Nextiva Office Pro VoIP Review: A Better Business Phone Option

Nextiva is a VoIP service that specializes in providing small or large enterprises with a variety of communications solutions. This provider is a top 10 business provider and has a total clientele of over 100,000 different businesses. Some of the services Nextiva offers include VoIP cloud phone systems, hosted call center, and PBX SIP trunks. Nextiva offers a number of business phone service options and call center plans. The only equipment required to use this service is a VoIP phone or VoIP adapter. No contracts are required with this provider, as they offer a month-to-month service.

Our Review of Nextiva

What is Nextiva?

Nextiva offers a number of different communications services for businesses, including VoIP phone services. There are three VoIP plans available with features like free number porting, unlimited calling, voicemail to email, and shared call appearance. A high-speed internet connection and a phone are required to use this service. Nextiva offers a variety of VoIP phones on their website, though they also allow their customers to use their own phones. This provider also offers multiple call center plans with features that include call queue visibility and one-click transfers. Some of the different features that businesses can expect to get with these services include voicemail to email, HD voice, push to talk, call parking, intercom, and much more.


Service Plans

As is the case with 8×8, Ringcentral and Vonage Business you will quickly discover that Nextiva has three different plan options to offer, so it is crucial that you take all the time necessary to look into them closely so you can find one that will match the specific needs of your business. None of these plans come with any setup fees, so that is one less thing you will have to worry about paying for.

The Office Pro plan that Nextiva offers is available for $19.95 per month. Some of the different features that you can expect to get with this basic plan include cloud PBX, free number porting, advanced call management, unlimited calling, free local number, free toll free number, voicemail to email, unlimited virtual faxing, shared call appearance, and HD music on hold. The voicemail-to-text service, which all of these plans offer, is always $2.95 per line regardless of the plan you choose.

The Office Pro Plus plan from Nextiva is $22.95 per month and also includes conference bridge and the Nextiva Mobile App as well as all of the other features that come with the basic Office Pro plan. The Office Enterprise plan costs $29.95 per month and includes a number of extra features that you will not get with the other two plans, including team presence, call recording, silent call barging, attendant console, and Nextiva toolbar.


There are a variety of features that come with all of Nextiva’s plans, including unlimited calling and faxing, unlimited long distance, 100% US-based customer support, multi-tiered auto attendants, call forwarding, waiting, ID, HD voice, push to talk, group paging, dial-by-name directory, intercom, voicemail-to-email, presence on multiple devices, shared line appearance, unlimited hunt groups, and call parking.

Call Center Plans

Nextiva allows you to upgrade your customer experience with their call center services, which are available in the form of two plans: Call Center Pro and Call Center Enterprise. The first of these two plans will provide you with many different features and services, including one-click transfers, call queue visibility, free auto attendant recording, and conference bridge. The Call Center Enterprise plan, however, will give you a lot more for your money.

The latter plan will provide you with additional features, including forced delivery of calls, night & holiday service, whisper messages, flexible disposition codes, flexible unavailable codes, silent monitoring, and much more. If you want to enhance the call center abilities of your business as much as possible, it is absolutely imperative that you look into what this provider has to offer before making a final decision of any kind. If you are not sure which plan you should choose, you can always call Nextiva’s toll-free number to speak with a business VoIP specialist in your area.

How much can I save with Nextiva?

Nextiva offers a number of different plans for business VoIP services, each of which are far less expensive than most of their competition. With a low rate of $19.95 for the Office Pro plan, anyone who makes the switch to this provider can expect to save up to $60 per month on their phone bill.

Service Features

Nextiva Drive

You will find that Nextiva Drive is a great option for accessing your business no matter where you are so you can sync on-the-go. This provider will store all of your files, documents, videos, and anything else in the cloud and you will be able to edit and save them on any device you want. This is essentially a cloud business backup service that will travel with you anywhere you go. Automatic backup guarantees that all of your documents will sync in real-time. When you pay for this service you will never have to worry about finding yourself without some critical business document.

If you are interested in taking advantage of everything that Nextiva Drive has to offer, it is important that you take the time to look at both of the options that are available for it, including Drive Pro and Drive Pro Plus.

Nextiva App

The Nextiva App is perfect for businesses that need to stay connected both in the office and on to the go. Some of the different features that you will get with the Nextiva VoIP App include instant messaging, Presence, enterprise directory, voice calling, video collaboration, chat rooms, call pulling, cloud sync, and call controls. When you have this app you will be able to take full advantage of all these features whether you are in the office or in another part of the country altogether.

Cloud PBX

This feature allows businesses to combine their voice, email, conferencing, and mobile capabilities in the cloud for ultimate convenience. You will be able to manage your phone system from anywhere without the need for an IT person.

Advanced Call Management

With this feature you can control all of your incoming and outgoing calls based on your own person preferences as well as work location from the Nextiva Online portal or the phone at your desk.

Shared Call Appearance

Assign your phone line to as many different phones as you want so you can make or receive calls from multiple locations.

