ShamWow Mask Review: Zinc Facemask

If you’re interested in using an As Seen On TV antimicrobial facemask to minimize your risk of infection, the ShamWow mask is an option worth considering. It has been made with antibacterial zinc and fabric that isn’t woven to prevent particles from penetrating.

Our Review of the ShamWow Zinc Mask

Below, you can learn more details about how the ShamWow masks can keep you protected, as well as some of the downsides to make the best decision on whether it’s the right mask for you.

How Does the Sham Wow Mask Filter Work?

One of the main elements that make the ShamWow mask effective at preventing particles from penetrating the fabric is that it has been made with zinc fibers. These zinc fibers contain antimicrobial properties that provide you with a chemical layer of protection.

In addition to this, the materials used to create the mask are non-woven. As a result, there are fewer gaps available to block more particles from getting inside the mask.

Main Features 

People who have tried out the mask have mentioned that it feels comfortable to wear. This is a big factor to consider for those of you who are planning to be outdoors and wearing a mask for long periods.

The cotton materials used for the lining improves the breathability so that you can feel comfortable to breathe while outdoors. Furthermore, the cotton lining is soft to prevent your skin from being irritated.

We also liked how the straps have been made with elastic materials. This design means that you can have an easy time putting the mask on and taking it off. You’re also able to feel more comfortable due to the elasticity of the straps as it can fit faces of different shapes and sizes.

You may also be glad to hear that the Sham wow masks are machine washable. So, you can put it straight into the washing machine after wearing it to get plenty or reusability out of it.

What Makes the ShamWow Masks Stand Out?

Many of the masks that are now being sold are made with just cotton materials that don’t provide you with the same level of protection compared to the non-open fabrics with these.

The zinc fibers that have been implemented provide you with an additional layer of chemical protection to help to make you feel safer while you’re out and about. Furthermore, the shape of the mask keeps your mouth, nose, and chin completely sealed to minimize your chances of infection.

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ShamWow Masks Pros

  • Scientific studies have been carried out to prove that the antimicrobial zinc fibers reduce your chances of infection. This is a big upside that provides users with more confidence to feel more protected while wearing the ShamWow face mask.
  • The comfortability factor is something that users have been appreciating due to the cotton lining and elastic straps. It’s easy to breathe through and comfortable to wear for hours.
  • You can have an easy time washing this mask by simply throwing it into the washing machine. We were pleased to discover that the mask doesn’t lose its shape after being put into the washing machine.
  • Sham Wow masks are made with German materials that are manufactured in the U.S. which is a benefit for providing more people with jobs. It also means that people can support a local business while keeping themselves protected from infection.

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ShamWow Masks Cons

There are some downsides to the Sham Wow mask that you should be aware of before making a final choice.

For one, the mask hasn’t been CDC verified as medical grade despite being compared to masks that have been medically graded.

Therefore, medical workers would want to stick with the masks that have been verified by the CDC. However, other members of the public can feel safe wearing the mask due to how it has features that are scientifically proven to reduce your chances of infection.

Although the elastic straps help to make the mask feel more comfortable, there’s only one size available. This is a downside compared to many other facemasks on the market as you can often find them in various sizes. Since these masks are available online, it can be difficult to tell the size and make an accurate judgment of whether it will fit you well.

Another feature that some users aren’t fans of is the design of the mask. It’s available in one color that’s bright yellow and comes with the branding of ShamWow across the front. Therefore, people looking for a lowkey mask may not be too happy with this design.

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Shawwow Mask Commercial

Are There Any Special Offers?

The special offers to buy from the ShamWow website are subject to change at any time, but they currently have an offer where you can get two for the price of one. All you have to do is fill out the form with your address and payment details and you’ll have the masks shipped out for free (if you’re in the U.S.).

You may have to pay tax or shipping fees for non-domestic orders.

How Much Does The ShamWow Zinc Mask Cost?

The ShamWow mask with zinc costs $29.99 when purchasing it from their website. They also have an offer where you can buy one mask for $29.99 and get another one delivered for free.

People in the U.S. can receive their mask with free delivery. Order to AK, HI & PR will have to pay $9.95 to have the masks delivered. Sales tax will be charged for order to Florida and California.

Where Can I Buy A ShamWow Mask?

The official ShamWow mask filter can be found online from the company’s website at or There are plenty of other alternative options available from places online that can be available at a cheaper price too.

Conclusion on the ShamWow Zinc Masks

While the color, branding, and limited buying options are valid downsides, many users have been able to overlook these elements due to how well the mask can protect you.

The non-woven materials and zinc fibers provide you with chemical protection and more physical protection from particles penetrating. You can also wear the mask and feel comfortable due to the elastic straps, while also being able to breathe easier with the interior cotton lining.

Before you make a purchase, be sure to carefully consider all of the details mentioned throughout our post. Think about whether you’d benefit from the protective features and how big of an impact the downsides could have on how you plan to wear the mask.

Hopefully, you’re now feeling more confident about what the ShamWow face mask has to offer!