CloudPets Reviews: The Heavenly Way To Receive Warm Greetings

Saying goodbye is hard enough for adults, but it’s heartbreaking and devastating for children! Sometimes, the child would like to say “hello” to their favorite loved one, anytime they wish.

Now they can, thanks to their new best friend: The plush furry gang from CloudPets!

Cloud Pets Reviews

Product Overview

There are times when we all miss our children, and our children miss us. And, if you’re like many parents, then you’ve experienced the harsh wailing of your little children screaming because you need to leave them behind. No matter if you’re simply walking into the next room, or whether you’re traveling thousands of miles away on business, your kids won’t understand why you’re leaving them.

Worse, they might believe that you’re never coming back! They feel scared, vulnerable, and exposed. In cases like these, an old stand-by like a stuffed animal friend can offer them a sense of security, allowing them to hug it and feel better…at least until you’re back to give them a hug and a kiss?

But, sometimes, you’re not able to come back to your kids in sufficient enough time to offer hugs and kisses. Now, you don’t have to!

You can buy the special child in your life a stuffed animal that allows them to experience the same plush, warm, comforting feeling, but with a twist. The toy has the ability to transmit your voice to them, and as a bonus, the child can transmit their voice to you! It’s all possible thanks to cloud technology and your smartphone device.


The purpose of CloudPets is to create a warm, welcome, inviting way for loved ones to keep in touch with their children, or grandchildren. Of course, aunts, uncles, godparents and other can keep in touch with their favorite children as well.

Kids want to be able to use all of the cool techie gadgets they see around them, yet parents often want their kids to maintain their youthfulness, offering them non-techie toys instead. The CloudPets system joins both worlds together, allowing kids an upgrade to the stuffed animal that might start to feel boring after a while.

In fact, because the toy allows for real human communication in real time, it’s almost impossible for any kid to become bored with this toy!


The plush toy is designed to be used by small children ages 3 and older. The toy is large enough for them to embrace with both arms, but is small enough for children to carry around from room to room.

It’s the size of a typical small/medium-sized stuffed animal currently on the market.

How To Use

The CloudPets plush toy comes with instructions, but after the toy has been power charged to start receiving messages, and after all of the apps have been downloaded on the respective smartphones, then the person sending the message can speak into their phone (or the plush animal).

If the message is being sent to the animal, then the message will be recorded by phone. The phone will send the message through the cloud to the recipient’s phone. After the phone alerts the recipient that the message has been received, a button will appear, prompting for the message to be sent to the plush animal.

After the prompt has been followed, the recipient’s phone will send the message to the animal. The child will press a button after the animal’s alert light brightens, and then they can hear their special message. If the child wants to send a message, then the reverse scenario applies.

They’ll record a message in the animal’s speakers, the animal will transfer the message to a phone, and so forth, until the recipient receives their message on their phone, or other applicable device.

Additional Supplies Needed

CloudPets is designed to work with a smartphone and a cloud app. This means that you’ll need to already own a smart phone, or you’ll need to purchase one. In addition, the recipient of the message must also own or have access to a smart phone.

Note that certain devices such as tablets are compatible with the CloudPets system. Consult the site to learn more about compatible devices.

The app that ‘s needed to upload and download your messages are free with the purchase of the plush toy package. You’ll also need to purchase 3 AA batteries, since they aren’t included.

Who Needs Cloud Pets

CloudPets is the perfect gift if:

  • You’re a parent who’s constantly running errands
  • You’re a grandparent who wants to reach out to your younger grandchildren
  • You work late, and you want to let the little ones know you’re thinking of them
  • You want to surprise your young children with a voice message
  • You’re on a business trip, and your kids miss you
  • You’re deployed overseas, and you want your kids to remember you
  • You’re busy in another room, and you want your toddlers to know that they’re still on your mind
  • You like the idea of buying your kids an electronic plush toy
  • How Is This Product Different (tailor this to product)

How Much Do the Cloud Pets Cost?

The price for the Cloud Pets varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!