BrightTherapy BT-SR09A Pimple Remover Review

The BrightTherapy Hot Spot Pimple Remover BT-SR09A Pimple Remover is a light-based acne treatment device that is designed to treat acne breakouts, while also preventing future breakouts from occurring. It is small, lightweight, and easy to take just about anywhere.


Pimple Remover Device

Product Overview

The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover is a small handheld device used to treat acne pimples and insect bites in the privacy and convenience of the user’s home. Its battery-powered operation, small size, and light weight (75 grams) make it ideal for travel or to keep in a purse or gym locker. It is a low-cost, noninvasive alternative to salon or dermatologist treatments for acne.

This device can be used by men, women, and teens, and its instructions are quite easy to follow. Users like that only the battery needs periodic replacement; there are no treatment heads or cartridges that need to be swapped out with long-term use.

The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover uses both heat and blue LED light to reduce and resolve acne blemishes (see “Technology,” below). It is designed for sporadic mild to moderate acne pimples, but not for severe acne. For most users, blemishes are significantly reduced or gone completely after 24 hours of treatment (2-3 treatments), especially if the device is applied as soon as a pimple starts to develop. Because the same type of bacteria that causes many acne pimples is also present in bug bites, the BrightTherapy Pimple Remover can be used to treat them as well, reducing swelling and relieving itching.


The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover treats all kinds of mild to moderate acne, including hormonal acne, teenage acne, and acne associated with chemotherapy. Some users report the device also works with cystic acne, although more time is needed to see resolution of blemishes in this case. The treatment area of the device can be gently wiped clean so that multiple members of the same household can use it.

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How to Use

The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover is simple to use:

1.  Begin each treatment session with clean, dry skin.

2.  Make sure the unit has an adequately charged battery (AA alkaline).

3.  Turn the Pimple Remover on.

4.  A light will come on when the unit is ready to use.

5.  Hold the device against the pimple to be treated or resolved for approximately two minutes and thirty seconds. A built-in timer with a beeper lets users know when the time is up.

**If the device shuts off before a treatment session is up, replace the battery.

**If any pain or excess heat is felt, remove the device immediately. Do not exceed the two-and-a half-minute treatment time.

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Duration of Treatment

The treatment time for each session with the BrightTherapy BT-SR09A Pimple Remover is two minutes and thirty seconds. Two or three treatment sessions may be performed within a 24-hour period. Larger blemishes may take several days of treatment with the device to improve or resolve. Users report the device achieves better results when it is used immediately upon noticing a blemish developing. The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover is designed to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne. While some users have had success treating cystic acne with the tool, it may not work in all instances, and if it does, it may take up to a week for results to be noticeable.

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Who Can Use

The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover can be used by men and women, as well as by teenagers, of all skin types and tones who have mild to moderate acne. It is not intended for widespread or severe acne. The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover should not be used by anyone with a sunburn or on open wounds or bleeding pimples.

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Parts of the Body

The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover has been specifically designed for use on the face, although many users report good results using it on other body parts, such as the neck and chest.

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Safety Features

The built-in timer and beeper on the BrightTherapy Pimple Remover keep users from treating blemishes for longer than the recommended time frame. It is important to adhere to the given treatment time, or burning, blistering, or scarring could result.

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Side Effects

Few users report adverse side effects with the BrightTherapy Pimple Remover when used properly. Occasionally, users with very sensitive skin have reported redness, blistering, or scarring with its use. It is not known if these users exceeded the treatment time or applied excess pressure to the device, neither of which is recommended during treatment sessions.

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Replacement Parts

The only part of the BrightTherapy Pimple Remover that needs regular replacing is the AA battery that powers the device. Users report rapid draining of batteries with the tool; buyers are encouraged to have a store of batteries on hand and to always use high quality, alkaline batteries. If the device fails to activate or stops mid-treatment, the battery should be replaced.

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The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover uses both heat and LED blue light to treat acne pimples. The heat opens pores, which allows light to penetrate the pore better and material from the pimple to work its way to the surface faster. The heat in the tip is precisely controlled to remain at forty-five (45) degrees Centigrade or one-hundred thirteen (113) degrees Fahrenheit.

The blue LED light is of a 415 nm wavelength; this is the wavelength needed to kill Propionibacterium acnes, the type of bacteria that causes many acne pimples. The blue light causes the bacteria to die, while the heat helps dead cells move to the surface of the skin where they can be washed away.

Propionibacterium acnes is normally found in small amounts on the surface of the skin, so it is also present in insect bites, such as those from mosquitoes. The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover can also be used to treat mosquito and bug bites and to remove the P. acne bacteria that cause swelling and itching.

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Before and After Photos

If you have any BrightTherapy Pimple Remover Before and After photos that you would like to share with potential consumers, please submit them to Any identifying information from the photos you share will be removed to protect your identity.

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The BrightTherapy Pimple Remover retails for approximately $49.99, which includes the device, as well as a 1-Year Warranty, and the BT-SR09 User Manual. AA batteries to power the device are sold separately. 

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