Balloon Bonanza Reviews: Reusable Water Balloon Fun

There’s two things that your kids want to experience during their summer break:

Lots of water, and good, clean fun!

Sure, you’ll probably keep them busy with a handful of summer vacation trips, and outings. But, what will your kids do when the vacations are over?

How will you keep your kids entertained if you can’t afford a family vacation this year?

And, what if your kids are having birthday parties over the summer?

You’ll want to keep your kids happy and occupied right? But, how do you accomplish this in the electronic device era, where good-old-fashioned activities like riding a bike or playing ball games might seem boring and passe to your kids?

You can dig into your bag of tricks and keep them entertained with a game that never becomes old, and combines your kid’s love of water along with their need to blow off steam.

Balloon Bonanza Review

You can let them play with water balloons

Water balloons are one of the least expensive toys that you can buy for your kids. All you’ll need to do is buy a big package of balloons, inflate them with water, tie them up, then let your kids have at it! It sounds simple, if only you didn’t have to bother with inflating enough balloons to keep your kids (and all of their friends) occupied for moments on end.

Plus, the thought of tying all of those balloons might make your fingers start to burn and cramp!

You’re in luck: There’s a way that you can inflate 40 balloons at time with water, not have to deal with sore fingers, and allow all of your kids (and their friends) to have fun for as long as possible

You can buy the Balloon Bonanza water balloon system!

Product Overview

Balloon Bonanza is a 21st century improvement on the 1950s invention of the water balloon. Back then, a scientist accidentally figured out how to market water grenades to children, renaming them water balloons. Like a grenade, the idea was to throw the water-inflated bubble of rubber at other children, while watching it explode. Upon explosion, the water balloon releases a spray of water all over the target.

Generations of kids have enjoyed the mischievous fun of throwing water balloons, but the fun is usually limited to the number of balloons that can be inflated within any one period of time.

The time that it takes to find a balloon, hold it under a sink to fill it with water, carefully tie the balloon, hold the balloon in a way so it won’t burst, then attack the target often breaks up the momentum of fun and excitement. It’s not fun for the kids to hit a water balloon target if the target has a chance to rest, or run away while the attacker is preparing their next water balloon!

That’s where Balloon Bonanza comes in. It’s an all-in-one water balloon inflation system that allows you or your older kids to inflate up to 40 balloons at a time. And, best of all, the balloons are equipped with a water-seal technology that allows them to seal without any need to use your fingers!


The purpose of the Balloon Bonanza system is to allow for a large volume of water balloons to be inflated at once, safely and efficiently. This prevents sore fingers and knuckles due to tying the balloons. And, because multiple balloons can be tied at once, this will keep the kids and all of their friends busy for quite some time.

Not only is this great to keep in mind on slow, boring summer days, this is great to keep in mind as you’re trying to plan outdoor entertainment for your children’s summertime backyard parties.


The Balloon Bonanza water balloon device is about 9-12 inches long, in total. It’s comprised of a nozzle that you attach to the edge of your garden hose, 40 hollow straws, and 40 latex balloons with a seal attached around the neck of the balloon.

How To Use

After taking the Balloon Bonanza out of the package, simple attach the nozzle to the end of your water hose. Then, turn on your water faucet to allow water to flow at a low to medium level of pressure. Then, watch the balloon inflate with water.

When the balloon have inflated with enough water to allow the attached bands to create a seal, the water balloons will fall off of the straws. In order to keep the now-inflated water balloon intact, you should allow them to fall off into a pail or bucket filled with water. If you allow the water balloon to fall directly on the ground, they’ll burst, and your kids won’t be able to play with them!

Additional Supplies Needed

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to buy a wide pail, bucket, or plastic container. No matter what you use to catch the balloons after they fall off of the straws, make sure that your container is filled with water. This allows the inflated water balloons to have a cushion as they fall off of the straw. Then, all your kids have to do is pick up the balloons, and start having fun attacking their friends!

Who Needs Balloon Bonanza?

Balloon Bonanza will be you and your children’s new summertime best friend if:

  • You’re looking for a cheap way to keep your kids entertained
  • You want your kids to enjoy low-tech fun for a change
  • Your kids are bored to death, and they want to play outside
  • You need to think of ways to keep your kids and their friends entertained during outdoor birthday parties
  • Your kids want to play with water, but you can’t take them to a pool, or to the beach
  • You want your kids to burn off excess energy

How Is This Product Different From Other Water Balloon Products?

Let’s face it: Balloons are nothing new, and playing with water balloons probably goes back to when your parents (or your grandparents) were young. But, the biggest issue with water balloons is that preparing them is thought to be a pain in the…fingers!

Now, you can buy loads of water balloons and fill them up within two minutes, or less. If you can fill a container with water, and if you have a garden hose, then you have what you need to keep your kids entertained and wet for a long while.

How Much Does Balloon Bonanza Cost?

The price for the Balloon Bonanza varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!