Silk’n SensEpil vs. Remington i-LIGHT Pro

A variety of at-home laser hair removal systems have recently come onto the market.  With so much competition, it is important that potential consumers of these products be provided with a side-by-side comparison of these hair removal products.


Remington’s i-LIGHT Pro (the i-LIGHT IPL6000) is a clinically-proven device that is designed to provide users with long-lasting hair removal.  Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, and proprietary ProPulse technology, this light-based hair removal system delivers results that last about six months.  The i-LIGHT Pro, released in 2009, is designed to be more powerful than Remington’s first generation hair removal device, the i-LIGHT (i-LIGHT IPL5000).

Remington’s iLIGHT Pro hair removal system

The Silk’n SensEpil is another similar device that uses similar technology, called Home Pulsed Light (or HPL) technology to disable the growth of unwanted body hair.  It is designed to be an easy-to-use, less expensive alternative to costly professional hair removal treatments at a professional clinic.


Silk’n SensEpil hair removal system

Since these two devices seem very similar, many may ask themselves how they stack up next to each other.  In the following several paragraphs, some of the major similarities and differences between the Silk’n Sensepil and the Remington i-LIGHT Pro will be outlined.

What is Similar?


Both the SensEpil and the i-LIGHT Pro use clinically-proven, FDA-cleared optical light technology that is designed to target melanin deep within the user’s hair follicle.  When the light hits the darkly-colored pigment, it rapidly heats it.  This rapid heating process disables the hair’s growth.  Hair goes through different phases of hair growth, and this light-based hair removal technology will only target hairs that are actively growing.  Because of this, both devices will take multiple treatments to see full results.  For best results, the Silk’n SensEpil and the Remington i-LIGHT Pro should be used about once every two weeks.

Safe Areas for Hair Removal Treatment

The treatment areas that are intended to be treated include the majority of the user’s body, including the feet, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area.  However, some areas are unsafe to treat using either device.  These areas include the neck, head, face, and ears, as well as around the eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes.  The pulses of light that are emitted from the device can cause eye damage.

Ease of Use and Safety

Each device is designed to be an easy-to-use, at-home hair removal system.  Using their respective handheld wands, users of the SensEpil and i-LIGHT Pro can easily maneuver the treatment wand to the desired treatment area.  For added safety, the SensEpil and the i-LIGHT Pro have built-in skin sensors and skin contact sensors.  The skin sensors help to ensure that the user’s skin is safe to treat.  This is important because the melanin that this technology targets is also found in high quantities in those with darker skin tones.  Treating an area that is deemed unsafe can lead to adverse side effects.  Each device’s skin contact sensor ensures that no light pulses are transmitted into the open air, which could potentially be harmful to the user’s eyes.

Who Can Use It?

Because the technology of the SensEpil and the i-LIGHT Pro both target melanin in the hair, they cannot be used by certain populations.  Either device is safe to  use for those with light, fair skin.  However, individuals with dark skin may not be able to safely use either hair remover.  Additionally, each device will work best on darker hair colors.  Those with white, grey, light blonde, or red hair will not achieve the best results possible with the devices.

Side Effects

Since the optical-light technology of the SensEpil and i-LIGHT Pro is very similar, it follows that the expected side effects are also similar.  With their built-in safety features, each hair removal device is very safe, and the adverse side effects are minimal.  For most, users will experience a slight redness of the skin, particularly around the hairs that were just treated.  When used properly, very few adverse effects are reported using these painless devices.

What is Different?


After about four to six treatments using the Silk’n SensEpil hair removal device, users will begin to notice significant results.  This includes hair that either does not grow back, or hair that grows back finer, and thinner than before its use.  These results are permanent, and after about six months of treatments, additional treatments with the SensEpil should be few and far between, only as needed.  With the Remington i-LIGHT Pro hair removal system, however, results last only about six months.


The cartridges that emit the optical light of vary, as well, in both their price and their longevity.  The Silk’n SensEpil uses cartridges that are designed to deliver about 750 pulses of light.  This is enough pulses to treat the entire body one time, or one specific area of the body multiple times.  Replacement cartridges can be purchased for a little under $38 each.  The i-LIGHT Pro’s replacement bulbs, however, are designed to deliver about 1500 pulses of optical light, good enough for about 2 full-body treatments.  These replacement cartridges are sold for about $25.00 each.


The proven technology that is found in each at-home laser hair removal device has been used in professional hair removal clinics for over 15 years, so each device has been proven to be safe to use.  They both deliver long-lasting hair removal to their users.  Because of the way the technology targets melanin in the hair, it is safe for the same groups of people.  Treatments should be undergone about every two weeks with the SensEpil and the i-LIGHT Pro to acquire the best results possible.

The results of the Silk’n SensEpil hair removal device are, after several treatments, permanent.  The results of the Remington i-LIGHT Pro hair removal system are long-lasting at six months, but they are not permanent.  This fact makes the SensEpil hair removal system more economical than the i-LIGHT Pro, since the SensEpil can be used less than the i-LIGHT Pro as the user completes more treatments.