evoDerma LUMI Hair Removal Device Product Review


The evoDerma LUMI Hair Removal System is an at home light-based hair removal device that is designed to provide users with the same professional quality permanent hair removal results that they would experience from a professional hair removal clinic or salon. In addition to being less costly than having laser hair removal performed at a clinic, it also allows the user to experience privacy and discretion in their hair removal sessions.  This beauty product is not tested on animals.

evoDerma Lumi

evoDerma LUMI Hair Removal System Product Overview

The evoDerma LUMI IPL hair removal device is a compact, easy-to-use hair removal system that utilizes the technology of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to elicit long-lasting, gentle, and efficient pain free hair removal. This technology has been clinically proven, and is recommended by dermatologists for at home hair removal. The device features one of the largest treatment zones of any light-based hair removal product on the market. This, in combination with a 2.5 second delay between light pulses, allows the evoDerma LUMI to deliver treatment much more quickly than similar products. The device has numerous built-in safety features, and has been designed for use by women and men alike.
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How the LUMI is Used

The evoDerma LUMI is plugged into a standard wall outlet, providing an exceptional level of convenience beyond products that require the device to be charged before it is used. Users of the LUMI can rest assured that they will not run out of power in the middle of a hair removal treatment session.


Before users begin a treatment with the evoDerma LUMI hair removal device, the area being treated should be shaved, cleaned, and dried. Users should pay special attention to removal any and all makeup, skin creams, and other skin care products from the surface of the skin.
When the device is plugged in, it will automatically turn on. Select the intensity you wish to use, press the Start button on the device’s control panel, and wait for the Ready light to illuminate. Hold the LUMI’s applicator against the skin, and press the Pulse button on the treatment wand. After a pulse has been emitted, move the device to a slightly different section of the skin, making sure to slightly overlap treatment areas. For the best (and fastest) results, users should move from one end of the treatment area, from top the bottom, or from left to right.

After each treatment, users should press the Power button the LUMI’s control panel, unplug the device from the wall, and store the device in its original packaging until the next treatment is needed.

A short information video has been provided below to give consumers more information about the evoDerma LUMI device.

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Duration of Treatment Using the evoDerma LUMI

During the first one to two months of treatment, users should treat with the evoDerma LUMI every two weeks. Between three and six months into treatment, users should treat every four weeks. After six months of treatment, the hair removal sessions required by evoDerma LUMI users will be minimal. As a result, users can treat their skin as necessary.

The duration of treatment that may be necessary for users of the LUMI will depend on four factors. Their skin tone, the body area being treated, the individual’s hair density, and the melanin present in the hair follicle. Because of the photothermolysis technology utilized in the evoDerma LUMI, certain individuals will experience more rapid results than others.
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Who Can Use evoDerma LUMI Hair Removal System Safely

The evoDerma LUMI hair removal device has been designed to provide safe and effective permanent hair removal to a wide range of individuals. It can be used by both women and men, but reviews show it may not be for everyone. The LUMI will not provide effective hair removal to those with white, gray, red, or very light blonde body hair. Additionally, it may not be safe for those with natural dark skin complexions, such as African Americans. This is due to the high concentration of a pigment in the skin called melanin that is targeted by light-based hair removal products. The skin color safety chart shown below can act as a guide to determine if your skin is safe for treatment with the evoDerma LUMI.

evoDerma LUMI Skin Chart

What Parts of the Body Can Be Treated with the evoDerma LUMI

The evoDerma LUMI can provide permanent hair removal to a wide range of areas all over the body. However, there are some parts of the body that have been deemed unsafe for treatment. Safe treatment areas include the arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, chest, back, feet, and the nape of the neck. For treating around the bikini area and genitals including Brazilian bikini treatments, users should use one of the lower energy settings on the device.
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Safety Features Present on the evoDerma LUMI

Numerous features of the evoDerma LUMI are aimed at ensuring that users of the device have the most safe and comfortable hair removal experience possible. The first safety feature of the device is a built-in skin tone sensor on the device’s treatment wand. Before each pulse of light is emitted, the skin tone sensor determines if the skin can safely be treated. If the skin is not too dark for treatment, a pulse of light will be administered.

