Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer Review

Do you or a loved one use a CPAP machine at night for sleep apnea? Using it every night can result in the tubes and mask getting dirty and clogged. Have you thought about how you should go about cleaning the tubes and mask in the easiest manner? You could take the equipment apart and clean each piece individually; however, there is now a better solution to sanitize your CPAP device with a product known as the Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner!

Our Review of the Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Below, you will learn more details about what the CleanZone CPAP Cleaning Device is and how it can help keep your CPAP machine clean and sanitized. Keep reading to learn about the main features, pros and cons, and other things you should consider before purchasing.

A good night’s rest is crucial for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Proper sleep contributes to many factors in our lives, and adults should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.

Some people need to use what’s called a CPAP machine, a standard treatment for sleep apnea. While this aids the user’s sleep, it does have to be used every night. A CPAP machine has a mask and nose piece that delivers constant air pressure and allows more oxygen. Since you breathe into it every night, the tubes and mask can get dirty and clogged. Here is a new way to keep your CPAP machine clean.

Main Features

The CleanZone CPAP cleaning device is a small device that sanitizes your CPAP machine for you! You don’t need to take everything apart and clean it by hand anymore. Simply place the piece into the sanitation bag, turn the unit on, and use activated oxygen to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. After just 30 minutes, your machine is sanitized, and you don’t have to worry about germs in your device.

Charging the unit is simple – plug it in, and when the power button changes from red to green, you are all set. It doesn’t take long for it to become charged; you won’t run out of battery during the cleaning cycle. It is vital to make sure your battery is fully charged for the cleaning cycle.

Once 30 minutes is up, you need to leave your unit in the sanitation bag for an additional hour to make sure all the ozone has dissipated.

Pros of the CleanZone CPA Cleaning Device

  • This CPAP machine cleaner is small! It only weighs 0.5 lbs and measures 4.5’x2.5’x2. It will fit in the palm of your hand. Its size makes this unit ideal for traveling, and it also comes with its travel case, which you can also put your hoses in as well.
  • There are no complicated buttons or confusing instructions. It is a one-button system and uses a regular mini USB to USB cord (a universal cable for many phones and devices in most households) because it is also rechargeable. It is a sleek design and is maintenance-free – no cleaning filters or worrying about clogs.

Cons of the CleanZone CPAP Cleaning Device

  • Unfortunately, you cannot put this in your checked baggage if you are flying due to the lithium-ion battery. Instead, it has to be carried in a carry on bag and taken on the plane with you. This notion means it takes up space and can be annoying to carry with you.
  • Also, when using this unit, it is not advised to have the battery turn off during sanitation, which can be easily forgotten. It also advertises that it only takes 30 minutes to clean. However, the unit needs to sit in the bag for an additional hour, so your cleaning time is 1.5 hours. It is recommended to clean your machine every night, so you need to remember to do this before your bedtime for your CPAP device to be ready when you go to bed.
  • Complaints about the ozone smell once the cleaning cycle has finished are frequent among customers. It does say in the instructions not to open the bag after the 30 minutes complete.
  • Other complaints include a chlorine smell in the unit, and customers have just opted to hand clean their machine after all.
  • This CPAP cleaning machine also does not come with the charging cord or block. It’s easy to assume that people will have this cord and a USB block, however, it would have been nice if the unit came with its own charger. If your devices are all using the same cord, then you need to wait to charge other devices.

Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner Commercial


How Much Does It Cost? 

As of now the CPAP CleanZone device is available for only $99.99 + 8.95 for shipping & handling. There are also offers on the official website where you can buy their CPAP cleaning wipes for an additional $10. Major retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond or Walgreens may advertise the product for cheaper.

Where Can I Purchase The CleanZone? 

This device available through the official website with a special free gift and 60 day money back guarantee. You can also buy this unit with the free gift and money back guarantee at other major retail locations across the country such as Bed Bath & Beyond or Walgreens.

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

Shipping can vary from locations, but usually your purchase ships within 48 hours, and can take 30 days for you to receive. There are also options for expedited shipping. Other retailers may ship faster and have quicker options. Purchasing one in a retail store front would be the quickest access to the CPAP cleaning machine.

What Is The Return Policy?

From the manufacturer, there is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus shipping and handling). Please contact customer service for return authorization information. Please include your complete name, home address, daytime telephone number, and email inside the package when returning your item.

How Can I Contact Customer Service? 

You can reach the company by mail, phone, or email. You can mail your letter to the following address:

The Clean Zone Top Dog Direct
2607 Interplex Drive, Trevose, PA 19052

Another option is to call customer service by phone at 1-800-340-3418 Monday – Friday from 9 am – 4 pm EST.

For customer service inquiries, please email any questions, comments, or concerns to

How Often Should I Clean My CPAP Machine? 

You should clean your CPAP breathing device every day, including the hose and mask. The humidifier and chamber should be cleaned weekly.

Are All CPAP Devices Compatible With The Clean Zone? 

Yes, it comes with two different tube attachments, meaning it is compatible with all brands. It also works with both heated and non-heated tubing.

What Is Ozone, and Is It Safe? 

The sanitizing agent of the machine is ozone; it is also known as “activated oxygen,” or trioxygen because it is comprised of three oxygen atoms. Once the ozone touches the air, the atoms quickly dissipate.

A Bit of Extra Advice


The Clean Zone CPAP cleaning device is an excellent option if you are sick of cleaning your machine by hand. It is a quick process, and you can “set it and forget it.” Make sure when using this device, it is fully charged so that you don’t run into any issues during the cleaning cycle. Also, as long as the bag is kept closed for an additional hour, there were no complaints of odor.


CleanZone CPAP Cleaner is a fantastic option for those who have sleep apnea and have to clean their device often!

It is affordable and small, which is excellent for traveling. The CleanZone device gives consumers peace of mind knowing that their machine is free from any bacteria. This device is rechargeable, so there are no worries about replacing batteries often.

You can sleep easy knowing your CPAP machine is clean.