Clip N Store Reviews: Hoard More Seasonings, Emancipate Your Shelves

Where do you keep your spices? Are the crammed in your cabinets? Are they sliding across your pantry shelves? Are they hiding in corners of these areas?

Or, have you re-purposed the shelves of your refrigerator, turning them into spice racks?

If so, then know that there’s a way to free your shelves and your sanity! The Clip N Save storage system is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and here’s why.

Clip N Store Review

Product Overview

Are you tired of hunting down your favorite spice and seasoning bottles, especially after a long day of work when you just want to get dinner fixed, and on the table?

Are your bottles constantly falling all over your counters and your floors because you’re trying to jam them all inside limited cabinet shelf space? Do you want to make better use of the shelves in your cabinetry or your pantry, but you’ve gone insane in the past trying to use complicated shelving systems?

If so, then the Clip N Save system is absolutely right for you. You might even enjoy this storage system so much, you’ll start to find yourself spending more time in the kitchen than ever before. Why not? You’ll love being able to grab bottles of just the right type of spices and seasonings for all of your favorite recipes.


The purpose of the Clip N Save system is to allow you to start clearing out the shelves of your cabinetry, allowing you to store your spices and your seasonings in an upright, neat, eye-level, easy-to-identify manner. You’ll find that you’ll actually be able to store more of your favorite seasonings and enjoy more cabinetry space.

Is there a new spice or seasoning at the grocery store that you’d love to try? Now you can, because you’ll have plenty of room to store all of your new purchases.


The clips are only a couple of inches high. They are designed to be slender, compact, and functional. You don’t need a storage system space taking up more room than your bottles already take up! The purpose of this system is to help you to store your bottles in a neat, efficient, orderly manner.

How To Use

The Clip N Save store system application couldn’t be more simple: Just peel off its adhesive backing, and stick it inside of your cabinet doors, your pantry doors, or anywhere you see fit for storage. Follow the included instructions to learn how to easily assemble the clipping system.

Also, the instructions will tell you not to touch the sticky backing after the adhesive strip is removed. Be sure to press the backing against the surface you’re attaching it to for up to 10 seconds-this makes sure that the sticky backing adheres well. And, make sure that surface that you’re going to attach the sticky backing to is completely clean and dry.

Additional Supplies Needed

Essentially, there aren’t any additional supplies that you’ll need to have on hand to start using the system, but it’s recommended that you take advantage of purchasing the bonus set of 20 clips. This will allow you to clip and store as many varieties of seasoning or spice as possible.

And, once you realize how versatile the system is, the inside of your cupboards and pantry might turn into extra storage space for all of those dishes, glasses, and kitchen toys you’ve always wanted to purchase, if only you had to space to store these.

Who Needs Clip N Save? 

Clip N Save is the spice and seasoning storage system you’ve been hoping for if:

  • You hate digging through all of those bottles in your cupboard
  • You’ve bumped the top of your head looking for mysterious bottles in the depths of your cupboard
  • There’s always a bottle of seasoning or spice that goes stale because it gets lost in the depths of your cupboard
  • You’re annoyed with complicated cabinet storage systems
  • You like keeping your bottles neat and orderly
  • You want to find your bottles fast and in a hurry, especially during busy weekday evenings

How Is This Product Different Other Spice And Seasoning Storage Systems? 

The greatest difference between Clip N Save and other spice and seasoning storage systems is in it’s adhesive backing design. In order to use it, you’ll need to peel off its adhesive backing and attach it to the inside of your cabinets. This allows you to save untold amounts of shelf space, unlike other storage systems that rely upon the use of shelving.

For example, if you use a Lazy Susan or a cubby-hole storage system, then you’ll have to place these directly upon your shelves. If you install a cabinet corner storage system, then you’ll lose 90 degree of your interior cabinet space in any direction. And, all of these systems are cumbersome to install and use. You’ll have to go digging and searching for all of your favorite spices and seasonings-many of them won’t be in your direct line of vision.

On the other hand, the Clip N Save system allows you to easily select what you need. As soon as you open your cabinet doors, everything you’ll need it right in front of you, without the need to go digging in the dark. More importantly, your shelf space will be free to store other items.

And, if all of these weren’t enough, then get this–you can even attach a few clips to the sides of any item in your kitchen that the adhesive will stick to, such as the side of a solid-wood baker’s rack, the side of a bread basket, or even, the side of a refrigerator.

You’ll realize more storage options for your money, and the system is extremely easy to install and use, immediately.

How Much Does Clip N Store Cost?

The price for the Clip N Store varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!