Glow Candles Reviews: Your Safe Solution For Enjoying Vanilla Candles

The fear of starting a candle fire might have prevented you from enjoying the soothing, aromatic glow of burning a candle in your home. But now, you can safely enjoy candles again when you buy a set of

Glow Candles Review

Product Overview

Glow Candles combines the soothing light properties of traditional candles with safe, cost-efficient LED technology. Not only will you save money after buying the product, you’ll also create a safe way to enjoy candle-lighting around your home.


The purpose of the product is to offer buyers a way to enjoy the soft glow of burning a candle…without actually burning a candle!

The secret of how these candles burn is in their LED light bulb technology. While the outside looks and feels like a tradition candle, the inside of the candle vastly differs from the type of candle you buy at the craft store.

Instead of the product being filled with a wax-dipped wick, the product is filled with remote-controlled electronic components. The electronic wiring is attached to a LED light bulb, and the bulb is powered by remote-controlled signals.

The process of using the candle might sound complicated, but it’s actually very simple-you simply hit the power button on the remote control that’s included in the packaging, and you can start enjoying the soft glow and the rich vanilla scent that’s being generated by the heat of the LED bulb.

Because the candle doesn’t depend upon fire ignition, you can use these in just about any space you can think of. They can be used both indoors, and outdoors, during any time of year. And, best of all, there are safety features that are manufactured into the design of the candle’s electronic components. The wiring is controlled by a remote panel that includes timer buttons. You can set the timer to turn off the bulb after 4 hours, or after 8 hours.

This means that you can take a nap and not worry about the candle burning indefinitely while you sleep. Or you can keep the candle lit for extended periods of time, which is great for those times when you have a house full of guest over to visit, particularly during holiday season.

If all of this weren’t enough, then imagine being able to enjoy the rich, sweet scent of vanilla as you light your candle? The heat from the bulb releases the aroma of vanilla oil that’s pre-infused in the candle’s wax.


The candles are votives that are small, medium, and large. Their diameter comes to about (roughly) both of your hands cupped together in a circle.

How To Use

The candles combine the simplicity of candlelight with modern electronic technology. You simply place the candles where you’d like them to glow, such as a nightstand, a bookshelves, a coffee table, or even outdoors!

Then, you’ll set the included remote control’s timer-you can set the timer to turn off the LED bulb after 4 or 8 hours. Then, press the “on” button, and that’s it! You can leave the bulb glowing a soft white color, or you can use the remote to change the soft glow of the bulb into 11 other different color options.

Some people like the soft glow of the white light against candle wax, but some love having fun with their candle’s bulb. You can change the color to fit your mood, the color scheme of the room, or you can change the color to coordinate with any holiday’s colors.

Experiment and try glowing your candle in all of the colors that can be programmed using the included remote control panel!

Additional Supplies Needed

If you’d like to add a decorative look to your candles to match the design scheme of certain rooms, then you can purchase Glow Candle adhesive decorative wraps. These are special adhesives that are sold by the company that are specially tailored to wrap around the candles, adding a certain panache to the candles when they are being displayed in certain spaces.

Who Needs Glow Candles?

This is an excellent product to use in your home or gift to others if:

  • You live in a small apartment community with rules against burning candles
  • You live in a college dorm, and you don’t want to generate the smell of burning candle wick smoke
  • You want to enjoy the scent of a candle, but you don’t keep matches or lighters around the house
  • You don’t your little ones to get burned after touching your candles
  • You or someone you love tend to fall asleep while candles are burning
  • You’re concerned about airborne carbons generated from burning candle wicks
  • You’re currently on oxygen therapy and you can’t light matches in your home
  • You want to change the color of the candle’s glow
  • You’re looking for a safe, cost-effective gift to give to family or friends

How Is This Product Different From Traditional Candles?

The secret to how this product is different from other candle products on the market is how the glow of the candle is generated. Traditional candles require for a fire to be ignited. You’d use a match or a lighter of some sort to set the candle’s wick on fire. After the wick is set on fire, it’s slowly consumed as it melts the surrounding wax.

On the other hand, Glow Candles are lit using LED technology. In short, the light is generated with electricity. There’s no need to set a wick on fire. This feature in of itself helps to keep you and everyone inside your home safe. You won’t have to worry about the candle setting a fire by being knocked over or burning down the base.

How much do the Glow Candles Cost?

The price for this varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!