magicJack Installation & Activation Guide:

Note: The mjreg website has recently been moved to a page on the official website but the setup process is still the same. If you visit you will automatically be redirected to the new page for activation, install and setup. setup

Our Full Step-by-Step Register magicJack Acitvation Guide

See below to get your magicJack device up and running in no time via the registration website. We have included actual pictures of the process while registering our device via the official registry website. Our guide is more thorough and complete that any other site on the web, even more than the official MJREG website.

MagicJack Plus 2014 is the most recent device brought to us from VocalTec LTD. among their series of innovative VoIP devices that are leading the VoIP industry in cost. It maintains the best features from it’s previous version, magicJack Plus, released in 2010-2011, but it has stepped up it’s game with an easier activation process and many new features.

The Upgraded Device

The magicJack plus 2014 is slightly bigger and heavier that the previous magicJack plus. This is because of a second USB port added and a brand new SDIO “WiFi” labeled slot. Other than that the device is the same externally as the previous one — with Ethernet ports and a power slot to use with the power adapter. It comes packaged with the power adapter, Ethernet cable and a USB extension cord.

magicjack Plus 2014

The new MagicJack Plus 2014 with its new ports

Help With Your Installation

The magicJack Plus 2014 comes with a manual for installation help as well as independent video guides from YouTube. Both options work well with clear and precise directions to follow. Registration & Installation Steps

The installation and activation steps for the magicJack Plus 2014 definitely delivered on it’s promise of not needing a computer for use. However, you still need a computer to officially register it. That simply isn’t possible without going online and entering your personal information. There’s just not way around it. You can however activate and begin using the device before you ever register it and aren’t actually ever required to register it.


MagicJack Plus 2014 installation WITH your computer or tablet

  1. Connect the device to your computer using its USB port
  2. Connect any home telephone to other end of the MagicJack Plus 2014 using the Ethernet cable
  3. If using a windows computer (PC or tablet), the MagicJack Plus software will load by itself, automatically
  4. For a MAC or any other iOS device (iPhone, iPad), you will have to double click the magicJack icon that should appear on our desktop to begin installation

magicJack Plus 2014 computer installation

MagicJack Plus 2014 set up is a breeze with a computer 

  1. If you’re a previous user you can go through the express installation steps provided on screen but if you are a new user you will need to click the blue button labeled “Click Here Now” on the left side of the installation software window (see image 3) and continue following the steps to register including entering your personal information. During this process this is where you will be able to select a phone number. registration registration interface

  1. The great thing about the magicJack Plus 2014 is you can also download and use the magicJack App (magicApp) on your mobile/tablet device for FREE. Get it from the Apple app-store or the Android play-store. Once you have downloaded it launch the app and select the relevant options for you (see Image 4) and you’re ready to make free phone calls right away from your cell phone.

Issues With Computer Installation

The main problem with the method listed above is that it is the old fashion way to register and use the device as was the case with the first magicJack device. With this installation method you are required to keep your computer on 24/7 to make or receive any and all calls. This of course can be an inconvenience and reduce the quality of your experience. If you are on a long phone call the computer could go into sleep or hibernation mode and cause your call to cut out. It is also a waste of power to have your computer on all the time. You can also run into problems if there are any issues with your computer as it adds another layer of complexity to the process.

The new 2014 magicJack Plus does however offer an option of being able to use the device without a computer at all. Despite this if you do buy a device you will have to at least get on a computer once in order to register (if you are a new user) or transfer your service (if you are an existing user). This is where the register website comes in and the instructions to do this listed below.

magicApp installation

magicJack’s magicApp Installation

MagicJack Plus 2014 installation and use WITHOUT your computer or tablet

  1. Connect your device to the power adapter via one of the USB ports
  2. Connect the device to your router or modem using the included Ethernet cable by plugging the cable into both the device and the modem
  3. Connect your home telephone your magicJack device with the RJ connector cable
  4. Plug the MJ+ 2014 power adapter into an outlet and you should be ready to begin making calls
  5. Go to your computer and visit the website on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Here you can transfer your old service or upgrade an old account by adding the MJ+ 2014 device to your current line after logging in to your account. (You can also register your device to a new account if you are a new user or if you want to keep your old account as a separate phone line)
  6. During the registration process at an activation code will be sent to your email address which will be needed in order to complete the MJ Registration process

magicJack Plus 2014 installation without computer
MagicJack Plus 2014 setup is still simple without a computer 

