8 Industries That Can’t Live Without VoIP


Businesses today need to communicate with customers like never before. With the internet existing 24/7 and offering up your number to clients, your phone strategy needs to be excellent. B2C and B2B businesses, in particular, need a unified communications solution like VoIP. Here are 8 of these industries that just can’t live without it:


Dental offices are always in demand. Americans get their teeth cleaned more than they get their homes or cars cleaned in some cases. However, that also means that the competition in these dental territories is fierce. These dentists need great phone solutions.

One way VoIP can help dentists is with faster call answering. By getting to the phone faster, you help the customer have a better experience and earn their business.

Health Facilities


Healthcare is one of the industries that is always faxing, calling, texting, and more. There is so much information to convey and so many parties involved that you need a solution that doesn’t slow you down. VoIP offers the benefit of being quick and easy to use so every doctor, nurse, and care provider can get access to the details to do their job right.

Medical Sales

Salespeople that offer medical supplies to the health industry are on the go almost every minute of their careers. From driving in their cars to having meetings in hotels, they must communicate in a variety of ways through different channels. That is how VoIP assists them in staying on top of everything. By being able to transfer their calls to their mobile handset seamlessly or sync their contact data between devices, they never lose a step.


The transportation industry has many safety regulations and rules in the case of a breakdown or other emergency. Being able to reach the right person fast is not just a luxury, it is a necessity for them. They can even be sued if their response time is not fast enough, making a secure phone line worth its weight in gold.


Lawyers need solid VoIP solutions in order to serve their clients on the phone when discussing cases or giving advice. Not having a quality way to chat with someone could mean the difference between getting more revenue and cases or losing out to the law office down the street.

In addition, lawyers often need to consult outside advisors for certain situations which means having multiple phone conferences in any given week. With a normal phone system, this quickly becomes a hassle, not to mention expensive.


One of the lowest margin businesses in the world is the insurance industry. There is a reason that they employ some of the smartest analysts in the world. They must reduce risk at every corner.

One of the riskiest things a company can do is be on the losing end of a world trend. In this case, that is VoIP technology. Insurance companies with better phone systems can answer more calls about quotes, close more business, and resolve cases faster and more accurately to prevent them from losing money in the long run. For instance, when a phone agent is done with a call their system can automatically connect them with the next caller to save time.

Vehicle Sales

Long gone are the days were car dealers could rely on enough foot traffic to keep them profitable without advertising, online media, and phone calls. However, in today’s world that has all changed.

Customers today expect a higher level of service. Instead of just getting an email about their service visit, they like that personal touch of a phone call. This also sets the dealer apart in an industry where the competition is getting greater every year and margins are continuing to only get smaller as time goes on.

Digital Agencies

Web agencies and marketers rely on all kinds of technology to offer value to clients. However, in order to actually sell this value to them and get appointments to close new clients, they need a quality phone system with high fidelity like VoIP. That way, they continue to engage in a professional manner.

When it comes to competing with other businesses in your field, the company that has the best strategy will win. When it comes to phones, there is no better solution than VoIP for the price. So don’t miss out on getting the best value for your money and serving your customers in a new and better way. Learn from the industries above and implement a plan that meets all of your needs.