Pearl Hair Remover Product Review

The Pearl Hair Remover is a small, handheld hair removal device developed by Viatek Consumer Products Group that is designed to provide consumers with long-term hair removal.  It is safe for a wide variety of skin tones, from very dark, to very light skinned individuals.  It can also be used on any hair color, including hair colors that are typically not effected by laser or light-based hair removal products, including red, white, gray, and blond.


Pearl Hair Remover Device

Pearl Hair Remover

Product Overview

The Pearl Hair Remover, developed by Viatek Consumer Products Group, is an easy to use, safe, and painless home hair removal system that uses thermal energy to provide long-lasting hair removal for consumers.  It is lightweight, portable, and ideal for use while traveling, or for around the home.  It runs on rechargeable batteries that make the device extremely easy and convenient to use, yet it also delivers professional quality results that are typically found in hair removal clinics and salons.
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How to Use

Since the Pearl Hair Remover has been developed with consumer convenience in mind, the device is exceptionally easy to use.  The device comes with two different attachments for hair removal.  Each attachment is designed for different parts of the body.  The Maxi Guide attachment is designed for arms, legs, and other large areas.  The Micro Guide is ideal for the face and other sensitive areas like the bikini line.  For general instructions about how to use the Pearl Hair Remover, see below.


1)      Shave the skin, and allow the hair to grow to between 1 and 3 mm in length.

2)      Glide the tip of the Pearl Hair Remover smoothly and slowly across the surface of the skin, without pausing in any particular area.

3)      Buff the skin with the included skin buffers to remove any excess hair particles that did not fall off during treatment (For more information on this, see the Technology section below).

4)      Moisturize the skin that was treated with the Pearl Hair Remover.  For best results, the company recommends using the Pearl Smoothing Serum, which has been formulated to be used specifically with this particular device.

This process may take users about thirty minutes to complete.  However, with continued use, most users find that their standard treatment time is reduced substantially.
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Duration of Treatment

Unlike some other home laser hair removal devices that require weeks for results to be seen, consumers who use the Pearl Hair Remover will begin to see results immediately.  Because of the technology the device utilizes, two different hair removal methods are utilized.  This means that existing hair is removed, and future hair will grow back more slowly.  As such, consumers who use the Pearl Hair Remover will begin to require fewer treatments for optimal results.
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Who Can Use

The Pearl Hair Remover uses thermal technology to remove hair, as opposed to the light-based technology utilized by many other home laser hair removal devices.  Devices that use laser or light can only be used by those with relatively light skin, and darker hair colors.  However, the Pearl Hair Remover can be used by anyone.  Women and men with light or dark skin, and even those with blond, red, white, and gray hairs can use the device.  The device is even effective at removing thick, coarse hair.
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Parts of the Body

With two different treatment heads included with the device, the Pearl Hair Remover is designed to be effective on just about all parts of the body.  The Maxi Guide treatment tip is designed for use on larger areas.  This includes the arms, legs, back, chest, and neck.  Smaller areas are best treated with the Pearl Hair Remover’s Micro Guide tip.  This includes areas like the bikini line, the face, the upper lip, and underarms.  Like other thermal based hair removal products, the Pearl Hair Remover should not be used on the genitals, or around the nipples, as these areas tend to have very sensitive skin.
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Safety Features

The Pearl Hair Remover is designed to be extremely safe to use.  As such, there are no extra safety features included on the device.
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Side Effects

Compared to shaving, waxing, plucking, and laser treatments, the side effects of the Pearl Hair Remover are minimal.  The device does not elicit any skin irritation, ingrown hairs, stubble, nicks, cuts, bumps.  The device is completely pain free, and there are no widespread side effects common amongst users.

During a typical treatment session, users of the Pearl Hair Remover are likely to experience a mild burning smell.  There may also be a small amount of smoke present.  This indicates that the device is removing hair from the skin via crystallization.  If the smell is unpleasant, it is important for users to know that the smell will decrease as the device is used more frequently, since there will be fewer hairs being treated.
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Replacement Parts

The Pearl Hair Remover does not utilize replacement parts.  This is much different from the at-home laser hair removal products that require the replacement of lamp cartridges that deliver pulses of light to the skin.
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The Pearl Hair Remover uses Thermesis technology to remove hairs from the skin.  This technology is much different from the light-based hair removal products that are also available on the market to provide users with long-term hair removal.  The Pearl Hair Remover uses tiny thermotransmitters to radiate heat down the follicle of the hair, to crystallize the hair.  At the same time, this heat slows the growth of future hairs from returning.  This means that the more the device is used, the slower hair will grow back.  Eventually, extremely long-term hair removal results will be achieved.  The Pearl also features a bi-directional optical sensor that is designed to allow the device to remove hair in two directions, as opposed to one.  This allows the treatment time of the device to be reduced significantly.
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Before and After Photos

If you have any Before and After Photos, or any Pearl Hair Remover Reviews that you would like to share with potential consumers, please submit them to
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Pearl Products


Thanks to a 60 Day Risk Free Trial, the Pearl Hair Remover can be obtained for only $14.99.  This is the cost of the shipping of the device.  Thirty days after the purchase, automatic payment for the device will begin each month, for $33.33, for 6 months.  The total cost of the device is $199.98 plus shipping, making it one of the more affordable long-term hair removal products available today.  This price includes the Pearl Hair Remover, 1 Bottle of Pearl Soothing Serum, 1 Large Tip for the Body (Maxi Guide Tip), 1 Small Tip for the Face and Sensitive Areas (Micro Guide Tip), 4 Large Buffer Pads, 4 Small Buffer Pads, the Device’s Charger, and a Bonus Tote Bag.


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