Generally the procedure to setup, activate, install and register is very straightforward but there are several things you must remember:

  • When going through the registration process your computer, smartphone or table that you are using to register with must be on the same Internet network as the magicJack Plus 2014 device.
  • An often found complaint involves Error 3002, this is related to multiple devices having permission to connect to the modem. Before getting a magicJack you should call your ISP and check to make sure that your modem can and is set to allow more than one device to access the Internet through it. You can also look into not bothering with the modem if you have a separate router with open Ethernet ports.
  • One major thing to take note of is that if you have more than one magicJack device and decide to move to a new one with an upgrade or transfer of your current subscription plan your old device will be deactivated and you will lose any left over subscription time on the old device. You can of course create a new account and keep the old device separate.
  • The software doesn’t appear to work great with Windows 8 or 8.1 and online support isn’t all that great either. Drivers have been developed by independent people and can be found by doing a google search if you need one.

In general, the new magicJack Plus 2014 is much better and much more flexible as far as installation and activation goes. The MJREG website is great for users that want to register without using the device with a computer or be required to install it’s software on their computer.

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  1. yall full of it i cant get a phone number for this majic jack it only goes to my cell phone do something or i will think you are crooks

  2. This Magic Jack installation is for my home only. The fields I filled in seemed to indicate I had a business. Not true. Can you help me activate Magic Jack for my home phone only?

    • I have an existing account under phone number 2898131496 and am trying to register my replacement unit which you sent me because the other one conked out. please help me.

      • I need help registering my replacement go plus unit and I am on a library computer because I have an I pad which I can’t use. please reply. thank you.

    • I only want to receive and make calls Why do I keep getting ads for 0ther things I don’t know why I am having such a hard time getting registered. I was hoping this would be a simple!

    • I just purchased a magic jack GO and I want to register it. I want the same phone number 573-271-7147

      • I installed a magic jack go and requested my existing phone number. how long will it take to get that no. on to the magic jack? The phone no I ask for is 208 678 2334 and it is with century link. I have kept it energized until I get it changed over.

      • I am replacing my old maic jack with a new one and need to put my existing plone number into it.

    • I am having the same problem with my installation as everyone else. If I cannot get this working, I want my money back.

    • I received a new magic jeck only for home use.
      I need to activate it and keep my old number 561-749-3252

    • You may be able to keep it. Just go to their website and follow the instructions. I just did, and I was able to keep my number. I did have to pay a one time fee of $19.95 plus an Administration Fee of $1.56, for a total of $21.51. Their website is
      Good Luck!

  3. I currently have a land line with Verizon. I want to keep that number with my magicJack and discontinue the Verizon service. How do I do that ?

  4. in the FAQ it says you don’t have to check with your server to plug into your router/modem a phone. but here you say you should check to see how many devices you can use. I have four ports on this combo router/modem so I think it’s ok. my question is whether I need to use a DSL filter gadget on the phone line as that is not shown in the video set up as a possible issue. I was given several of these dsl filters when I got my internet service, but don’t have a landline. Magic Jack Go is the model I have and the line shows green but the phone shows orange color I think because the batter is low on the phone. not sure, so no dial tone yet. I don’t think this dsl filter was designed to work with this phone, nor magic jack, so I may be making up a problem. I’m using wireless service with one computer and ethernet with another. maybe the phone will work when it’s fully charged. otherwise I will plug the magic jack into the computer directly. pretty sure it will work ok for sure then.

  5. Do you need a phone line to use the magic jack, can I use any phone I want. To make a phone call like a house phone.

  6. My magic jack phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx (phone number removed for privacy reasons)
    due to illness we have not used the magic jack for some time
    my records show that our magic jack account expires in 2018
    I lost the code to activate the magic jack
    note our new a email address
    if you need to call, our land line phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx (phone number removed for privacy reasons)
    please advise
    Arnold Deelstra

  7. Help Me as I already paid for my magic jack and all it does is want me to pay again.
    I can’t get it to work at all

  8. I plug my magicjacekplus in my new computer – laptop and the icon did not pop up. it is not loading.
    is there something wrong the usb port

  9. I want to register my magic jack plus and you are showing how to install and activate it my magic jack plus s/n: A 10320000 14F5E, I do not have a website

    • After re registering my Magic Jack (or so I thought) I find out that it shows up as239-205-4843. It should be 256 727-7412.

