VISS IPL Hair Removal System Product Review


This is an article about the VISS Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System that is designed to provide permanent hair removal for the user from the comfort of their own home in an affordable, easy-to-use device.

Viss IPL Hair Removal Device

VISS IPL Product Overview

The VISS IPL Hair Removal System is a product that uses scientifically proven, USDA-cleared light-based technology to provide consumers with a permanent hair removal option from the comfort and privacy of their own home.  The hair removal device uses the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that has been used in hair removal clinics and salons around the world for more than fifteen years.  This technology has been used on millions of different patients, the majority of which have enjoyed the hair-free and smooth skin that they desire.  Our reviews noted that one major difference between the VISS IPL Device and other home light-based hair removal products is the device’s ability to be fit with other lamp cartridges that can provide the user with acne treatments, or light rejuvenation.


Developed in cooperation with some of the world’s leading dermatologists, the VISS IPL Hair Removal System is designed to provide users with clinical-quality results, at a much more affordable price.  Additionally, because of the wide spectrum of light that the device uses for hair removal, the device will often provide more effective results than a laser, with much fewer complications.  The device has the ability to adjust to the consumer’s particular needs through eight different adjustment levels.  Since the device is powered by an AC adapter and has one of the largest treatment zones on the market (at 3 cm x 2 cm), users can get the hair removal results that they want in a fraction of the time of many other devices.  With being able to provide fast, clinical quality results, at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments, the VISS IPL Hair Removal System provides users with a very cost-effective hair removal option that will pay for itself in the matter of a single use.
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How the VISS IPL Hair Removal System Works

The VISS IPL Hair Removal System provides its users with high quality results very similarly to many other light-based home hair removal products.  Prior to using the device, users should thoroughly read the entire User Manual.  After reading the device, hair removal can begin.

 1. Clean, shave, and dry the area that is going to be treated.

2. Put on the optional safety glasses (these are not required thanks to the device’s Safety Features).

3. Turn the device on by pressing the Power button, and adjust to the appropriate treatment level (this can be found in the device’s User Manual).  Typically, those with darker skin tones will utilize the device’s lower treatment settings (1, 2, 3, 4), and those with fairer skin tones will utilize the device’s higher settings (5, 6, 7, 8).

4. When the Ready Indicator beeps, press the Flash button to deliver a pulse of Intense Light.

5. During treatment, users should expect to feel a sensation of warmth and tingling.  Occasionally, the feeling will be very similar to having a warm rubber band snapped against the skin.

6. After treatment, users should find that the hairs that have been treated will begin to fall out (ejection).

Interested individuals who wish to learn more about the VISS IPL Hair Removal System can watch the informational video provided below.

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Duration of Treatment

Because of the technology that the VISS IPL and many other light-based hair removal systems utilize, complete results will often take a period of several months.  There are several reasons for this, which will be covered in the Technology section of this article.

During the first three months, users of the VISS IPL should treat their skin every two weeks.  During months three through six, users can treat their skin once each month.  Between six and nine months, minimal regrowth should occur, and treatments can be performed as needed.  Although some slight regrowth may still occur, the hair that does grow will be much lighter and thinner.  After nine months of use, most users find that one or two treatment sessions each year are required.
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The VISS IPL Device can safely be utilized by women as well as men.  Although the device is safe for use on people with most skin and hair colors, there are some users who will not receive effective results.  For example, those with naturally dark skin tones, such as African Americans, should not use the VISS IPL Hair Removal System.  This is due to the fact that the device targets a pigment in the hair called melanin, which is found in large quantities in those with naturally dark skin tones.  Also, those with red, gray, or light blond hair will not receive effective results, since the amount of melanin present in these hairs is minimal.  A Skin and Hair Color chart for the VISS IPL Hair Removal System has been provided below.

VISS IPL Skin and Hair Color Chart
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Parts of the Body That Can be Treated With VISS IPL

The VISS IPL Hair Removal system has been designed to be safe to use just about anywhere on the body.  Users have received salon-quality hair removal results from the VISS IPL device on their arms, legs, arm pits, back, chest, stomach, legs, feet, and bikini area.
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Safety Features of the VISS IPL Hair Removal System

For individuals who are concerned whether the VISS IPL Hair Removal System is safe, the expets who developed the device have embedded safety features that make the device safe for use by just about anybody.  A contact sensor present on the treatment wand is designed to help ensure proper use by the user.  Additionally, it has also be designed to help eliminate misuse of the device.  If the device’s treatment area is not placed firmly against the skin, no pulse of light will be emitted from the device.  This helps protect the user’s eyes, as a pulse from the device into the eyes can cause negative side effects in the eyes.
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Side Effects of the VISS IPL Device

