Silk’n Flash and Go Product Review


This is an article about the Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal System, which is a light-based hair removal product that is designed to provide its users with permanent hair removal results from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Product Overview

The Silk’n Flash&Go from Home Skinovations is a light-based hair removal device that utilizes technology that is very similar to what is used in thousands of permanent laser hair removal clinics and salons across the world.  The Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology used in the device has been cleared by the FDA, and has been used all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Israel, to give users exceptional permanent hair removal results from the privacy and comfort of their own home.  Since the device is plugged into the wall, users do not have to worry about the device running out of charge in the middle of a treatment.

This device uses similar technology to that found in the Silk’n SensEpil, but in a small, more compact device.  Its smaller size makes it ideal for travel.  It also makes it ideal for treating hard to reach, or sensitive parts of the body.  However, reviews show that it can also be used to treat larger parts of the body as well.  It features a 4 cm applicator region, which makes it one of the largest on the market (the applicator spot on the SensEpil hair removal system is 6 cm).  With the Silk’n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device, consumers can get the same high quality results that a professional salon would provide, at a fraction of the cost.
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How to Use the Silk’n Flash&Go


The Silk’n Flash & Go is very easy to use.  First, users should shave the area they plan to treat in order to increase the efficacy of the device.  The skin should be thorough cleaned and dried.

Press the “Standby/On” button and wait about 3.5 seconds for the “Ready Indicator” light to illuminate.

After the treatment areas have been tested on the lowest energy setting, choose the appropriate energy level setting.  Users should use the highest energy setting that they can tolerate comfortably.  This ensures that the user is getting the most effective treatment possible.

Place the tip to the area being treated, making sure to keep all edges of the treatment surface against the surface of the skin.  When the treatment surface has been placed properly, the “Ready Indicator” light will blink.

Press the “Pulse” button.

Move the wand to an adjacent area of the skin, and repeat the process above.  Users should make sure to work in one direction (top to bottom) to ensure that all areas of the skin have been completely treated.

Users should take special care to avoid sun exposure during the three weeks before, and the three weeks after they perform a treatment.  This helps ensure that no adverse side effects are experienced.  Proper sun protection includes the use of covering garments, or sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50.

For the first three to four treatments, users should treat their skin every two weeks.  After these sessions, treatments can be performed when hair begins to grow back.  After repeated use, the hairs will grow back finer, lighter, and eventually not at all.  This process takes an extended period of time because of the way the device acts on body hair.

The Silkn Flash & Go also comes with a Instructional DVD User Manual to help guide users through a treatment.
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Duration of Treatment with the Silk’n Flash&Go

The amount of time it takes for users to see complete results will vary from person to person because of the way body hair grows.  Hair goes through three stages of hair growth over a period of 18 to 24 months.  Only one of these phases is effected by the Flash and Go.  Because of this, full results can take up to two years.  However, most individuals notice significant results after the first four treatments.  However, even better results are noticed after the first six treatments.  After the first few treatments, only minor touch ups should need to be performed.
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Who Can Use the Flash&Go?

The Silk’n Flash&Go has been designed to be safe for both men and women.  However, just like with other light-based permanent hair removal devices, the Flash & Go may not be suitable for everyone.  Individuals with naturally dark skin tones should not use the device because of the possibility of adverse side effects (see below).  However, the device features a built-in Skin Sensor that measures the skin before treatment, and periodically throughout each treatment, taking the guesswork out of the treatment sessions.

In addition to being unsafe for individuals with naturally dark skin tones, the Flash&Go may be less effective on certain body hair colors.  The device is most effective on individuals with brown, dark brown, or black body hair.  Individuals with white, gray, or light blonde hair will not see good results with the device.  A Skin Chart is provided below to demonstrate skin tones that are safe for treatment with the Silk’n Flash&Go.

