Eggstractor Reviews: An Excellent, Efficient Egg-Eating Tool

Egg salads. Egg sandwiches. Deviled Eggs. Easter Eggs. These are the edible standards that have taken us through many events, through the years.

However, we all have memories of having to peel those Easter eggs, or helping our parents in the kitchen while they peeled eggs.

That wasn’t a fun task, was it? Thank goodness that there’s a product on the market that allows you to simply and easily enjoy that hard boiled egg taste that you love, in half the time, and with far less effort.

The Eggstractor uses a bit of ingenuity and a lot of air to allow you to use your hands for picking up more delicious boiled eggs!

Eggstractor Review

Product Overview

There’s times when a chopped or crumbled hard boiled egg is the perfect topping for your salads, or any of your dishes. There are many sandwich recipes that call for sliced or chopped boiled eggs. All of this might sound delicious, but the task of peeling boiled eggs might seem completely yucky and unappealing.

If you’re the type of person who avoids boiled eggs because you hate peeling them, then the Eggstractor is the device you’ve been waiting for.


The purpose of the Eggstractor simple: It allows you to quickly and efficiently enjoy hard boiled eggs. More to the point, it allows you to save your fingers from the icky task of peeling away egg shell shards. This is one of the least favorite tasks that most home cooks will agree on.

Many would love to enjoy a variety of boiled egg recipes, but the task of peeling eggs is even worse than peeling potatoes! So many miss would love to simply enjoy a fresh hard boiled egg, topped with salt and pepper. But, they’re turned off by that hard to sweep away shell!

This is a device that keeps all of these concerns in mind, providing a solution.


7 x 7 x 10 inches. It’s compact enough to fit on your kitchen counter.

How To Use

Your Eggstractor device will come with instructions, but in general, you’ll boil and set your eggs to their optimal peeling temperature. Then, you’ll tap the top of the egg on your kitchen counter, or another hard surface. Then, you’ll insert the egg in the device, press the top of the device down over the egg, then the peeled egg will fall through the opening of the device.

Be certain to have a bowl or a curved dish set up under the device so that you can catch the peeled eggs.

Additional Supplies Needed

All you’ll need to start enjoying your hard boiled eggs is a pot, and a bowl to soak your eggs in. You can put your eggs in the fridge, but the manufacture recommends running the boiled eggs in cool water, then soaking them in a bath of ice water for a little while.

After the eggs have soaked in an ice bath, then they’ll immediately be ready to peel. In fact, the manufacture says that the ice bath creates the perfect texture for the eggs to be used in the Eggstractor device.

Who Needs Eggstractor? 

Eggstractor is a gift from the kitchen gods for you if:

  • You’re tired of getting chunks of egg white under your nails
  • You don’t want to leave specks of dried nail polish on your egg after trying to remove the shell
  • You hate catching a sliver of egg shell in your mouth from improper shell peeling
  • You hate cleaning those shards of shell after a long egg-peeling session
  • You’d love to whip up a hard boiled egg dish, but the thought of peeling them makes you ditch the idea
  • You need to peel and serve hard boiled eggs in a hurry
  • Your kids want to enjoy their hard boiled Easter eggs, safely
  • You’d like to enjoy a fast, protein-rich, cost-efficient snack

How Is This Product Different From Other Hard Boiled Egg Peeling Systems?

The fact is, the Eggstractor device is one of a kind. There really aren’t any other egg peelers currently on the market. In the past, you could peel an egg in one of the following ways

  • Tap a spoon or fork against the shell
  • Tap the boiled egg on a hard surface, such as a kitchen counter
  • Gently crack the egg with your fingers, then peel off the shell

Tapping the egg with an eating utensil will create cracks, but they’ll also cause little shards of the shell to fly all over the place. And, you’ll still need to use your fingers to wipe away the shell-and you’d better hope that the edges of the shell don’t poke your fingers!

The same is true for tapping the boiled egg on the counter, or cracking the shell with the pressure of your fingers. All of these will eventually lead you to your egg, but you’ll be left with a mess that you’ll need to sweep away. And, sometimes you’ll have to dig into the white of the egg in order to make sure that those fine shards of shell are fully removed.

All of this has proven over the years to be a pain to deal with. Cooks deal with this because they feel that they have no choice, but now they do, and so do you!

You can use the Eggstractor to simply and easily get what you need-the rich taste of the hard boiled egg. The egg is removed with one fell swoop, and you won’t have to deal with shards of shell poking your fingers. You also won’t have to deal with chunks of egg white getting stuck on underneath your nails.

And, even if you’re chopping the egg, who wants to eat an egg that looks like it’s been picked and hacked to death!

How Much Does the Eggstractor Cost?

The price for the Glow Candles varies from time to time so we suggest you check onlinefor the current pricing!