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The TriPollar POSE, developed by Pollogen, is a skin-tightening, cellulite reducing anti-aging product that is designed to be used from the privacy and comfort of the user’s own home. Using Radio Frequency (RF) technology, along with deep thermal heating, the POSE helps produce a more youthful and toned look by reducing the appearance of cellulite, fine lines, and wrinkles. The company also has a device called the TriPollar STOP, for use on the face.

TriPollar POSE Device 2

The TriPollar POSE Skin-Tightening Cellulite Reduction Device

Product Overview

The TriPollar POSE, by Pollagen, is an electronic skin tightening device that uses radio frequency (RF) technology to heat tissues deep beneath the surface of the skin to perform cellulite removal and skin tightening from the comfort of the user’s own home.  The device, as opposed to the TriPollar FACE (which is designed for use exclusively on the face), is designed for body countouring, and can be used to help consumers achieve a long-lasting natural body lift in a completely non-invasive manner.  The TriPollar POSE performs all of these actions by using clinically proven technology to shrink fat cells, reduce body circumference, improve the and appearance of cellulite while providing smoother, tighter, and a more toned body within a few minutes of use.


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How to Use

The TriPollar POSE is designed to be very easy to use, and provide an effective and natural body lift in the matter of just a few minutes per day, two to three times per week.  For best results, the company recommends using the following treatment protocol:

1)      Prepare the skin for treatment by first applying the TriPollar Preparation Gel to the parts of the skin that will be treated.  Using the TriPollar Skin Tightening Preparation Gel will help ensure the most effective delivery of energy into the deepest layers of skin.  This helps the targeted treatment area reach the optimal temperature for ideal results.

2)      Connect the device to its power supply, and press the button on the top of the device to turn the device on.  The lowest energy setting will automatically be selected.

3)      To change to a medium or high setting, press the button on the top of the TriPollar POSE device repeatedly until the desired setting is selected.

4)      During treatment, make sure that all four electrodes of the device are placed against the skin.

5)      Glide the device over the skin in a smooth, slow, and circular motion.  During this part of the procedure, users should expect to feel a comfortable warm sensation over the skin being treated.

6)      When the orange light on the device begins to glow, the skin and underlying tissues have reached the optimal temperature.  This process will generally take about twenty minutes.

7)      The device can then be moved to the next treatment area, and the process can be repeated.

8)      Clean the TriPollar Preparation Gel from the skin, as well as from the treatment head.

8)      Repeat treatments two to three times per week for six to eight weeks for optimal results.
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Duration of Treatment

Unlike some other home anti-aging products that are available today, the TriPollar POSE provides results as soon as the first treatment.  Users of the POSE have noticed that their skin looks and feels firmer and more toned after the first use of the device.  For full results, the recommended treatment protocol includes 2-3 20 minute sessions for 6-8 weeks.
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Who Can Use

Unlike laser skin tightening treatments that use wavelengths of light to provide anti-aging, skin tightening, and cellulite removal, the TriPollar POSE uses deep thermal heating and radio frequency technology to provide results to users.  Because it does not use light, the POSE is safe for men and women of all skin colors, and all skin types.  This fact makes it an ideal product for use by anyone, but especially for women, since it has been reported that more than three quarters of women over the age of eighteen have cellulite, regardless of their weight.
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Parts of the Body Treated

The TriPollar POSE has been designed to be used on the parts of the body that give men and women the most problems with unwanted or unsightly body fat deposition, skin sagging, and cellulite.  The thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms can be treated to help users get rid of their love handles, saddle bags, and bingo arms.
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Safety Features

Because of the Radio Frequency (RF) technology that the TriPollar POSE utilizes, it is able to provide users with highly effective results using a very low amount of dermal heating energy.  As a result, it is very safe for use.  However, to enhance the safety of the device, an orange indicator light is used to inform users when their skin has reached the optimal temperature for treatment.  This light is also used to help keep users from overheating their skin and underlying tissues.
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Side Effects

Since the TriPollar POSE uses a low level of energy, there are few side effects that users should expect to experience.  In fact, adverse side effects are extremely uncommon.  During a typical treatment, users should expect to feel a warm sensation over the treatment area that most users describe as comfortable.
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Replacement Parts

The POSE Skin Tightening Device does not utilize parts that need to be replaced on a regular basis.  This helps make it extremely easy to use, and very easy to maintain.
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The TriPollar POSE uses the TriPollar 3rd Generation RF Technology that has been utilized in thousands of skin tightening, cellulite removal, and aesthetic clinics around the world.  Previously, this particular technology has only been available in these professional clinics.  However, the technology that has been reserved for use in aesthetics clinics is now being employed by the TriPollar POSE Skin Tightening Device.

The Radio Frequency (RF) technology of the TriPollar POSE causes a gentle heating of the deep layers of tissue below the skin for maximal skin-tightening and cellulite removal effects.  As mentioned earlier, this RF technology not only helps enhance the depth of tissue that can be reached by the device, it also helps reduce the total amount of energy that is required for each treatment session.  The heating of the tissues beneath the surface of the skin has several benefits for users.  First, the heating is designed to cause the release of liquid fat from adipocytes (fat cells) beneath the surface of the skin.  This shrinks the fat cells, and the appearance of these adipocytes is diminished.

At the same time, this heating causes an increase in the production of collagen in the skin.  As people age, the amount of two proteins, collagen and elastin, begin to decrease.  These proteins are responsible for the elasticity and youthful qualities of the skin.  As these proteins decrease, the skin can begin to sag, and fine lines and wrinkles increase.  By increasing the collagen production of the skin, the elasticity and tightness of the skin increases, giving it a more youthful appearance.
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Before and After Photos

If you have other TriPollar POSE Before and After Photos you wish to share with potential consumers, please send them to  Additionally, if you would like to leave TriPollar POSE Reviews, leave them in the comments section below.

Before After 1Before and After the TriPollar POSE

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The TriPollar POSE Device can be purchased for $525.00.  This includes the TriPollar POSE device, a power supply (100-240 VAC), an electrical outlet adaptor (for UK and EU plugs), which allows the device to be used worldwide, including the US (United States), the POSE User Manual, an Instructional DVD, a Quick Reference Guide, a Warranty Card, 130 mL TriPollar Preparation Gel, as well as a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The POSE is available in Black, or White.

TriPollar POSE Device

The TriPollar POSE Black, and the TriPollar POSE White

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