ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne Review


The ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne is a product designed by Verilux to deliver safe, effective after treatment beneath the surface of the skin. By destroying existing acne-causing bacteria and treatment current acne blemishes, users can improve the appearance of their current acne, and prevent new acne blemishes from occurring.

Verilux ClearWave Acne Device


The ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne (SKU CW01) from Verilux is a light therapy system designed to treat existing acne blemishes, and prevent additional ones from occurring in the future. The device was developed by Verilux, the same company that developed the ClearWave Soothing Skin System (a red light therapy device designed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face), as well as a variety of other light therapy devices.

The ClearWave Phototherapy System is clinically-proven, and dermatologist recommended to treat inflamed pimples, pustules, whiteheads, and blackheads on the surface of the skin, without using harsh chemicals or drugs, which are prone to side effects. This affordable, very inexpensive device is lightweight (5.5 ounces), and portable, so it can be taken just about anywhere. The device has a rechargeable battery that helps ensure the skin can be treated whenever the user is ready.


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How to Use

The ClearWave Phototherapy System from Verilux is designed to be simple to use. It has a single-button operation, making it one of the easiest acne light therapy systems to use.

1. Press the ClearWave Phototherapy device gently against the surface of the skin. The device automatically detects firm contact with the skin, and willbegin to emit 3 minutes of therapeutic blue light to the intended area.

2. When the light turns off, move to a different part of the skin that you wish to treat.

3. Treatments should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Note: It is recommended that users wear the included safety goggles when using the ClearWave device, to prevent any accidental eye exposure from the device.

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Duration of Treatment

Blue light therapy is an acne treatment technique that has been utilized in a variety of different settings for many years. Although treatment periods often vary, several studies have shown blue light to be an effective form of acne treatment with as few as two uses per week.

After just two weeks, users should begin to notice improvement in the number and appearance of their acne blemishes. With continued use, users should expect to see continual improvement. In one study, it was demonstrated that blue light therapy elicited prolonged remission of acne. This means that 8 weeks after the last use, users were still experiencing, cleaner, more acne-free skin.

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Who Can Use

The ClearWave Phototherapy Skin Care System for Acne is designed to be ideal for use by both teens and adults with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Because over 80% of people with acne responded positively to blue light therapy, it is likely that the ClearWave Phototherapy System will be excellent for just about anyone.

Additionally, because the device does not utilize harmful UV light, the device is safe for use by those with any skin color from fair to dark, or skin type from dry to oily.

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Parts of the Body

The ClearWave Phototherapy blue light acne treatment device has been FDA approved to treat mild to moderate acne on the face.

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Safety Features

The ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne is a very safe device, and no adverse side effects are expected during each use. However, the company recommends that users wear the included safety goggles during each use to prevent exposure of blue light to the eyes. However, the device’s sensor that automatically detects skin contact helps prevent this from occurring.

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Side Effects

Because the ClearWave Phototherapy from Verilux uses UV-free blue light, there are no side effects that users should expect during each treatment. However, users should expect a slight warming of the device with use. However, this warming is mild, and is typically thought of as soothing for most users. In the studies performed on blue light therapy for acne treatment, no adverse side effects have been shown by any users.

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Replacement Parts

The device utilizes replacement heads, which helps ensure that users are getting the most powerful, potent acne treatment with each use. Each ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne Replacement Head costs users less than $35.00, and will deliver up to 600 3 minute doses. When the treatment head is in need of replacement, the Head Indicator Light will flash, and the Information Display will read “0.”

Verilux ClearWave Acne Replacement Head  Verilux ClearWave Display

The ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne Replacement Head, and the device’s display

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The ClearWave Phototherapy Skin Care System treats acne by delivering 414 nm therapeutic blue light beneath the surface of the skin, where acne-causing bacteria live. This particular wavelength of blue light has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of existing acne blemishes by reducing the inflammation of the skin. At the same time, this wavelength of blue light kills acne-causing bacteria beneath the surface of the skin, preventing new acne blemishes from occurring.

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Before and After Photos

If you have any ClearWave Phototherapy before and after images you would like to share with potential consumers of the device, please share them by sending them to Any identifying material will be removed from the photo before they are posted. Additionally, if you have any ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne Reviews you would like to leave, please post them in the comments section below.

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The ClearWave Phototherapy System for Acne can be purchased for less than $80 (currently $79.95 on the company’s website), making it an incredibly inexpensive acne treatment. This saves users hundreds of dollars compared to other similar devices, or repeated visits to the dermatologist.

Users who purchase the device will receive the treatment wand, protective goggles, an AC power adapter, rechargeable battery, charging stand, a one year limited warranty, and a 30 day money-back guarantee.


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