evoDerma LUMI+ IPL Advanced Hair Removal System Review


The evoDerma LUMI+ is an at-home hair removal device that is designed to provide users with professional quality permanent hair removal from the privacy and comfort of their own homes.  It uses similar technology that has been utilized in hair removal clinics and salons across the world for many years to provide safe and effective hair removal.

The evoDerma LUMI+ Device

Product Overview

The evoDerma LUMI+ is at at-home permanent hair removal device that is designed to provide users with all of the same long-term hair removal results that are typically provided in a professional hair removal clinic or salon.  However, the device allows users to get these results without having to experience the discomfort felt at these clinics or salons, at a fraction of the cost of these other professional treatment options.  An update to the evoDerma LUMI, the LUMI+ now provides users with the ability to continually remove their unwanted or unsightly body hair without having to worry about replacing the treatment lamp or cartridge.  The device now provides users with up to 50,000 pulses of light, which is enough to provide users with all of the treatments that they are likely to require.


The evoDerma LUMI+ uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, a technology similar to what has been used in hair removal clinics and salons for many years.  As a result, users can expect safe and effective results from the evoDerma LUMI+.  Its cordless design allows it to be used with ease, and its compact size makes it very convenient for travel.

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How to Use

The evoDerma LUMI+ has been designed with the user’s ease of use in mind.  The device has just two buttons, making it simple to begin using.  It is recommended that users consult the included User Manual for more thorough instructions about how to use the device, as well as to determine if they are a good candidate for using the device (for more information, see the Who Can Use section, below).  For those who prefer to watch a How to Video, one has been included below.

1)      Shave the areas of the body that you wish to treat, and ensure any soaps, shaving creams, and lotions have been removed.  Dry the skin.

2)      Turn the LUMI+ on by pressing the Power button on the wand of the device.

3)      Press and hold the Power button repeatedly until the preferred treatment intensity has been selected.  This will be indicated on the wand of the device.  Higher treatment levels tend to provide faster and more effective results, but it should be noted that these higher treatment intensities are also more likely to cause the user discomfort.

4)      Put on the included IPL Protective Eyewear.

5)      Firmly press the treatment window against the skin so the window aligns perpendicular to the surface of the skin.,

6)      Press the Pulse button on the wand of the device.

7)      After a pulse of light has been emitted, move the treatment window of the LUMI+ to a neighboring section of skin, slightly overlapping the previously treated area.

8)      When the treatment is complete, press and hold the Power button to turn the device off.  Store the device appropriately.

9)      Apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin following treatment for best results.

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Duration of Treatment

The standard treatment protocol for the evoDerma LUMI+ has been developed to provide users with the best results possible.  Any deviation from the prescribed treatment protocol has not been shown to provide users with better results.  As such, users are recommended to follow the treatment plan as follows:

For the first three to four uses, evoDerma recommends using the LUMI+ every two weeks.  Using the device more frequently than every two weeks will not only not provide users with faster results, it actually may be more likely to irritate the skin.  For the next three to six months, it is recommended that users perform treatments every four weeks.  After six months, treatments should only need to be performed as necessary for maintenance.

After each treatment with the evoDerma LUMI+ IPL Device, users should expect to see the hair fall out for about two weeks.  This is a natural part of the hair ejection process.  With increased use, users should expect to see that their hair grows in lighter and finer.  Eventually, hair will no longer grow in the treated area.

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Who Can Use

As with most other light-based hair removal devices, the evoDerma LUMI+ is designed to work on women and men with naturally light to medium-toned skin.  Additionally, the LUMI+ IPL is most effective on those with darker hair color.  Individuals with blond, white, gray, or red hair will not get effective results when using the device.  This is due to the way IPL technology works.  For more information about how the device works, see the Technology section below.

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Parts of the Body Treated

Most parts of the body can be treated with the evoDerma LUMI+ hair removal device.  Consumers can use the device to get rid of unwanted hair on their arms and underarms, around the bikini line, and on their legs and feet.  Men can even use the device to get rid of chest hair, back hair, and hair on their shoulders.  Hair on the head, face, and neckline should not be removed using the evoDerma LUMI+ IPL Device, as this increases the risk of inadvertent eye damage.

