reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Handheld System Review


The reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Handheld System is a device that uses red and infrared light technology to promote a variety of therapeutic anti-aging effects. The device is designed to enhance the production of proteins in the skin that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also reducing the appearance of blemishes on the surface of the skin. Also included in the reVive Light Therapy line are the Anti-Acne treatment device, and the Pain Relief treatment device.

reVive Anti-Aging Device

reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy device

Product Overview

The reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Handheld System is an electronic beauty product that utilizes red and infrared deep penetrating light therapy technology to improve the appearance of the user’s skin. Therapeutic infrared and red light has been used in clinics and salons across the world for many years to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness, and treat discolorations on the skin from blemishes, age spots, and sun spots. The clinically proven and FDA cleared reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device uses all natural light to enhance the production of proteins in the skin that are responsible for producing a more youthful appearance. The device has been engineered to NASA research specifications.


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How to Use

The device is extremely easy to use. However, it is recommended that users read through the reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device’s User Manual, which is included with its purchase.

1) To enhance the effects of the device, apply reVive’s Deep Penetrating Peptide Serum to the areas of the skin to be treated.

2) Press the Power button on the handle of the handheld device to turn on the therapeutic LEDs.

3) Apply the treatment head gently against the skin that you wish to treat. For example, if crow’s feet are your biggest concern, place them directly over the crow’s feet.

4) Keep the device on the skin for about three minutes per treatment area.

5) When all areas of the skin that you wish to treat have been treated, wipe the Deep Penetrating Peptide Serum from the skin and the device with a damp cloth.

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Duration of Treatment

The device has a very simple treatment protocol, and, like many other red and infrared LED devices, the reVive can be used on a daily basis. As opposed to creams, lotions, and ointments that are applied to the surface of the skin which take several weeks to begin to take effect and only treat the external layers of the skin, the reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device penetrates deep into the skin, and provides results almost immediately.

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Who Can Use

Since the device uses extremely safe and purely therapeutic red and infrared light, it can be used by people of any skin tone. This means that no matter how dark or light their skin may be, men and women can use the device without fear of adverse skin reactions like reddening, swelling, discoloration, or other issues that can sometimes occur when using a light-based treatment device. The device can also be used whether a person has very dry, or very oily skin.

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Parts of the Body Treated

The reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Handheld System has been FDA cleared for use around the eyes, which is one of the first areas on the body to begin showing the major signs of aging, including wrinkling. However, the device can be used on all other parts of the face, around the lip, on the neck, on the chin, and even on any other parts of the body.

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Safety Features

The reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device is extremely safe to use. As such, few additional safety features were necessary to be included on the device. However, the reVive Anti-Aging System uses only therapeutic red and infrared light to treat the skin, and no UV light is demitted from the device. This means that users will not experience tans, sunburns, or any other harmful effects of UV light. The device includes a built-in cooling system that keeps the device, as well as the user’s skin, from becoming overheated during treatment. Included with the purchase of the device are safety goggles, which are not required, but may be preferred by some users. Users may also choose to close their eyes during treatment, or gently shut their eyes. The red and infrared LED lights have not been shown to cause harmful effects to the eyes.

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Side Effects

The red and infrared light therapy that is utilized by the reVive Anti-Aging System has been proven to be safe, and has been used in aesthetic clinics and salons across the world for many years. Since it uses only therapeutic wavelengths of light, side effects of the device are minimal. However, users should be aware that during each treatment, it is completely normal to feel his or her skin begin to warm over the area being treated.

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Replacement Parts

The reVive Anti-Aging Handheld Device uses an Anti-Aging light treatment head LED that is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discolorations that are common during the aging process. However, the device can also utilize reVive’s other treatment heads that are designed to treat acne, and painful areas of the body. The Anti-Acne light treatment head, as well as the pain relief light treatment head each costs $69.00, allowing a single device to perform a multitude of different activities for the user.

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The technology of the reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Handheld System is very similar to the color light therapy that has been used by clinicians and aesthetics professionals around the world for many years to provide firmer, more youthful looking skin to clients. The clinically-proven, FDA cleared technology is designed to use 830nm wavelength Infrared and 625nm wavelength Deep Red light therapy to promote a regenerating effect on the skin. These particular wavelengths of light have been shown to stimulate the increased production of fibroblasts in the skin.

Fibroblasts are special cells in the skin that can differentiate into two different proteins called collagen and elastin. These proteins are components of the connective tissue of the skin that are responsible for the tightness and elasticity of the skin. With improved collagen and elastin production, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and the texture of the skin is improved by providing a more plump appearance to the skin.

Considered a Class II Medical Device, the reVive Anti-Aging Device uses dpl light therapy (for deep penetrating light) to also enhance the outermost layers of skin by helping to promote blood flow to the surface of the skin. This can help even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of blemishes on the surface of the skin from age and sun spots.

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Before and After Photos

If you have other before and after photos you would like to share with individuals who are considering purchasing the device, please submit them to Any identifying characteristics will be eliminated in order to protect your anonymity. Those who would like to submit their reVive Light Therapy Reviews, post them in the Comments section, below.

reVive Anti-Aging Before and After 1

Before and After using the reVive Light Therapy System

reVive Anti-Aging Before and After 2

The reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy System is effective on forehead wrinkles

reVive Anti-Aging Before and After 3

The reVive Light Therapy Anti-Aging Device can be used to reduce the appearance of laugh lines around the mouth

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The reVive Anti-Aging Handheld Light Therapy Device costs $169.00. This price includes the handheld light therapy device, power cable, the Anti-aging light treatment head, and its User Manual. A reVive Light Therapy Warranty can also be purchased. Additional treatment heads, such as the Anti-Acne Treatment Head and the Pain Relief Treatment Head are each $69.00.

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