Although minimal, there are a few side effects that some users have reported when using the VISS IPL Hair Removal System.  The most common side effect during use is described by users as a warmth and tingling of the skin that occurs during each pulse of light.  This has been equated to a snap of a rubber band against the skin, and is very short-lived.  Some skin irritation can occur if individual’s with dark skin use the device (A Skin Color Chart is included to help users avoid this).  Additionally, when used more frequently than every two weeks, some people will experience skin reddening and irritation that should fade within about 24 hours.
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Replacement Parts for VISS IPL Hair Removal System

The VISS Hair Removal system utilizes lamp cartridges for hair removal.  Each replacement lamp cartridge of the VISS IPL Hair Removal device can deliver as many as 4,000 pulses of light, making it one of the longest-lasting lamp cartridges on the market.  This is more than enough pulses to entirely treat body.  The cost of the devices are $80 each.  Although this seems expensive, many other light-based hair removal products utilize lamp catridges that cost about $45 for 750 to 1,000 pulses of light.  The VISS Replacement Cartridges cost less than twice what other cartridges cost, but provide more than five times as many light pulses.

VISS Lamp Cartridge

VISS IPL Hair Removal Lamp Cartridge

The VISS IPL Hair Removal System can also be used for light-rejuvenation and acne-care. VISS Acne-Care lamp cartridges cost users about $175.
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Technology of the VISS IPL Hair Removal Device

The technology that is utilized in the VISS Hair Removal System is very similar to the technology that is utilized in many other products, as well as clinical hair removal salons.  Each pulse of light administered by the VISS Hair Removal device is designed to selectively target a pigment in the hair called melanin.  This dark pigment is also found in the skin, and is responsible for the darkness or lightness of the person’s skin tone.  The darker the person’s skin is, the more melanin they have present in it.  The same holds true for the person’s hair.  More melanin typically results in a darker hair color.

When the light from the device is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, the hair’s shaft becomes heated.  This rapid heating of the hair debilitates the hair follicle’s activity, and keeps it from growing back.  However, since this process is only effective on hairs that are currently growing, several treatments must be performed.  This is why complete treatment of a specific area will often take about nine months.

1)Normal Hair Growth2)VISS IPL Light Pulse3)VISS IPL Hair Follicle Disabled
1) Normal Hair Growth, 2) Pulse of light administered by VISS IPL Hair Removal System, 3) Hair follicle’s activity disabled.

Hair on the body goes through three phases of growth.  It is also important to note that not all of the hairs on the body are in the same phase at the same time.  The Anagen Phase is the growth phase of hair growth.  This is when the individual’s hair is actively growing.  The two other phases of hair growth, called the Catagen and Telogen Phases of hair growth, are more commonly called the resting phases.  During these phases, no hair growth actually occurs.  Each phase of hair growth varies, and a complete cycle of hair growth will generally take between six and eighteen months.  Hairs that are in the Catagen and Telogen phases of growth will not be effected by the VISS IPL Hair Removal System.

Laser Treatment vs. IPL Treatment for Hair Removal

Laser hair removal utilized a relatively narrow spectrum of light for hair removal.  Although this can provide an effective form of hair growth for some people, many more people experience much more effective results with the use of IPL.

IPL, also called Intense Pulsed Light, utilizes a much wider spectrum of light during each treatment.  Since different light spectrum penetrate the skin to various levels, IPL treatments are usually able to provide much faster and more effective results for a larger number of people.  IPL has also been shown to provide treatment to users with much fewer side effects.  Additionally, the devices that utilized IPL often have a treatment area about six times larger than laser treatment areas.
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VISS IPL Hair Removal Before and After Photos

The images below have been taken by actual users of the VISS IPL Hair Removal system.  Although not every user will experience the same results, when used properly, the VISS has been proven to provide users with effective and long-lasting hair removal on just about all parts of the body.

VISS Before and After 1 VISS Before and After 2 VISS Before and After 3 VISS Before and After 4 VISS Before and After 5 VISS Before and After 6
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Cost of the VISS IPL Hair Removal Device

The VISS IPL Hair Removal device retails for $485.  This price includes the VISS IPL Hair Removal Unit, a Hair Removal Lamp Cartridge, an AC Power Adapter Table, and Safety Glasses.  Additionally, there is a 1-Year Warranty, and a 90-Day Guarantee provided with the purchase of the VISS IPL Hair Removal Device.  Replacement Lamp Cartridges for VISS IPL cost $80.  The combined cost for treating the user will cost most users thousands of dollars less than a typical hair removal session at a professional hair removal clinic.


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