What Technology Is Used By The no!no! Hair Removal Device?

The no!no! hair removal device is an advanced, handheld device that provides its users with very easy at-home laser hair removal.  The technology behind the device is very similar to the way in which professional hair removal treatments work.


The device uses Thermicon technology that is based on heat transference.  This delivers heat flow from the device to the hair and hair follicle.  The device sends a gentle pulse of heat to the user’s hair, which disables the hair’s growth.  With repeated use, it can deliver safe and painless permanent hair removal.

The reason the device must be used on multiple occasions is due to the way that hair grows.  Hair growth occurs in three distinct phases.  These hair growth phases include the Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen phases.  The Anagen phase is the active phase of hair growth.  During this phase, the hair’s root is connected to its follicle.  This is when hair is actively growing.  The next phase, the Catagen phase, is a transitional hair growth phase.  During this phase, the hair’s shaft is beginning to pull away from its root.  While this occurs, the hair’s growth begins to slow to a stop.  The final phase, the Teleogen phase, is the hair’s resting phase.  The shaft and the root of the hair are completely separated at this point, and no growth occurs.

These phases of hair growth are constantly occurring at various points all over the user’s body.  For example, on the user’s arm, for example, the user may have hairs that are in all three growth phases at the same time.  This is very important to note, as the long-term use of the no!no! hair remover is dependent upon which phase of growth the hair is currently in.  In order for permanent results to occur, the no!no! must be used during the Anagen (growing) phase of hair growth.  Repeated treatments are required because of the fact that hair may take several weeks, or even several months to complete a full cycle of all of its phases.  After hairs have been treated, however, users should expect to see a reduction in hair regrowth of about 94%.


Another fantastic aspect of the technology used by the no!no! hair removal system is its minimal number of side effects.  Side effects, in fact, are astronomically rare.  Whereas some other home laser hair removal systems that use lasers or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology can result in burning, reddening, or permanent skin color changes, there are no uncomfortable side effects that stem from the proper use of the no!no! hair removal device.  The only side effect that is typically reported is a slightly unpleasant odor during the hair removal treatment.  This odor, however, goes away almost immediately after the treatment, and is merely a result of the hair removal process.  It  is completely safe, and completely painless when it is used properly.

With its advanced technology, limited number of side effects, and extreme ease of use, the no!no! is an excellent permanent home hair removal device for women and men alike.