Skin Color Chart
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Parts of the Body That Can be Treated with Flash&Go

Unlike some other light-based hair removal systems, the Flash & Go has been designed to be safe on all parts of the body, and even on the face.  It features an ergonomic handle that makes it ideal for treating those hard to reach or sensitive areas.  Users of the Flash & GO can safely treat their upper lip, sideburns, neck, back, chest, arms, underarms, legs, feet, and bikini area.
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Safety Features of the Silk’n Flash & Go

The Flash & Go features a built-in Skin Sensor that measures the darkness of the skin prior to each treatment.  If the skin is deemed safe for treatment, the device will be able to administer pulses of light.  However, if the device determines that the skin is too dark for safe treatment, no pulses of light will be emitted from the Flash&Go.  This helps protect users from any adverse side effects, and also takes a great deal of the guesswork out of each treatment.  Users do not have to wonder whether they can treat their skin safely.

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Side Effects of Flash&Go

Because of its built-in Skin Sensor, there are very few negative side effects experienced by most users of the Silk’n Flash&Go.  However, skin redness is a completely normal reaction to the HPL technology utilized in the device.  This redness will typically subside within about 24 hours.

During a normal treatment session, some users will experience a sensation of skin warming or tingling.  This, too, is completely normal.  However, if the skin begins to get too hot, users should discontinue use of the Flash&Go, or begin treatment with a lower energy level.

When treating skin that is too dark, users of the Flash&Go may experiencing blistering or skin discolorations.  Most of this discoloration is temporary, but some may be permanent.  However, because of the Skin Sensor, this is extremely rare.
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Replacement Parts

Just like with many other home hair removal devices, the Flash&Go has replacement parts.  The device uses disposable lamp cartridges that administer up to 1000 light pulses.  Generally, this is enough pulses to treat two arms, two legs, the bikini line, and the underarms.  However, for individuals who are treating a single area, it is enough pulses to last an entire treatment protocol (4 sessions).

After 90% of the pulses have been administered, the “Replace Cartridge” indicator light on the top of the Flash&Go will begin to flash.  This is a good time to order new bulbs.  After all the pulses of the lamp cartridge have been used, the “Replace Cartridge” light will illuminate steadily.  When this light is on, no pulses will be emitted from the device.
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Technology of the Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal System

Light-based hair removal has been utilized all over the world for more than fifteen years.  The same technology found in the Flash&Go has been FDA cleared, and has been used across the globe, providing millions of users with permanent hair removal from the comfort of their own home.

The Flash&Go uses a proprietary technology from Home Skinovations called elective photothermolysis.  This means that the optical energy delivered by the device disables the growth of the hair by targeting the hair shaft, leaving the skin unaffected.  A dark pigment in the skin called melanin absorbs the light energy emitted from the Flash & Go, and converts this energy to heat.  This rapid heating of the hair eventually disables the growth of the hair, and no more will return in its place.  This technology is further enhanced by an acoustic effect that is not found in other home hair removal devices.  This acoustic effect allows users to get the same great results provided by other devices, but with using a great deal less optical energy.  However, it is important to note that not all hairs will be affected by this.  Only hairs that are in the growth phase will be affected by the Flash & Go.

The Hair Growth Cycle

There are three phases of hair growth: the Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.  The catagen and telogen phase of hair growth are known as resting phases.  This is because no growth of the hair is occurring during these phases.  The Flash&Go, as well as other similar devices, are only effective on those hairs in the anagen phase.

The length of each hair growth cycle will vary.  However, a completely hair growth cycle can take between 18 and 24 months.  This is why there are multiple treatments typically required for the Flash&Go, as well as any other light-based hair removal system, including laser hair removal from a professional salon or clinic.
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Cost of the Flash & Go

The Silk’n Flash&Go is one of the least expensive light-based home hair removal products currently on the market.  The device retails for $299.  Replacement lamp cartridges will cost users $45.00, which still makes the Flash&Go one of the most affordable devices available.
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