reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Handheld System Review

The reVive Acne Light Therapy Handheld System is a product developed to reduce existing acne blemishes and prevent future breakouts by using blue light therapy to kill bacteria on the skin, and reduce the oil production of overactive oil glands. The company also manufactures other reVive Light Therapy Devices, including the reVive Light Therapy Anti-Aging Treatment, and the reVive Light Therapy Pain Relief Treatment Device.

reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Device

reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Device

Product Overview

The reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment LED Device is an electronic beauty product that uses clinically proven and FDA cleared non-UV blue light therapy to target and kill the bacteria beneath the surface of the skin that causes acne flare ups.  At the same time that acne-causing bacteria on the skin are being destroyed, the blue light therapy also reduces the oil output of oil glands in the skin that are producing excessive amounts of oil.  The combination of the two functions of the device help remove existing acne, while helping to prevent the formation of future breakouts.  The reVive Anti-Acne device is classified as a Class II Medical Device, and has been engineered to NASA Research specifications.

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How To Use

The reVive Light Therapy System is designed to be very easy to use.  It is recommended that users of the device thoroughly read through the included User Manual prior to performing an anti-acne treatment for the first time.

1)      Plug the device in, and press the Power button on the handle of the device to activate the blue light LEDs.

2)      Hold the device over the portion of the skin that you wish to treat.  Keep the LEDs in place for about three to five minutes.

3)      Move to a different portion of the skin that you wish to treat, and hold the LEDs in place for between to five minutes.

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Duration of Treatment

The reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Device is designed to be safe to use on a daily basis, as it uses completely therapeutic wavelengths of light to provide the desired results.  As a result, many people will begin to see noticeable results within the matter of just a few days of use.  While the device is very effective at removing existing acne blemishes, it can also be used regularly to help future breakouts from occurring.

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Who Can Use

Using clinically proven FDA cleared blue light therapy, the reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Device is safe for use by people with any skin tone, and any skin type.  Men and women alike, with very dry, or very oily skin, can use the device to keep their skin free of acne blemishes.  Since the device only utilizes therapeutic blue light, the device can be used by individuals with very dark and very light skin, without the risk of any adverse skin conditions from occurring.

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Parts of the Body Treated

The reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment System is FDA cleared for treating mild to moderate acne.  It is safe for use on all parts of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, and chin.  It can even be used on other parts of the body that give people problems with acne, including the neck, shoulders, back, and chest.

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Safety Features

The reVive Light Therapy devices are extremely safe to use, as they only use a very narrow wavelength of light to provide users with the desired treatments.  As such, the reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment System uses therapeutic blue wavelengths of light emitted by LEDs, and no harmful UV rays are emitted.  The device also has a built-in cooling system that keeps the device, as well as the user’s skin, from becoming excessively heated during a treatment session.  As an added safety feature, the device is sold with safety goggles.  Although these devices are not required, many users find that they are more comfortable using the device in them.  Other methods for use include closing the eyes during treatment around the eyes, or lightly closing the eyes.  However, the blue light produced by the device’s LEDs have not been shown to be harmful to the eyes.

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Side Effects

The particular wavelength of blue light that is emitted by the LEDs of the reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Device have been utilized in professional clinics and beauty salons across the world for many years.  The wavelength of light has been shown to be purely therapeutic, and no widespread adverse side effects have been noted.  In fact, the reVive Light Therapy Device has much fewer side effects than other topical and non-topical acne treatments, including UV light treatments, and Accutane.

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Replacement Parts

The device has the capacity of using three different light treatment heads to give the user his or her desired treatment.  In addition to the Acne Treatment LED head, reVive also has a Pain Relief Treatment LED Head, and an Anti-Aging Treatment LED head that utilizes red and infrared light to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and eliminate many of the other most common signs of aging.  Each of these treatment heads can be purchased for about $69.00.

reVive Light Therapy Anti-Aging Treatment HeadreVive Anti-Aging Treatment Head LED

reVive Light Therapy Pain Relief Treatment Head

reVive Pain Relief Treatment Head LED

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The reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment System utilizes technology that has been clinically-proven, and FDA cleared to treat mild to moderate acne blemishes.  The therapeutic 415nm wavelength of non-UV blue light utilized by the device serves two purposes in acne treatment.  First, the blue light is designed to kill any naturally-occurring bacteria from the surface of the skin.  This helps reduce any existing breakouts.  Second, the blue light also helps dry out excessive oil-producing glands beneath that surface of the skin.  The dpl Technology (deep penetrating light) is designed to enhance the depth of the treatment that the devices reaches, helping to optimize the effects of the blue light further.  To understand why each aspect of blue light therapy is important, it is important to understand why acne occurs in the first place.

There are millions of bacterial cells all over the human body.  Many of these bacteria are on the face, where there are a large number of oil-producing glands.  The naturally-occurring bacteria on the surface of the skin feed on the oil that these oil glands produce.  When large amounts of oil is produced by the skin, the bacteria already located on the skin have a large food supply, and they are able to multiply.  After a blue light therapy treatment, these glands are dried out, and the food supply for the bacteria is eliminated, causing their numbers to decrease.  This helps prevent future breakouts from occurring.

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Before and After Photos

If you have any reVive Light Therapy Before and After photos you would like to share, please send them to  Additionally, if you have reVive Light Therapy Reviews you wish to share with potential consumers, feel free to leave them in the Comments section below.

reVive Light Therapy Acne Before After 1Before and After using the reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment System

reVive Light Therapy Acne Before After 2

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The reVive Light Therapy Acne Treatment Device is sold for $169.00, which includes the Handheld Device, the Removeable Acne Treatment LED Head, a Power Cord Adaptor, and a Travel Bag.  The device can be purchased from a variety of different retail locations.

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