no!no! Hair 8800 Hair Removal System Review

This is an article about the no!no! Hair 8800 Hair Removal System created by Radiancy.  It is a heat-based hair removal system that is designed to provide its users with long-lasting hair removal at a fraction of the cost of professional salon hair removal treatments.  It is intended to provide no! hair, with no! pain.


nono 8800 Models
nono Hair 8800, and nono hair removal for men.  The no!no! Hair 8880 is available in Pink, Silver, and Black.

Product Overview

The nono 8800 provides the consumer with a more sleekly designed hair removal unit compared to previous generations of the nono hair removal system.  This sleeker design allows for increased flexibility, making hard to reach areas easier to treat.  It also makes smaller, more sensitive areas much easier to treat.  The device features a status screen that informs the user when it is time to change the device’s Thermicon tips (the component responsible for treatment), as well as the charge remaining on the battery.  The device has adjustable treatment settings, allowing users to treat their skin with Low, Medium, or High treatment settings.  The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that frees the user of cords during treatment.  However, in they choose to do so, the device can also be used while it is plugged in.  By providing the same results as professional hair removal clinics or salons, the no!no! hair removal system allows users to get permanent hair removal from the privacy of his or her own home.
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How no!no! 8800 is Used

Prior to using the no no hair removal system, hair should be approximately 1 to 3 millimeters (mm) in length.


Choose the appropriate Thermicon tip.  There is a wide Thermicon tip designed to treat very large areas of the skin, and a narrow Thermicon tip designed for small or especially sensitive parts of the skin.  Treatment can be performed much more efficiently by choosing the appropriate Thermicon tip.

Choose the appropriate Treatment level.  Lower treatments are best for more sensitive areas, such as the bikini line or face.  High treatment settings can be used on larger parts of the body with less sensitive skin.  Regardless of the part of the body that is being treated, users should always begin treating their skin with the lowest treatment setting.

Glide the Thermicon tip perpendicular to the surface of the skin in a single smooth motion.  For the user’s convenience, a light is present on the device that informs the user if the device is being used improperly.  When being used correctly, the light will illuminate blue.  When it is being used incorrectly (too quickly, for example), a red light will glow on the device.  If this occurs, turn the no!no! off, then back on, and resume treatment. For more information about using the no!no! Hair Removal system, watch the short video below.

Some parts of the skin may need to be treated several times during a single hair removal session.  However, reviews show that users should not perform more than three or four passes over a particular area all at once.  Instead, move to a different part of the body, and return to the area after several minutes.

After treatment, users should exfoliate their skin with the patented buffer.  This removes any residual hair that may be present on the surface of the skin after a treatment has been performed.

This entire process should be performed at least one time per week, over a period of at least six weeks.  Full results, however, may take longer.

How to Clean the no!no!’s Thermicon Tips

To help keep the no!no! 8800 working properly, various components of the hair removal system should be cleaned occasionally.  This helps keep the device from burning out prematurely, and also helps prevent the device from malfunctioning.

Turn off the nono, and unplug it from its power supply.
Remove the Thermicon tip.
Gently brush the Thermicon tip clean with a brush.

How to Clean the no!no!’s Rollers

Use a cleaning brush to remove any and all excess hair and other debris from the nono’s rollers by brushing the debris out and away from the device’s socket.  Try to keep hair and debris from falling into the socket, as this may cause no!no! to malfunction.  Hairs can be blown out of the device’s socket before the next treatment begins.
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Duration of Treatment

The duration of treatment with the nono hair removal system can vary from person to person.  There are many people who will see results almost immediately after using the nono.  However, because the way the devrice acts on actively growing hairs, complete treatment can take up to 18 to 24 months.  For best results, users should use the no!no! one time per week for a period lasting about six weeks.
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Who Can Use the no!no! Hair Removal System

The nono 8800 hair removal system is safe for both women and men, and provides its users with hair removal that is long-lasting.  As opposed to many other permanent hair removal solutions, the nono utilizes heat to permanently disable a hair’s growth.  Many other home hair removal systems use intense pulsed light (IPL, HPL) to elicit the desired results.  The utilization of light, however, limited the individuals who could use the device to those with fair to medium skin tones, and darker hair colors.

Since the nono does not use a light-based technology, the device is safe for individuals of all skin tones, and all hair colors.  This means that even people with naturally dark skin tones (African Americans, Hispanics) can safely use the nono hair removal system.
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Parts of the Body That Can be Treated With no!no!

