Clean Zone Mask Review: Non-Medical Facemasks

The Clean Zone face masks are non medical and come with three layers that can keep you protected while you’re out in public. If you wanted to feel more protected from germs while in public, you may want to consider the other protective features that these masks have to offer.

Clean Zone Mask Review

Our review includes the main features of the Clean Zone masks, along with their pros, cons, pricing, and where you can purchase them.

How Does the Clean Zone Mask Work?

The CleanZone masks work with a triple layer design that work effectively to filter dust, pollen, germs, and fluids. Therefore, people have been wearing them during the pandemic to safeguard themselves against germs in public.

These masks cover your entire face including your chin up to over your nose. This provides you with the proper protection while you’re outside. In addition to this, the ear loops that are included have been made with a universal fit design.

Therefore, people with different sized heads can feel comfortable wearing these masks. They’ve also very lightweight which makes them feel like less of a hassle to wear for long periods outside.

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Main Features


The nose piece included with these masks are adjustable which makes them feel comfortable to wear. This nose piece design is coupled with flexible straps that allow you to wear the mask in a way that suits your head.

These masks are available in just one size, but these adjustable features mean that most adults can wear the mask comfortably. When it comes to using these masks for children, they may run a little large for most as the nose piece can cover their eyes.


One of the issues that people have been experiencing while wearing masks is that it can give off an odor over time. This has caused people to choose non medical masks that come with a scented feature.

However, you can easily get sick of this scent and end up wanting to take the mask off. The CleanZone masks include an odorless feature within the fabrics that prevent unpleasant odors from accumulating. So, you can wear the mask for hours without any smell.

Color Design

A light blue color has been used to design these face masks that make them look like the medical grade masks that are available. This is an easy indicator for people around you that you’re wearing the mask for protection purposes so that they won’t associate you ith criminal activity.

Comfortable Materials

Users have been liking how these face masks are made with soft fabric that feels gentle on the skin. It’s also lightweight which ensures that you can wear the mask all day while you’re out and feel comfortable.

In addition to this, there’s a small space between the material of the mask and your face. As a result, you can be sure to minimize any skin irritation.

10 Masks In a Pack

When you purchase Clean Zone masks, you get 10 of them in a pack. So, you can wear one mask a day and know that the pack will last you for 10 days. You can also share the masks that are unused amongst your household.

Being able to purchase these masks in packs of 10 ensures that you won’t be running out any time soon and that you can have spare unused masks for others too.

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What Makes the CleanZone Mask Stand Out?

The triple layer filtration design available with these masks means that you can keep yourself protected from dust and germs while you’re in public. In addition to the triple layer feature, the masks have adjustable elements.

Being able to adjust the nose piece and put the mask on using the flexible straps makes it more comfortable to wear. There’s also a small space between the fabric of the mask and your face which enhances the comfort factor even further.

This design means you can breathe easier and wear the mask longer without feeling uncomfortable. People who wear glasses can wear these masks and not have to deal with their glasses fogging up.

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  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Flexible straps
  • Triple layer design
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Free from odors
  • Protects against germs, viruses & allergies


One of the flaws that people have mentioned about Clean Zone face masks is that they’re not reusable. There are other face masks available that can be worn repeatedly in between washes.

However, once you’re worn one of these, it’s recommended to throw it out and wear a new one the day after. So, when you buy a pack of 10, you should be aware that it will only last you 10 days before you need to purchase a new pack.

Simply washing the mask and wearing it again isn’t recommended as it could render the fabrics ineffective over time.

Another downside to these masks involves the way that you store them. You must ensure that the masks aren’t kept in high temperatures for too long. In addition to this, you also want to make sure that the masks don’t get wet.

If they’ve been kept in high temperature settings or have become wet, you’ll need to dispose of them and use a new batch. So, you’ll have to be careful and be sure to keep these masks stored in a cool dry place at room temperature.

In addition to this, these are non medical masks. This means that they’ll provide minimal protection when it comes to dealing with dangerous chemicals or for situations where you’re in a medical place.

Where Can I Buy the Clean Zone Mask?

The Clean Zone mask is available from their website where you can find exclusive deals. You can also look on online to find these masks or alternatives as there are many available that have similar features.

When buying the face masks from the official website, you have the following options:

  • 10 pack for $29.99
  • 30 pack for $59.99
  • 50 pack for $74.99
  • 100 pack for $100

These packs of masks are shipped from the U.S. for free. You can also contact the company if you’re looking to place a bulk order of 1,000 or more masks. To enquire about bulk orders, you can email

Conclusion on the Clean Zone Mask 

Despite the fact that these masks have a light blue design to resemble medical masks, they are non medical masks. Therefore, they should only be used for personal use while you’re out in public.

Hopefully, you can use the information found throughout our review to help you make the best decision about whether these masks have what you’re looking for to keep yourself protected.