Ab Rocket Twister Reviews: Twist Your Ab Muscles Into Submission!

How often have you secretly wished for nothing more than tight abs? Do you look at models inside of magazines and secretly experienced deep envy? Are you avoiding fun days at the beach or the pool, simply because you’re ashamed of your belly? Or, have you recently lost a lot of weight, and now you have sagging skin to contend with? Any of these reasons and others are reasons why the Ab Rocket Twister is the right targeted exercise machine for your needs.

Ab Rocket Twister Review

Product Overview

Like so many others, you probably want to experience looking at washboard, six-pack abs when you look into the mirror. You want to look like those athletic models you often see inside of magazines. You want to be able to sport the cool pair of jeans that the beautiful people wear.

If it’s summer, then you want to confidently sport that bikini or those swimming trunks. Wouldn’t you love to wear a sleeveless tank or a tank top without feeling foolish? When you start using a machine that deeply trains your ab muscles, then all of your wishes will become a reality.

However, you might shy away at laying on the floor to seemingly perform a bunch of back breaking, neck-hurting sit ups. That’s where the Ab Rocket Twister comes into play. It allows you to focus on developing your abs without enduring the painful strain that makes you avoid ab training altogether!


The purpose of the Ab Rocket Twister is to allow you to finally realize your dreams–rock solid abs that have been carved and developed at the deep tissue level.

The reason why sit-ups often can’t allow you to enjoy a six-pack is because they’re performed incorrectly. It’s easy to perform them incorrectly if they’re causing you pain!

Not only this, performing sit-ups only targets the larger ab muscles underneath the surface of the body. Sure, you’ll notice a difference from consistently performing sit-ups, but it’s impossible for you to hit those deep-tissue muscles from all angles…unless you’re using a machine that’s designed to twist your torso and challenge your abdominal core to the extreme.

This is why those fitness models and Hollywood celebrities look like a dream come true. They work with the best machinery and the best trainers in order to achieve their physical goals. However, chances are very good that you don’t have the budget of a model or a Hollywood celebrity to pay a trainer to whip you into shape.

Now, thanks to the Ab Rocket Twister, you won’t need to spend a fraction of the money that models or celebrities spend!


The size of the Ab Rocket Twister is a couple of feet in width, and it’s elongated to fit your back and your seat. The great thing is that it’s compact enough for you to fold and fit underneath your bed, or inside of a nook of your closet.

You won’t be able to take the machine on any trips that require you to fly, but you could pack it up inside of your car or van if you have the space. In any case, you’ll easily be able to store it inside of your home. You won’t have to worry about it taking up valuable floor space inside one of your rooms (or turning into a clothing rack)!

How To Use

The machine comes with instructions, but basically, you’ll start by sitting down on the seat and leaning into the back rollers. You’ll first adjust the resistance of the seat and the rollers to your needs. Then, you’ll rock into a guided recline that’s designed to challenge the deep-tissue abs that you’re trying to develop.

Additional Supplies Needed

The machine comes with a training DVD that’s designed to help you to get the most (proper) use out of the machine. However, once you’ve mastered using the machine, then you’re free to use it with any DVD or musical soundtrack of your choice (if you choose to do so).

Who Needs Ab Rocket Twister

The Ab Rocket Twister machine is exactly what you’ve been looking for if:

  • You dread lying on the floor to perform sit-ups that barely work
  • Stomach crunches always wind up hurting your back
  • You’ve experienced a sore neck after performing sit-ups or crunches
  • You’re too busy to include another abdominal routine in your schedule
  • You struggle with finding time to work your abs before or after work
  • You need a tool that will motivate you to focus on toning your body
  • You’re ready to eat healthy and exercise the rest of your body

How Is This Product Different From Other Ab Machines

Other ab machines might target various parts of your abs, but this is a machine that’s designed to not only offer deep tissue ab work, it’s also designed to protect your neck and your back from pain. This will encourage you to work on your abs more frequently, and correctly.

How Much Does the Ab Rocket Twister Cost?

The price for the Ab Rocket Twist varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!