Silk’n Pro 20K Hair Removal System Review

This is an article about the Silk’n Pro 20K Hair Removal System, a device that has been designed to provide consumers with permanent at home hair removal.  It is engineered to provide 20,000 pulses of intense light, more than just about any light-based (IPL) hair removal product on the market to date.   It is FDA-cleared, and dermatologist recommended to provide the same high quality results that consumers would find in a professional hair removal clinic or salon.


Silkn Pro 20k Device

Silk’n Pro 20K Hair Removal System

Product Overview

The Silk’n Pro 20K Hair Removal System is an at-home permanent hair removal system developed by Home Skinovations Limited to help consumers realize the joy of never having to shave, pluck, or wax their unwanted body hair ever again.  The device has been FDA cleared, and is physician recommended to provide effective, pain-free hair removal to a wide range of consumers.

The Pro 20K portable hair removal device utilizes a combination of technologies that allow it to utilize lower intensity light energies to provide consumers with the same effective results that a professional hair removal clinic or spa would provide.  However, it not only allows consumers to give themselves high quality professional hair removal in the privacy and comfort of their own home, but it also helps those interested in permanent hair removal save hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of a treatment.


The Silk’n Pro 20K Hair Removal Device has been designed to be one of the most convenient home hair removal systems to use to date, as it allows consumers to perform 20,000 pulses of light, much more than almost any other hair removal device on the market (The Silk’n SensEpil XL 65k has the capacity to deliver 65,000 pulses of high energy light).  The device is powered through a standard electrical outlet, allowing users to perform the their treatment without having to worry about whether or not the device will run out of charge.  Furthermore, its compact design allows for easy, convenient storage.
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How to Use

Much like other permanent hair removal products from Silk’n, the Silk’n Pro 20K has been designed to be exceptionally easy to use.  However, the company recommends that users read and included User’s Manual before use.  Reading the device’s User’s Manual will also provide information about whether or not your particular skin tone and hair color will be a good match for the Silk’n Pro Hair Removal System.  For more information, users can read the following sections.

Do not use the Silk’n Pro 20K with a fresh suntan, or immediately after a recent sun exposure.  Doing so increases the likelihood of adverse skin conditions.

1)      Shave the area that will be treated with the Silk’n Pro 20K, and ensure that it is clean and dry.

2)      Plug one end of the included power cord into the Silk’n Pro’s base unit, and the other end into a standard electrical outlet.

3)      Press the Power button on the base of the unit to turn the device on.  The Power On light will glow.

4)      When the device powers on, the lowest energy setting with be utilized automatically.  Adjust the power setting using the + and – keys on the display of the base unit.  If this is the first time using the Silk’n Pro 20K, the device has been set to automatically deliver a specific number of pulses at the lowest intensity setting.  Although this may seem inconvenient, it is one of the many safety features built –in to the device that help ensure that consumers experience a safe, comfortable, and effective hair removal session.

5)      If the device has been used before, set the energy level to a setting that is comfortable.  Note: Higher energy settings will typically result in faster, more effective hair removal results.  However, these higher energy settings are also more likely to result in adverse skin effects.  It is important to ensure that you will tolerate the treatment well before progressing to a higher energy setting.

6)      When the Ready Indicator light on the base of the unit glows, treatment can begin.

7)      The treatment wand of the unit should be applied in successive rows on the skin, moving either vertically, or horizontally across the surface of the skin.

8)      It is important to work in a grid-like pattern across the skin to ensure that all areas are treated thoroughly, but that no single area is treated multiple times.  Stacking or overlapping treatment areas can increase the risk of adverse side effects.

9)      During and after treatment, users of the Silk’n Pro 20K should check their skin for any skin reactions.  Although reddening, tingling, and a slight warming sensation are common on the areas being treated, these sensations should not persist for more than a day after treatment.  If blisters or burns begin to occur on the surface of the skin, users should stop using the Silk’n Pro 20K immediately.

10)   When a treatment session is complete, press the Power button on the base of the unit to put the device in Standby mode.  If another hair removal session will not occur for a while, unplug the device’s power cord from the device and from the wall, and store the Pro in its included box.
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Duration of Treatment

The duration of treatment for the Silk’n Pro 20K Hair Removal Device is one of the fastest on the market.  With an updated treatment protocol, large treatment window (6 cm2), and minimal time necessary between pulses of light (3.5 seconds), users are able to get professional quality hair removal from their own home in less time than ever.