Silent Call Barging

This feature allows managers to monitor phone calls between employees and customers as well as the ability to interject if necessary.

Attendant Console

Monitor real-time phone status of employees so you can see who is available, busy or away from their desk.

Voicemail to email

The voicemail to email feature will make it so you never miss a voicemail again. Your voicemails will be sent to you via email in the form of a .wav file so you can listen to them at your leisure.

Professionally recorded greeting

You can upload a custom message to greet your customers when they call. Additional records cost $25 each.

Conference Bridge

You will get 1 conference bridge per account that supports a call with up to 9 different participants.

Call Recording

Record your incoming and outgoing calls for reviewing and training purposes.

Free Number Porting

You can keep your current business phone numbers and transfer them to your new Nextiva account.

Nextiva Toolbar

Make or receive calls from your web browser or email client. This toolbar integrates with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.

Customer Service

Nextiva offers top quality support services for all of their customers, so you will be able to trust that all of your problems and concerns will be addressed and resolved in a timely and effective manner. This VoIP provider offers customer support Monday-Friday 5AM-5PM and Saturdays 9AM-1PM Mountain Time Zone. There is also the Customer Support Center, which you will be able to access by clicking the “Resources” button at the top of Nextiva’s website. This support center offers a wealth of information for customers, including how to create new users so that each phone can be linked to the system. There are also a number of other sections in the customer support center, including “PBX SIP Trunking”, “Connect”, vFax”, “App”, and Nextiva Drive.” If you ever find that you need to learn about something relating to the services offered by this provider, the customer support center very well might be able to help you get the information you are looking for.

Service Setup Process

The first step in getting Nextiva’s world class VoIP services for your business is to get a quote so you can find out how much the specific services you require will cost. Simply fill out the form on this provider’s website by typing in your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and company name and click the “Get Quote” button. You will also be able to call a Nextiva sales specialist by dialing the toll-free number on their website to speak with an actual person. This provider’s staff is very helpful when it comes to educating those who are interested in their services about everything they have to offer as well as making the transition of implementing their services in the workplace as smooth as possible. You can also choose to request a demo so you can get a much better idea as to everything that this provider has to offer your business when it comes to these communication services.

Call Quality

The overall service quality that Nextiva offers is very high as well as reliable. It is important to keep in mind that the quality of your calls will largely depend on the internet provider you have, however, as it is VoIP services. This provider does however have a dedicated system status page that will notify you of any live issues that may come about. There are over 150 different engineers that support Nextiva’s platform though, which means that any issues that do arise are usually resolved very quickly. This provider offers “failover redundancy”, which they state spans multiple data centers as well as ISPx for a guaranteed 99.999% uptime. Reliability and consistency are two very important things to look for in a VoIP provider, and this one can definitely make these claims with complete confidence and honesty.

What We like

There are lots of positive things that can be said about Nextiva, including its reputation. This award-winning VoIP provider offers businesses a variety of options when it comes to different plans with multiple features that can be extremely useful when it comes to improving overall productivity for unparalleled communications solutions. The pricing of each of this provider’s plans is very reasonable and competitive, so you won’t be able to do much better. There are quite a few features available with even the most basic plan, so you will really be able to get your money’s worth.

What We don’t like

Although there aren’t too many bad things that can be said about Nextiva, their customer support is not 24/7 and isn’t available on Sundays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged any setup fees?

There are no fees whatsoever involved in setting up your Nextiva service.

What are the internet requirements for using Nextiva VoIP services?

In order to take advantage of this provider’s VoIP services you must have a high-speed cable or DSL internet connection.

Will I be able to use my current phone number?
While most people are able to keep their current phone number, you will have to contact a representative to find out for sure.

Is special equipment required to use Nextiva’s VoIP Services?

You will need to have VoIP phones or a VoIP adapter for your regular phone. There are a number of different VoIP phones as well as adapter for sale on Nextiva’s website.

How well do Nextiva’s VoIP services really work?

Nextiva’s VoIP services are ideal for most businesses that need a practical, cost-effective communications system that allows mobile communication. These services are generally very reliable and the sound quality is excellent, though it does depend on the strength of the internet connection that is being used.

Final thoughts on Nextiva

While not all businesses have the same needs when it comes to communications solutions, Nextiva makes an honest effort to provide all of their customers with everything they need at a reasonable price, and as a whole they definitely succeed. Not many VoIP providers can accommodate the needs of every business, but Nextiva is definitely one of them. This particular company offers a wide range of features and services to provide each of their customers with reliable, affordable, and versatile communications solutions. If you are currently looking for a good VoIP provider, this one is definitely worth seriously considering.

With an amazing reputation for being incredibly reliable and honest among other things, this company is a great choice when it comes to VoIP services for business purposes. There are a lot of different VoIP providers for businesses to choose from, but very few of them are as devoted to the satisfaction of their customers as Nextiva. You will get access to many different features and services with this provider that you simply will not with most others. If you need VoIP services to so you can get the necessary communications solutions for your business, this company is an excellent overall option.