device was first developed by those who were attempting to discover treatments for a condition called Bell’s Palsy.  Bell’s Palsy is a disorder in which certain muscles in the face become paralyzed.  Devices that utilize microcurrent technology, such as the NuFACE Trinity, deliver a low-level electrical microcurrent to strategic locations on the face to improve its appearance.  Because of its usefulness in the aesthetics market, microcurrent technology has become known in the anti-aging industry as the 5 minute face lift.

Microcurrent technology works as an anti-aging device works by sending gentle waves deep below the surface of the skin to stimulate ATP production that drives the enhance production of collagen and elastin.  Collagen and elastin are each naturally-occurring proteins found in the skin that are responsible for the plumpness and tightness of the skin.  As the amount of elastin and collagen in the skin is increased, the appearance of the skin tends to become more vibrant and youthful.  As such, microcurrent technology has been used in salons, spas, and medical offices to provide consumers with healthier, younger looking skin by toning, tightening, and firming the skin.

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Before and After Photos

If you have Before and After photos you would like to share to potential consumers, please send them to  Additionally, if you have used the device, and wish to submit your NuFACE Reviews, you may write them in the Comments section below.

NuFACE Before After 4The NuFACE devices help enhance the law line and firm the neck

NuFACE Before After 3

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead has diminished

NuFACE Before After 2

The NuFACE Classic Device  lifts the brow

NuFACE Before After 1

Improved facial definition

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The NuFACE Classic Device sells for $149.00 (at the time of this writing, the device is on sale from $249.00).  This includes the NuFACE Classic Device, the NuFACE Gel Primer, a 9-Volt Battery, the User Manual, a Quick Start Guide for the device, a One Year Warranty, and a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.  It is available in White, Gray, Pink, and Teal.  Users also have the option of purchasing a Twenty-Four Month Extended Warranty for $35.00.

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