The updated treatment protocol involves users treating their skin with the Silk’n Pro 20K once every two weeks for the first two months.  After this, once per month treatment sessions can be utilized until desired results have been obtained.  The reason multiple treatments are necessary is due to the way the Pro, and other light-based hair removal systems work.  More information about this can be learned below, in the Technology section of this post.  80% of users of the Silk’n Pro 20K see noticeable permanent hair reduction 3 months after their fourth treatment session.
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Who Can Use the Silk’n Pro

The Silk’n Pro 20K is designed to be used by women and men alike.  However, the device works best on those with fair skin, and darker hair colors.  Although the Silk’n Pro 20K is available to be used by a relatively wide range of people, there are many individuals who should not use the device.  Those with naturally dark skin should not use the device because of the increased risk of adverse side effects.  For those who wonder whether or not their skin is too dark to be treated, the device has a built-in skin tone sensor that is designed to determine if the skin can be treated safely.  It the skin is considered to be too dark for safe treatment, a pulse of light will not emitted.  Included below is a skin tone chart to help consumers determine if their skin is safe for treatment with the Silk’n Hair Removal devices.

Skin Color Chart

Safe and Unsafe Skin Tones for Use With Silk’n Pro 20K

The device will work on a relatively wide range of hair colors.  However, because of the way the device targets body hair, there are certain shades of hair color that will be unaffected by the Silk’n Pro.  Those with blond, grey, white, or red hair are less likely to see effective results when using the device.
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Parts of the Body Treated

The Silk’n Pro 20K can be used on the arms, underarms, forearms, legs, bikini area, and even the face.  Although many devices have not been FDA cleared for use on the face, the Silk’n Pro is ideal for use on the upper lip, chin, and sideburns areas.
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Safety Features

Several safety features included with the Silk’n Pro 20K have helped make this particular home hair removal system one of the safest on the market.  The device features a skin tone sensor that automatically determines if the consumer’s skin complexion can be treated safely.

The device also includes a feature that will not allow the device to deliver a pulse of light if the treatment window is not firmly pressed against the skin.  This helps ensure that rogue pulses of light will not be emitted into the user’s eyes.  This helps prevent eye damage from occurring.

As mentioned previously, the device’s treatment protocol is automatically set up to provide a pre-determined number of pulses at the lowest intensity setting to be delivered before users are allowed to increase the energy intensity of the device.  This helps prevent unwanted skin irritation, while ensuring that users can use the device without any undesired effects, such as excessive reddening or blistering of the skin.
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Side Effects of the Silk’n Pro 20K

Since it has been outfitted with so many advanced safety features, adverse side effects tend to be minimized.  However, there are side effects that are relatively common amongst Silk’n Pro 20K users.  The primary side effects of using the device include a warming or tingling sensation of the skin being treated.  Occasionally, users will experience some redness around the treatment area, but this will generally fade within a few hours of treatment.

To help prevent unwanted effects from occurring during a treatment protocol with the Silk’n Pro 20K, there are a few precautions that Silk’n recommends.  First, reviews show that users should limit their sun exposure during the four weeks before, and two weeks after a treatment with the Pro 20K.  During the course of treatment, users are also encouraged to cover their skin with UV protective clothing, or with a high SPF sunscreen (at least a Sun Protection Factor, SPF, of 50 should be used).  These recommendations are typically encouraged by all manufacturers of home hair removal systems.
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Replacement Parts

One of the primary benefits of using the Silk’n Pro 20K is that no replacement parts should be necessary during the life of the device.  With its ability to generate 20,000 pulses of light, users will have more than enough pulses to treat their entire body, as well as the body of his or her significant other.  Other devices on the market utilize replacement cartridges that will need to be replaced as often as every 750 pulses.  The lack of replacement lamp cartridges allows users of the Silk’n Pro to get an effective treatment in less time than many other similar products.
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The Silk’n Pro 20K works by utilizing a proprietary and patented Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology that is similar to the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment delivered by other permanent hair removal devices.   However, the Silk’n Pro also utilizes an acoustic effect that is designed to enhance the device’s ability to eliminate unwanted body hair.  With this combined technology, the device is able to deliver lower energy pulses of light onto the skin.  Not only does this help the device perform permanent hair removal more effectively, but it also decreases the risk of the negative skin reactions that can occur with light-based hair removal systems.

The Silk’n Pro 20K uses a technology called Selective Photothermolysis.  This means that the device uses light energy to heat the follicle of the hair to a point where its ability to regrowth is inhibited.  Since the device only targets a pigment in the hair shaft called melanin, the skin remains unaffected.  With this rapid heating of the hair, the device causes the hair’s growth to cease completely, and the hair will slowly fall out.  After a week or two when the hair falls out, little to no hair will replace it.  Hair that happens to regrow over a treatment area will tend to be lighter and finer than any previous growth.

The technology of the Silk’n Pro and many other products that are similar to it will generally only target hairs that are in their active phase of growth.  Hair growth tends to occur in three phases: the Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen phase.  Hairs in the Anagen phase are those that are actively growing.  However, the other two phases of hair growth are the ones where hair spends most of its time.  Since hair can take anywhere between a few months, to as long as 18 to 24 months to complete a full cycle, multiple uses of the Silk’n Pro 20K (and other light-based hair removal systems) are typically required.

Hair Growth Cycle

Phases of Hair Growth

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The Silk’n Pro 20K is sold for $539.99.  This includes Free Shipping of the device, the device itself, and a User’s Manual and Instructional DVD.