Flex Belt Reviews: Crunch-Quality Toning Without The Time Crunch

You probably dream of tight abs, but you’d probably consider investing hours of your personal time crunching and bending your way to a tight stomach to be a nightmare!

The Flex Belt takes away your concerns by allowing you to achieve the look of stomach crunches without the time crunch that’s usually involved!

Felt Belt Review

Product Overview

Everyone wants the feeling of experiencing washboard abs. Men want to maintain or regain their athletic youthful frame, and women want to wear sexy jeans, bikinis, and crop tops without worrying about rolls of flab. All of this is possible, but it usually requires hours of abdominal training.

Most people don’t have the time or the energy to train their bodies, but they are willing to wear a FDA-cleared electronic device that contracts the muscles, allowing for the same results as working with a personal trainer.


The purpose of the Flex Belt is to allow the user to realize tighter, firmer abdominal muscles. Specifically, this is for the person who want to realize the type of washboard muscles that their favorite celebrities attain through years of physical training.

The average person doesn’t have the time or money to work with a celebrity-level fitness trainer. They have to work, take care of their families, and tend to daily responsibilities. This is the product that’s designed to make their lives easier.


The standard Flex Belt is designed to fit most waist sizes up to 43 inches. The product comes with a belt extension for those with waist sizes 44 inches, or above.

How To Use the Flex Belt?

The instructions will guide you through the application process of the belt, and the gel pads. You’ll also receive instructions regarding the different levels you should  use the product at.

Note: As with any type of medical/exercise/training product, please consult your physician first, especially if you have been diagnosed in the past or presently with:

  • Blood clots
  • Circulation issues
  • Fibroids
  • Hernias
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Edema
  • Cancer
  • A recent C-Section related to delivering a child
  • Recent surgery, especially around the chest or abdominal region

Additional Supplies Needed

The only additional supplies that you should purchase in order to enjoy full use of The Flex Belt are additional gel pads. While the belt comes with a starter set of gel pads that act as conductors for the currents, the pads are only good for about 20-30 uses.

This is what the website recommends regarding the gel pads, and additional purchases:

“The Gel Pads are medical-grade devices with a unique coating that adheres to your skin and helps conduct the impulses to your muscles safely and effectively. Their large size ensures the comfort of your training session. The success of your toning session relies on the quality of your Gel Pads. The pads last about 30 sessions, after which, will need to be replaced to ensure maximum results.

With proper care, the medical-grade Gel Pads are effective for approximately 20-30 sessions. When you are ordering your Flex Belt® today, you may order more Gel Pads to be sent with your order or choose one of our convenient continuity packages. We highly recommend this so that you don’t miss a day of toning while waiting for new Gel Pads to arrive.

When ordering your Flex Belt® today, you may order additional Gel Pads. We highly recommend this as you won’t miss a day of toning while waiting for new Gel Pads to arrive. We recommend adding an additional 2-3 sets to your order.”

Who Needs The Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt is the product for you if:

  • You dread lying on the floor to perform crunches
  • Stomach crunches always wind up hurting your back
  • You’re too busy to include another abdominal routine in your schedule
  • You struggle with finding time to work your abs before or after work
  • You need a tool that will motivate you to focus on toning your body
  • You’re ready to eat healthy and exercise the rest of your body
  • You’re a multi-tasker, and you like the idea of working on your abs while performing other tasks

How Is This Product Different From Other Abdominal Machines? 

There’s a plethra of ab machines on the market, and each one promises you that you’ll soon achieve the type of ab definition that’s usually reserved for body builders, models, and actors. What makes The Flex Belt different is in its technology and design.

Specifically, it works by sending electronic frequency to your abs in order to make them contract. So, instead of performing ab crunches and exercises of all sorts in order to create contraction on the muscles, the machine’s electro-currents perform all of the work for you.

In layman’s terms, the machine sends signals through your skin that will cause your abdominal muscles to contract. The contraction not only firm up your muscles, they also target very specified areas of your muscles.

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about performing floor work , or any other type of work that requires you to stop what you’re doing. You can wear the belt around the house, or while you’re at the office.

Again, the machine’s electronic currents do all of the work for you-this is the same type of technology that’s used in medical centers to simulate the sensation of muscle contractions during childbirth, but on a much gentler scale.

And, according to the website, the technology has been “Cleared by the FDA.”

How Much Does the Felt Belt Cost?

The price for the Flex Belt varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!