me Smooth Hair Removal Device Review

This is an article about the me Smooth Hair Removal System, which has been designed by Syneron to provide users with professional quality permanent hair removal from the privacy and comfort of their own home using a combination of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology.  It is an affordable, easy-to-use device that is safe and effective for any skin tone and hair color.


Me Smooth Hair Removal System

me Smooth Hair Removal System, with Elos Technology


Product Overview

The me Hair Removal System is a combination Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) hair removal system that utilized dual technologies to provide consumers with the most effective form of at-home professional quality hair removal currently available.  The device has been FDA cleared, and is dermatologist endorsed to provide safe, effective permanent hair removal from the comfort of the user’s own home.  With its “color-blind” Radio Frequency technology, users are able to get high quality hair removal with a lower IPL energy.  This allows the device to be safe and effective for hair removal for individuals with individuals who were not good candidates for other laser or Intense Pulsed Light hair removal systems because of their skin tone or hair color.  Now, the me Smooth Hair Removal Device allows those with dark skin tones, as well as those with blonde, light blonde, or red hair to get permanent hair removal at home.
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How To Use

The device is designed to be one of the easiest IPL hair removal devices on the market today.  As with most other home hair removal systems similar to the me Hair Removal System, users are commended to shave or epilate their hair prior to using the device.  This helps make sure that the light that is emitted from the device is focused to the hair follicle below the skin.  It is recommended that those with dark hair shave or wax the area to be treated, and those with light hair wax or epilate the area to be treated.  For the user’s convenience, the me Smooth Hair Removal System is compatible with an Epilator attachment, and a Shaver attachment that can connect to the device’s primary applicator.


Epilator Accessory Shaver Acessory

1)      Press the Power button on the base of the device to turn the unit on.

2)      Press the appropriate Elos Level button (Low, Medium, or High) on the base of the device to select the desired energy level.  It is recommended that new users begin with the Low setting, then slowly raise the level as their comfort with the device is increased.

3)      Press the Elos Activation button on the hand piece.

4)      Place the device’s applicator gently on the skin to be treated, while esuring that the two silver Radio Frequency contact bars are in contact with the skin.  The applicator wand will emit bright pulses of white light (this is the device working).  Note: The applicator will not work unless both Radio Frequency bars are in solid contact with the user’s skin.

5)      Glide the Applicator over the skin in a smooth, continuous motion, moving after each flash of the device.  A slow and continuous motion without stopping in one place with ensure best results.

Handheld Wand

Device’s Handheld Applicator

6)      Repeat this process over each treatment area until each areas has been covered two or three times.  NOTE: Do not repeat a specific area for at least ten seconds after it has been treated once.

7)      For treatment of Facial areas, allow one pulse of light to be emitted by the device, then remove the Applicator after a single pulse.  Move to the next target area, and repeat this process until the entire Facial treatment area has been covered two to three times.  The Precision Adaptor accessory helps users get hard to reach and smaller areas (on the face, around tattoos, around moles).
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Duration of Treatment

The standard protocol of treatment for the me Hair Removal Device is seven weeks.  This involves one treatment per week, until the seventh week.  After that, users of the me Smooth Hair Removal System can repeat monthly treatments to keep up on their hair removal.  After just two weeks of use, an average of about 46% of hair reduction occurs with most users, according to lab reviews.  This weekly protocol has been clinically proven to provide the most effective, long-lasting hair removal results.  There will likely be some variation, however, based on genetics, hair growth cycles, metabolism, and the user’s age.

Treatment times of individual body parts vary depending on the size of area.  However, listed below are a few estimated treatment times.

  • Underarms: 1 minute each
  • Bikini area: 2 minutes
  • Arms: 3 minutes each
  • Full Legs: 10 minutes each
  • Upper Arms: 2 minutes each
  • Abdomen: 5 minutes
  • Chest: 6 minutes
  • Back: 12 minutes
  • Face: 2 minutes

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Who Can Use

The Elōs technology that is utilized in the me Elos Hair Removal Device is the only home hair removal system that has been cleared by the FDA for use on all skin tones.  Furthermore, its combination of Radio Frequency and Intense Pulsed Light technology allow for effective hair removal for all hair colors, including those with blonde or red hair.  Both women and men can safely use the device.  This device, unlike some other IPL hair removal systems, can be shared with a friend or family member.  However, the company recommends that each person use a separate Elos cartridge.