  10. My other MJ plus stopped working. I was sent a MJGo. I did not want to keep my number so I changed that. While talking with customer service she got me to the last step of installing and to register my phone. Could not go further said an error occurred and told I had to call tech support. Still do not have phone service. If old number is called it goes to voice mail on my tablet. If new number is called nothing happens except a recording about the customer unavailable. I had to pay a fee to get a different number. Tech wasn’t much help because I was trying to register and activate from my iPad. Told that desk top or lap top was better to use. And somewhere along the line I ended up ordering another MJGo which of course when I receive it I will return unopened. Not sure how that happened. I still need help with everything. Calling tech support takes ages and I can’t understand the people who answer as hey do not speak English well. I watched the video but no help for me. When I try to use my phone to call out I get an error message and no dial tone. HELP or I am sending in back and going to request a refund of payments I made for up to the year 2022.

  11. I tried to call 911 last night from our magic jack and it would not go through. Is there a reason it doesn’t work?

  12. I’m trying to register my new magicJackGo to no avail just like everyone else. Would also like to keep same landphone #262-696-6338.

    No #’s on box from store to call for help, what’s up? Thought this was going to go fast?

  13. We needed to buy a new phone for our house. Present phone has magicjack registered and running. do we need to do anything when we install our new phone with it connected to magicjack already there?

  14. to make a call to Aruba what country code do I need to use. Actually I have the country code which is 297, do I need to dial anything before the 297

  15. I bought a Magic Jack replacement several years ago and never used it. Now I need a phone for faxing purposes. Will the Magic Jack I purchased work in connection with my multi-purpose printer-fax machine? If so, will I have to disconnect my firewall and security every time I fax something?

    I cannot find a customer service number for you and would rather speak by phone.

  16. I have a Magijack plus phone which has a buzzing whenever the person on the line speaks. Only I can hear the. buzzing which is very annoying. I plugged the Magicjack line directly into the adapter and plugged the adapter into the power outlet. I have an earlier Magijack phone on my other line, which does not have this buzzing problem. Since the line with the buzzing is my business line, not being able to hear our customers is affecting my business. I need this problem corrected IMMEDIATELY!


    Gerald Falbel, President. 203-357-0626

  17. Magic Jack incoming calls always rang and could be answered on my cell phone or MJ phone. For some reason it no longer rings on the cell phone. How do I reset so that it will also ring and be answered on MJ & or the cell phone?

  18. i just bought magic jack go.i can call but can not receive a call.My jack is blinking yellow.My phone number should be 256 620—–.When i call it it says it has not been assigned.Also when i hook it up to the pc i have no phone number.I have had it for about 2hrs and iam very upset

  19. I have been a subscriber since 5/25/14, and just wanted to know if you have new technology
    available that would reset the Magic Jack when the internet goes out? A friend of mine
    also has a Magic Jack, but when his broadband connection is disrupted, it resets itself. My Madic Jack connection is disrupted at least once a day, we have to unplug from wall
    outlet and reset the broadband connection. This is the only thing I don’t like about your product.
    Please Advise as to what we can do.

  20. I purchased a magic jack so that I could cancel my landline phone and use the magic jack for a fax line. I need help setting it up. The instructions that came with the unit doesn’t give enough set up instructions. Is it possible to speak with a human to get help with this service? Thank you.

  21. After I renewed my contract, the Majic Jack is not working (no dial tone). What should I do?

    • MJ has not been plugged in for over a year but we still get messages sent to email. Our service is paid for until 12.31 2022. or 2023.
      It is now plugged in and no dial tone. How do we get to telephone line etc.
      Harold D Angevine 309 683 0058 telephone number

  22. every time I try to register my new majicjack they keep trying to sell me something
    thought this was supposed to be a registration site, need to get this crap straightened up
    cant find a number to register my new mj this sucks . I may have to go to a new providerif they cant do better than this.

  23. I was under the impression when I ordered my magicjack that I would be getting a new phone number. I do not see any reference to a new number in my paperwork or how to obtain it from the web site. I tried my old number and the phone does not ring even tho i have a dial tone. I dialed from the phone to my cell and got a spokane washington number. Is that my new number and how do I know.

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