Bright Time Buddies Reviews: Your Child’s Best Friend

Does your child beg you to keep the lights on at night? Are they too scared to get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night? Do they run to your bed, terrified of storms, nightmares, or the “invisible man” hiding in the shadows? If so, then buying them a safe, soft, comforting glow toy like Bright Time Buddies is the thing for you to do!

Bright Time Buddies Review


The overall purpose of the toy is to provide soft light to your kids without your need to keep a ceiling light on at night. This immediately allows you to save money on your energy bill while also providing your child with a feeling of safety, and comfort.

Unlike traditional night lights, you won’t have to plug it into the wall in order to allow your child to start experiencing its immediate benefits. As soon as you click it on, you can rest it on your child’s night table, or you can allow you child to cuddle next to its soft skin. The soft, colorful, comforting glow will put your child right to sleep.

And, when your child needs to get up in the middle of the night for their midnight restroom visit, then they can easily carry their buddy with them to provide light in those long, dark hallways. All of this provides your child safety and comfort while providing you a lower energy bill every month!


Each of these is small enough for small children to clasp in the palm of their hand. This allows for the toy’s portability. This also allows the toy to fit in your child’s backpack, for those moments when they travel overnight, or spend the night at a friend or a relative’s house.

At the same time, the toy is large enough so you won’t have to worry about infants and young toddlers putting the toy into their mouth.

How To Use

It’s super-easy to turn these on. Simply flip a switch located in the back of the toy, and the light comes on. When you click it once, the light comes on and switches between blue, yellow, and green colors. When you switch it a second time, your child can keep the light glowing in the color of their choice.

Additional Supplies Needed

You’ll need to buy batteries for the toy, but the instructions will let you know what type of batteries to purchase.

Who Needs This Toy?

This is the toy that will become your child’s new best friend if:

  • Your child is scared of the dark
  • Your child is too scared to get up to use the restroom and wets the bed
  • Your child is frightened by thunderstorms or strong wind
  • Your child would love the idea of carrying their friendly light toy in dark spaces
  • You appreciate your child being able to carry the toy while you’re traveling by car at night.
  • You know of friends or family members who have children who need night lights
  • You’d like to wean your children from running to your bedroom at night
  • You want to provide your kids with a sense of security at night so they’ll enjoy a full night’s sleep

How Is This Product Different From Traditional Night Lights? 

Traditionally, parents have the option of going to the local big box store (or the local hardware store) to purchase a plain-looking night light. It does the job of providing light for kids who are scared of the dark, or for kids who need to make a midnight run to the restroom.

However, a traditional nightlight doesn’t begin to compare to a Bright Time Buddies lighting system.

For starters, a nightlight isn’t portable. It only provides light as long as it’s plugged into a light socket. These guys are portable, and this means that your kids can take it anywhere they need to go. If they’d like to have a nightlight right by their side on their nightstand, then they can rest the buddy on the table.

If they need something to provide light on their way to the bathroom (or on their way to your bedroom), then they can carry their buddy with them.

Speaking of kids coming to your room in the middle of the night, most of the time, this takes place because your kids are scared. They often become frightened of the dark, of thunderstorms, or they wake up from nightmares.

If they were able to pick up their Bright Time toy, squeeze it, and turn on the light, then they could have a front-line source of comfort that might prevent them from bursting into your room (and into your bed) in the middle of the night!

You’ll sleep better, and enjoy your privacy while your child learns important life skills, like learning how to encourage and comfort themselves.

How Much Do the Bright Time Buddies Cost?

The price for this product varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!