Car Valet Reviews: Protect Your Car’s Interior And Your Sanity

Splosh! That’s the sound of your expensive cup of gourmet coffee splashing all over the interior of your car.

“Ick!” That’s the noise you’ll make when you find that calcified french fry in between your seat and your transmission shift panel.

Wouldn’t you love to find a cup holder with deep, multiple pockets that actually prevents food, toys, coins, and other objects from getting lost inside the crevices of your vehicle?

This isn’t a driver’s fantasy-it’s real, and it’s called the Car Valet.

Car Valet Review

Product Overview

The Car Valet is a product that responds to some of the most common problems that drivers experience when they want to carry small portable objects, or when they’d like to enjoy a hot (or cold) beverage while driving.

First, most drivers want to quench their thirst while driving, but they really don’t want to watch their beverages spill all over the floor of their vehicles! This is what happens when they carry more than two beverages, and their vehicles are only equipped to carry two drinks. In this case, the driver will attempt to transport the extra beverages on the seat of their vehicles, either in a flimsy cardboard holder, or against the backrest of the seat.

Using these methods both render the same results-empty cups, and a pool of beverage all over the bottom of the vehicle!


The overall purpose of this product is to save your sanity! You won’t have to worry about spilling your beverages because you didn’t have enough beverage holders to use, and you had to drive around with those flimsy cardboard beverage holders on your seat.

This also means that you won’t have to waste time, energy, and money on getting the interior of your vehicle cleaned after a beverage spill. But, in addition, you won’t have to dig around for your phone, your coins, or other small electronic objects that you might drive around with.

Do you need to grab a notepad and pen? Simply reach down into your valet holder, and it’s right there, literally at your fingertips!


There aren’t any dimensions listed about the product, but the product is designed to hold two portable coffee cups. There’s also a compartment in the middle that allows for the containing of cell phones, notepads, pens, or other small electronic accessories.

How To Use

Simply follow the included instructions, which will tell you exactly how to insert the product inside your vehicle. That’s it! Start enjoying the ability to hold more beverages inside your vehicle more securely, along with the ability to carry your change, your phone, notepads, pens, and other important objects, all while saving the interior of your vehicle.

Additional Supplies Needed

There are no additional supplies that you’ll need in order to use this. Although it will come packaged with instructions, you’ll basically insert it between your seat and your existing cup holders (and the transmission clutch column).

However, when you order this, you’ll also receive as an added bonus the Easy View XT. This is a sun visor that’s designed to add an extra layer of sun protection on top of your existing sun visor. Simply clip the Easy View XT to the bottom of your sun visor, and the visor’s green sun-blocking lens will protect your eyes from glare while you’re driving.

Who Needs Car Valet? 

This product is the practical cup and portable object holding-solution if:

  • You’re tired of spilling coffee you don’t have enough cup holders
  • You don’t want to stretch your arms for your beverage any further than you need to
  • You don’t want your kids reaching too far out of their seats to reach their beverage
  • You’d love a place to rest your phone right next to you
  • You’d love to reach down by your side to pick up your coins
  • You’d like easy access to all of the knick-knacks you carry in the car with you
  • You have a big family, and you need more than two cup holders
  • You like driving around with your friends, and you need lots of beverage-holding space

How Is This Product Different Other Cup Holders? 

The Car Valet look deceptively like any other type of cup holder, and indeed, it’s designed to hold your beverages. However, it does a lot more, and it’s designed differently from the others.

First, it’s designed to fit in the crevice between your car’s manufactured cup holders and your vehicle’s seats. This allows you and your passengers the ability to grab your beverages with as little stretching of your arms as possible.

As you can guess, when you’re steering your vehicle, or even when you’re riding as a passenger during those moments when you experience sharp turns, you need to be able to grab your drink and put it back in the holder as close to you as possible.

And, since the holder is designed to fit in that bothersome crevice where things often get lost, you won’t have to worry about objects becoming part of your car’s interior. Everyone has experienced the lost french fry from months before, or the coins you could have used last week, but were lost in that crevice of no return.

Now, you can easily put that carton of fries in the holder- it’s designed with holes that are wide enough to hold large cups, portable water bottles, and yes, portable food containers. You can also slip your coins inside the compartments for easy access-you won’t have to dig for change the next time you reach a toll booth, or a parking meter.

And, you won’t have to worry about digging for your phone, either. Simply slide it inside the phone holder compartment, and you’ll be able to easily and safely handle your phone when the need arises.

How Much Does the Car Valet Cost?

The price for this varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!