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Safety Features

The evoDerma LUMI+ uses technology that has been proven to be safe when properly used, and has been tested according to the highest safety standards by dermatologists and medical scientists.  This technology, however, does carry with it some slight risks.  However, in order to diminish these risks, the LUMI+ has been designed with several safety features.  A built-in contact sensor on the treatment head of the device helps ensure that the treatment window is in complete contact with the skin before a pulse is emitted.  This helps prevent accidental flashes of light, and protects the user’s eyes.  Additionally, the LUMI+ also comes with a pair of IPL Protective Eyewear, allowing users to put their minds at ease when they are using the device.

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Side Effects

When used properly, the evoDerma LUMI+ carries with it very few side effects.  However, there are some sensations that users should expect when using the device.  IPL, and other light-based hair removal technology, can cause slight reddening of the skin following a treatment.  This, however, is completely normal, is should fade within the matter of a few hours (24 hours at most).  During a treatment, users should expect to experience a sensation of a rubber band being snapped against the skin.  This sensation has been said to be much less unpleasant than the waxing and plucking that many people do to get rid of their unwanted hair.

Those with exceptionally dark skin who use the device are more likely to experience more significant side effects.  However, the skin sensor on the device will help prevent these side effects from occurring.  Individuals with dark skin who use light-based hair removal therapy may experience more discomfort during treatment, and may even experience some skin discoloration.

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Replacement Parts

The new evoDerma LUMI+ device does not utilize replacement parts.  Whereas previous models of the evoDerma LUMI, and other similar laser hair removal products available on the market use replacement cartridges, the LUMI+ can deliver 50,000 pulses of light which is more than enough to provide users with a full body hair removal treatment course.

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The evoDerma LUMI+ works very similar to most other at-home hair removal devices.  This technology has been proven to be effective and safe when used as directed.  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is a type of technology that utilizes bright pulses of light delivered into the skin to target the root of the hair.  When this bright light hits a pigment in the hair called melanin, the hair’s follicle becomes very hot.  This heating of the hair causes its growth to cease.  Shortly following a treatment, the hair will fall out, and it will not be replaced by another hair.

The reason multiple treatments tend to be required with these home laser hair removal products is the fact that not all hairs will be affected by this treatment at the same time.  Only hairs that are actively growing will be affected by the treatment.  There are three phases of hair growth.  The first phase of growth is called the Anagen phase.  This is the phase of growth in which the hair is actively growing, since the hair is attached to its root.  The Catagen and Telogen phases are each resting phases.  Hairs in these phases will not be effected by the evoDerma LUMI+, or by any other laser hair removal device.

Since each phase of growth can take between one month and ten months, multiple treatments of the device is required before full results are reached.  However, will increased use of the evoDerma LUMI+, users should begin to notice that there are much fewer hairs to treat.

evoDerma LUMI Technology 1Before Treatment with the evoDerma LUMI+

evoDerma LUMI Technology

During treatment with the LUMI+

evoDerma LUMI Technology 3

After treating with the LUMI+, fewer hairs will grow back in the treatment area

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Before and After Photos

Individuals who would like to share their evoDerma LUMI Before and After Photos with other potential consumers can send them to admin@youreviewit.com.  People who would like to share their Reviews of the device can do so in the comments section below.

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The cost of professional hair removal treatments has become much more affordable over the last decade, but it is still very expensive.  It can cost users about $500 to treat the underarms, $1300 to treat the arms, $1400 to treat the bikini line, $1800 to treat the upper legs, and about $1300 to treat the lower legs.  For the same reason why multiple courses of treatment are typically required for the evoDerma LUMI+, professional laser hair removal sessions will also have to be repeated multiple times.  This can quickly drive the cost of the treatment into the thousands of dollars.

The evoDerma LUMI+, however, costs $599.  This price includes the LUMI+ Unit, IPL Protective Eyewear, a Travel Pouch, a User Manual, a Charger, and an Adapter.

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