Skin Tones

Skin tones that can be treated with the me Smooth Hair Removal Device

Hair Colors

Hair colors that can be treated with the me Smooth Hair Removal Device

There are certain individuals for whom the me Home Hair Removal System is not recommended.  People with a history of epilepsy or light-induced seizures should not use the device because of the risk of the IPL treatment eliciting a seizure.  Other people who should not use the device include: people with pacemakers, insulin pumps, or incontinence devices, as well as those under the age of 18.
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Parts of the Body That Can be Treated

Users of the me Hair Removal System can use the device to eliminate unsightly or unwanted body hair on just about any part of his or her body.  Some of the most commonly treated areas include the arms, underams, legs, back, chest, and bikini area.  Safe Facial treatment areas include the mustache, upper lip, sideburns, jawline, and the chin and neck.  It is recommended that the Precision Adapter be utilized for these smaller treatment areas.

The me Smooth Hair Remover has not been proven to be safe on the head, ears, nipples, or other intimate areas.
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Safety Features

One of the primary safety features included in the me Hair Removal Device is the necessity of having the Radio Frequency bars in contact with the skin prior to the emission of an Intense Pulsed Light pulse.  This helps ensure that pulses of light are not accidently emitted into the eyes of the user or others.  This could potentially be harmful.
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Side Effects of the me Hair Removal System

Because of the low level IPL energy that can be utilized with the me Smooth Hair Removal System, many of the side effects of other laser or IPL hair removal systems are not experienced.  During a treatment, most users should expect to experience a gentle warming sensation on the skin that is being treated.  To decrease the risk of harmful side effects further, the company encourages several precautions.  First time users should perofrm a skin sensitivity test on the Low Elos Power Level.  They also recommend that users not use the device immediately before or after active tanning.  This includes tanning with tanning beds, natural sunlight, or sunless tanning products like lotions and sprays.  It is also not recommended that the device be used over tattoos.  Rather, use the Precision Applicator to work around the tattoo.
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Replacement Parts

The primary replacement part for the me Hair Removal System is the replacement Elos cartridge.  With its ability to emit up to 6,000 pulses of light, this will likely have to be replaced very infrequently.

Elos Replacement Cartridge

Elos Replacement Cartridge

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Technology Found in the me Smooth Hair Removal System

The me, unlike other Laser or Light-Based Hair Removal Products, utilizes dual technology to enhance the effectiveness of the hair removal.  Each pulse of Intense Pulsed Light rapidly heats the follicle of the hair.  Shortly thereafter, the Radio Frequency technology of the device acts as a secondary source of heat that further heats the hair.  This heating of the hair follicle leads to permanent damage.  Once the hair has been damaged, it will no longer grow.  After any existing hair has been expelled, no new hair will replace it.

Like other IPL and laser hair removal products, the me Smooth Permanent Hair Removal System only targets hairs that are in their active growth phase.  There are three phases of growth that hair moves through: Anagen, Telogen, and Catagen phases.  Hair that is in the Anagen phase of growth is actively growing.  These are the hairs that can be disabled.  Since all hairs are in various stages of growth for different periods of time, the necessity of repeating the hair removal process on a weekly basis for several weeks is essential to ensure that all hairs in a particular area have been treated.  Hair growth cycles vary substantially amongst individuals, with some hairs taking up to eighteen months to complete a cycle.

Elos TechnologyHow the me Smooth Hair Removal System Elos Technology works

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Before and After Using the me Smooth Hair Removal Device

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Cost of the me Hair Removal System

The device is currently selling for $395 (it can occasionally be found for less).  Although this may seem relatively expensive, when compared to professional laser hair removal in a clinic or salon, it is actually thousands of dollars less expensive.  Since any form of permanent hair removal will require multiple treatment sessions, individuals can end up spending thousands of dollars on a single body part.  Considering the cost of the me Hair Removal system, and the cost of each replacement cartridge for the unit, the device will easily pay for itself in a relatively short period of time, usually in a single use.

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