The nono hair removal system is a permanent hair removal device that can provide effective and long-lasting hair removal on just about all parts of the body.  However, the no!no! should not be used on the genitals, or around the nipple area.  Therefore, the nono can be used to treat the face, chin, sideburns, neck, back, chest, arms, legs, elbows, knees, and feet.

Various parts of the body are more easily treated with the Thermicon tips that have been designed for particular body areas.  With its wide Thermicon tip, large regions can be effectively and efficiently treated.  This includes the arms, legs, back, and chest.  More sensitive regions like the bikini area and the face should be treated with the device’s narrow Thermicon tip.
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Side Effects of the no!no! Hair 8800 Hair Removal System

The nono Hair removal system utilizes a technology that has been FDA cleared as safe for use on just about all skin types and all skin and hair colors.  There are very few reported side effects of treating with the no!no!. The most common side effect reported is a slight odor that occurs during treatment.  This is just a sign that the no!no! is working to remove unwanted body hair.
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Replacement Parts of the no!no!

The no!no! 8800 Hair removal system has very few replacement parts.  However, one component that will need to be replaced regularly is the device’s Thermicon tip.  To take the guesswork out of when these Thermicon tips should be replaced, Radiancy tells users that the tips should be replaced when at least one of the following has occurred:

1)      The Status Screen for the Thermicon tip is blank,
2)      When the Thermicon tip icon flickers,
3)      If the Thermicon tip is not working efficiently, or
4)      If the wire is damaged in any way.

Replacing the Thermicon tips on a regular basis will ensure that the user receives the highest quality, most effective hair removal possible.

Thermicon Tip, Buffer Pad
Thermicon Tips replacements, and an Exfoliating Buffer pad designed to be used after each treatment.
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Technology of the no!no! 8800 Hair Removal System

Many home hair removal systems utilize a variety of different intense lights to disable hair growth in its users.  However, the nono hair removal system is different, since it uses heat to disable hair growth.  Radiance developed Thermicon technology that is based on a principle of physics called thermal transference.  The nono conducts a gentle pulse of heat that is directly transferred to the hair.  Because the heat is generated by the device itself, it can be safely used on all skin colors, and it can be used to remove all hair colors.

Light based hair removal devices (such as Silk’n SensEpil, evoDerma LUMI, and others) cannot be used by people with naturally dark skin tones since the light does not discriminate between skin complexion, and the hair color.  This can result in several side effects, including skin irritation and skin discoloration (usually temporary).  Furthermore, since the light typically targets a pigment in the hair called melanin, hair (grey, white, red) with low concentrations of melanin will not be targeted.

The nono hair removal system uses a patented Thermodynamic wire to provide the necessary heat to elicit hair removal.  Radiancy has perfected this technology to ensure that is safe for use on all skin types.  The device provides a painless pulse of heat to hairs that are currently in the Anagen Phase (growth phase) of hair growth.  Hairs in other parts of the body will not be effected.

There are 3 Phases of Hair Growth:

Anagen Phase
1)      Anagen Phase.  This is the active phase of hair growth.  The root of the hair is connected to the follicle, and hair growth can occur.
Catagen Phase
2)      Catagen Phase.  This is a transitional phase of hair growth in which the hair shaft begins to pull away from its root.  Hair growth slows to a halt.
Telogen Phase
3)      Telogen Phase.  This phase of hair growth is most commonly referred to as the resting phase.  The hair shaft and its root are completely separated from one another.  Therefore, no hair growth occurs.

The entire cycle of hair growth can take as long as 24 months.  Because of this, full results of the nono hair removal system can take this long.  Because not all hairs are present in the same cycle of growth at the same time, it is imperative to use no!no! on a regular basis.  The more frequently the device is used, the better results the user is likely to receive.
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Before and After Photos

Many people have experienced remarkable results using the nono hair removal system, nad have documented their own Before and After Photos.  Below are just a few of the nono Before and After Photos that users have shared.

Before 1 After 1


Before 2 After 2


Before and After 1
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Cost of the nono Hair 8800 Hair Removal System

There are several available models of the no!no! that users can find.  The no!no! 8800 Hair Removal system typically retails for $270, making it one of the least expensive home permanent hair removal systems available.  This price includes the no!no! Hair Removal Device, a Cleaning Brush, a narrow Thermicon Tip, a wide Thermicon tip, an Exfoliating Buffer Pad, and the device’s User Manual.
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