Easy Stride Reviews: Align Your Lower Body & Your Lifestyle

Are you feeling like life sucks because you’re not able to do the things you used to, such as walking, or participating in sports?

Are you tired of experiencing nagging lower-body pain in your feet, legs, joints, muscles, and your lower-back, too?

Would you rather hang out on the couch or lay on your bed, although you know that these are bad for your health?

Are you finding yourself missing out on life with your friend and family? Or, worse, do you find that you can’t apply for certain job positions because your life is controlled by pain?

There’s an orthotic insert that can help you to restore your independence, range of movement, and your former lifestyle. You can purchase the Easy Stride orthotic insert system in order to help your body to properly balance your weight.

In short, you’ll enjoy its shock-absorbing properties while being able to balance your body weight, properly.

Easy Stride Review

Product Overview

The Easy Stride system is an orthotic insert system that allows you to alleviate your lower body pain symptoms while you walk, run, or perform tasks at work. The sharp pains you might have experienced all over your lower body should resolve themselves after you properly insert the orthodics.

The problem is, typical shoe inserts aren’t made to support the feet over long periods of time–this is especially true in the case of overweight shoe wearers. Due to all of the years of shock, weight, wear and tear on your feet, you’ll start to experience symptoms such as lower back pain, nerve pain, and aches that radiant all over your lower body.

You could also experience the misalignment of your spine in due time!

When your body is out of wack and becomes misaligned, you could develop serious health conditions such as sciatica. This develops from pinching in the lower back area. Many people spend untold amounts of money on pain killers and devices to help them to alleviate this sort of pain, and others.


The manufactures state that the the product

– Aligns back and shoulders
– Relieves lower back pain
– Balances hips for easier movement
– Reduces stress on knee joints
– Cradles feet for improved stability

These distribute your weight evenly across your foot to help prevent collapsing, pressure points, stress and rubbing.


These come in small, medium, and large size points for both men, and women. Please consult the site for exact sizing charts, but the sizing ranges from 6-11.5 for men, and 7-12.5 for women.

How To Use

Using the inserts is a simple as selecting the right size for your shoes, then inserting them. In addition to using the basic insert, you can purchase the EVA full length sole insert to use with the sole insert, if you don’t mind paying an extra fee.

Additional Supplies Needed

The only thing you’ll need to purchase is additional sole inserts for all of the shoes you’d like to experience protection in. You might purchase a pair for your walking shoes, a pair for your work shoes, and a pair for your dress shoes, for example.

You might also want to take advantage of the soft, full length EVA sole offer–this will help you to experience an extra layer of comfort and shock protection.

Who Needs Easy Stride Inserts?

These inserts are perfect for you to purchase for the following reasons:

  • You experience sharp pains when you walk
  • You notice aches down your lower back
  • Your ankles become too sore from walking or standing for long period of time
  • You work in an industry that requires you to stand or walk for extended periods of time
  • You’ve stopped a fitness program due to pain
  • You stay at home because you’re controlled by lower-body pain
  • You want to take vacations, but the pain produced by walking stops you in your tracks
  • You’d love to walk your dogs, but you’re not able to walk or run
  • You need to improve your cardiovascular health

How Is This Product Different From Other Shoe Inserts?

There are plenty of shoe inserts out there that you could choose from. All of these are advertised as an appliance that allows a cushion for the soles of your feet. However, many of these are cheap, and they are cheaply designed. After you wear these a few times, they flatten, and any benefit they were supposed to serve is diminished.

And, most common shoe inserts don’t protect you against serious lower body pain issues. You won’t experience the type of pain protection you’ll need in your legs, your feet, ankles, hips, and your lower back.

You might be a person who would love to engage in more physical activity, but the thought of enduring the pain is too much to ask of you! However, if you could find a shoe insert that helped to comfort your body, hold you upright, and keep the pain at bay, then you might change many of your lifestyle habits.

Not only are the Easy Stride orthotic inserts great for those who want to become more mobile, they are also great those who work long, hard hours on their feet.

These include nurses, medical staff, hospitality staff, kitchen crews, fireman, police, and everyone else who earns their living on their feet.

So, whether your goal is to protect yourself at home, at work, or anytime during the day, you’ll have a way of doing so that works far beyond what a typical shoe insert can offer.

How Much Does Easy Stride Cost?

The price for these Orthotics vary from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!