1. I need to know my account number. I have tried talking to every one and still do not have it. Can someone with authority to help me?

  2. I am currently using MagicJack but do not have my account login info.; I need it to set up my voicemail, etc my MJ number is 805-367-5808

  3. Senes 2/18/17 I am trienge to conect 3 deferenth magicJack AAAAAAAA N# .All no resolts magicJack.co dont cer abouth de costemers and suport de costemers nidedes .Day inwalving odere co.in to der busnese to rip off costemers charginge ,$199 for instolashen of niw madjer Jack AAAAAAAA .All Idoo nidete phon# and instolayshen. S.A

  4. I have two magic jack telephone numbers I have been trying to have one of them 937 3250313 ported to spectrum..You keep giving me the wrong passcode…How can you help me?

  5. I been trying to get in touch looking for phone number from magic jack I need to reload my international phone calls and I can’t find the way please help

  6. My magic Jack phone number I had for many years was hijack and they don’t care while I am being ripped off because the person who took it is using it as me .
    Your phone number are not safe
    Problem is they don’t care !!!

  7. i installed magicjack go and cannot call out or get calls in. device was paid for months ago but just now installed. Whats the problem? 2693507021. frank white. a reply is appreciated.

  8. I cannot receive incoming calls, keeps saying magic jack customer not available. I have dial tone and I can call out. Please help

  9. received a bill from majic jack after my original order expired they just took it upon themselves to charge my credit card . tried to contact to put a stop . on phone for 5 hours and finally got to speak to someone they said i can;t hear you very well and said call back and hung up.what a rip off.i wouldn’t get magic jack again if it was free.

  10. I have not received any incoming calls once again and it’s affecting doctor and business calls. This will be the 3rd time this has happened and I’m ready to end service

  11. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! I have replaced an old (chrome and clear MJ) with a new MJ GO, ser. # xxxxxxxxxxx. The # attached to the account is 704-283-4963. This # was also attached to the old chrome MJ. I can make calls but I cannot receive calls. The message is the # is disconnected or out of service. I have been dealing with this issue for several months now and need to get it resolved ASAP. If I need a new number please attach 704-238-7812 or 704-681-5708. 704-238-7812 is attached to a verizon phone she was using till the sim card went out. The 704-681-5708 # is attached to an old MJ I have. Either # should work but I would like to use the 704-283-4963 # if at all possible. My email address is gdillingham1@gmail.com. The MJ account uses 704-283-4963. I hope to be hearing from you in the next few days. My contact # is 704-309-6018. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE as this is the phone my MOTHER-IN-LAW uses as she is elderly and has to live with my wife and I.

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