Another safety feature of the evoDerma LUMI keeps users from using power settings on the device that their skin would not tolerate. When using a new disposable lamp cartridge, the device automatically programs the device to limit the intensity that can be applied for the first 500 pulses of light. For pulses 0 to 50, only Level 1 (the lowest intensity) can be emitted. For pulses 51 to 300, power settings 1 to 3 can be administered. For pulses 301 to 500, settings 1 through 5 can be applied to the skin. After these 500 pulses have been administered, the device no longer places any restrictions on the energy level that can be used. This system ensures that the user will be familiar with what the to expect from a treatment, and also allows them to determine if their skin will tolerate the IPL treatment from evoDerma LUMI.
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Side Effects of the evoDerma LUMI

There are very few side effects that are reported from users of the evoDerma LUMI. When used properly, the device allows users to receive professional hair removal safely in the comfort of their own home. Users of the LUMI report feeling a mild warmth and tingling of the skin after each pulse of light is administered. This, however, is more common in the most sensitive areas of the skin.
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Replacement Parts for evoDerma LUMI

There are very few components that need to be regularly replaced on the evoDerma LUMI. The only part that should be replaced on a regular basis is the device’s disposable lamp cartridges. Evoderma LUMI lamp cartridges are designed to administer about 2,000 pulses of Intense Pulsed Light. This is enough light pulses to treat the entire body several times. Replacement lamp cartridges for evoDerma LUMI can be purchased for about $99.

LUMI Lamp Cartridge
A Replacement Lamp Cartridge for evoDerma LUMI.
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Technology of the evoDerma LUMI Hair Removal Device

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology present in the evoDerma LUMI uses optical light energy to disable the growth of body hair at its root. This is very similar technology to what is utilized in hair removal salons across the world. This technology has been deemed safe by dermatologists and other physicians, and has been used for about two decades.

The hair removal process is called photothermolysis. In devices that utilize photothermolysis, the light energy heats the hair by heating a pigment in the hair called melanin. This is a pigment found in the hair, as well as the skin, that is responsible for dark hair color and skin complexion. This rapid heating of the hair to disable hair growth is only effective for hairs present in a specific stage of hair growth. This is why numerous treatments may be necessary to achieve full results with the evoDerma LUMI.

Hair Growth Cycles

There are three stages of hair growth: the Anagen phase, the Catagen phase, and the Telogen phase. The Catagen and Telogen phase result in no hair growth. Hairs in this stage of growth are not affected by the IPL delivered by evoDerma LUMI. The Anagen phase, however, is when the hair is actually growing. These are the hairs that are targeted by the LUMI hair removal system. Because hairs are not in the same stage of growth all over the body, numerous treatments will be necessary for complete results. For full results, users should treat with the evoDerma LUMI for 18 to 24 months.

Hair Growth Cycle
 A diagram of the cycle of hair growth.

Laser vs IPL Hair Removal

Although the two types of technology are very similar to one another, there are some differences that are worth discussing between IPL and laser hair removal. Laser hair removal systems (such as those used at professional clinics) utilize a relatively narrow range of light frequencies. This produces very effective hair removal, but for a limited type of hair. IPL technology found in evoDerma LUMI, on the other hand, uses a much wider light spectrum. This means that it is effective on a much wider range of hair, including thin, and coarse hairs.
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Alternatives to evoDerma LUMI

There are many types of hair removal that women and men have been using for decades to eliminate their unsightly and unwanted body hairs. The most common techniques include shaving, plucking, waxing, and various depilatory creams. These treatment techniques, however, do not provide the same permanent hair removal that evoDerma LUMI can. Additionally, although purchasing razors and shaving creams can seem like a minor investment, over many years, these expenses can easily reach into the thousands of dollars.

Professional permanent hair removal treatments are another alternative to the evoDerma LUMI device. However, each individual treatment can be very expensive. The cost of each individual treatment will depend on the size of the area, and the part of the body being treated. Although they can vary between hair removal clinics, some common costs of permanent hair removal at a professional salon are listed below:

Both legs (only below the knee): Up to $650
Both arms (only below the elbow): Up to $650
Bikini area: Up to $450
Brazilian bikini: Up to $500
Underarms: Up to $200
Back (entire): Up to $800

It is important to note that the costs listed above are for a single session in a professional hair removal setting. Just like with the evoDerma LUMI, patients in these clinics will have to return multiple times to get the desired results.

evoDerma LUMI Before and After Results and Photos

Users of the evoDerma LUMI hair removal system who would be willing to share their success stories (or photos) can email them to admin@youreviewit.com.
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Cost of the evoDerma LUMI

Although the evoDerma LUMI has sold for $649, the company is currently allowing consumers to purchase the device for $499. Although this may seem expensive, it is much less expensive than many other permanent hair removal solutions. Additionally, over the long-run, it can be even less expensive than temporary hair removal measures like shaving and waxing. With their purchase, customers will receive:

evoDerma LUMI
The Luxury Box Set
A Disposable Lamp Cartridge
LUMINANTE Ultra Soothing After Care Lotion
IPL Protective Eyewear
The evoDerma LUMI User Manual
AC Power Cords
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