Appethyl Reviews: The Spinach Powder That Powerfully Kills Your Cravings

How many times have you tried to embark upon a new weight-loss program, only to find that you sabotage your eating habits, time and again.

It’s not that you don’t want to stick to a healthy-eating plan. It’s that you’re constantly experiencing hunger pangs, especially after you work out. You might have experienced not feeling satiated after eating healthy foods. Worse, you might have experienced that you feel full only after eating something greasy, sweet, crunchy, or fatty.

The key to losing weight isn’t starvation-it’s in controlling those unhealthy hunger pangs. That’s why a spinach-extract powder like Appethyl can help.

Appethyl Review


The purpose of using Appethyl is to assist you on your weight-loss journey. Specifically, it will assist you in losing weight, because it will reduce your appetite cravings, especially your cravings for unhealthy food, snacks, and beverages.


You’ll receive a 30-day supply if you pay for the full package. The 7-day trial includes 7 packets/5 grams each.

How To Use

You’ll follow the instruction and mix one packet in with a glass of water, or any non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. You’ll drink the mixture before your meals. If you follow instructions, then you should experience a reduction of appetite.

Note: Always consult your doctor when you’re starting a new diet or supplementation program. Tell your doctor that you’re considering taking the supplement, and find out if the ingredients in Appethyl will interfere with any medications you’re currently taking. 

If you’re due to receive any medications or medical treatments in the future, then tell your doctor (or dentists) that you’re currently using Appethyl.

Additional Supplies Needed

The instructions say that you should mix the product with water. So, in essence, all you’ll need to do is run some tap water into a drinking container, or buy yourself some bottled water (or a water bottle) if you plan on taking packets of the product on the go with you.

Having said this, you can mix the product into a wide variety of fruit smoothies. So, if you’d like to drink the product in this way, then you’ll want to stock up on fresh or frozen fruit. Most people report that the taste of spinach is so light, the taste of the fruit you’ll use for your smoothie will power through. Although your smoothie will look green, you’ll still enjoy all of the wonderful flavors of your smoothies after you add the powder into your drink.

Best of all, the powder mixed in with all of that fiber-filled fruit will help you to stay satiated, longer.

Who Needs Appethyl?

This product is the right dietary product for you if:

  • You’re tired of being controlled by your hunger pangs
  • You want to eat healthy, but your cravings get in the way
  • You’re tired of rebelling on your plan to lose weight
  • You want to experience a quick and easy way to reduce hunger pangs between meals
  • You’d exercise more, if only it didn’t make you experience more hunger
  • You want to use a product that’s free from artificial chemicals
  • You want to use an easy-to-drink, portable product that you can take on the go
  • You appreciate using an all-natural, spinach-based product to help you to control cravings
  • You’re ready to include healthy-eating habits and exercise into your weight-loss plan
  • How Is This Product Different Fresh Spinach Or Other Spinach Powders

How Is This Product Different From Other Green Spinach Powders? 

Appethyl has been processed in a way that releases a chemical called thylalkoloid. This is a naturally-occurring chemical that helps to block your body’s signal for hunger. When your body stops registering the need for more food, you’ll stop eating more food.

This is especially important to keep in mind if you’re trying to avoid cravings in between meals.

While you still might experience the need for light snacks in between meals, you won’t experience those ravenous urges. And, you might find that you won’t experience the need for mindless snacking-this is the type of snacking that allows those excess calories to stick to your body. You’ll also find yourself gaining weight despite your best attempts to keep the fat off, especially as your body ages.

You’ll need to do your part to fully engage in weight loss-you’ll need to exercise and eat healthy foods. But, you won’t need to deny yourself of eating, and you won’t need to suffer from hunger pangs that often cause others to sabotage their weight-loss habits. You can mix this with water or your favorite smoothie, and start experiencing a vast reduction of hunger pangs, now.

How Much Does Appethyl Cost?

The price for this varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!