Grab Bag Reviews: Finally, A Money-Saving Reusable Bag Solution

Shopping bags are a necessary evil. You need them to carry your groceries and dry goods, but they can often be a notorious pain to deal with. They’re literally a pain to carry in your hands, they burst, and they’re only good for one use.

And, although there are reusable shopping bags on the market, they often carry their own limitations, and they’re often not cost-efficient. These are all reasons why the Grab Bag was produced as a smart reusable shopping bag solution.

Grab Bag Review

Product Overview

Grab Bags were designed for the shopper who is tired of the issues that come with using plastic bags, and they’re also useful for shoppers who live in cities where plastic shopping bags are banned. They allow shoppers to efficiently carry their purchases, and the bags can also be used for other carrying purposes, such as transporting prepared dishes.

Many people use the bags to transport laundry to the laundromat-it’s sturdy enough to handle the job.


The purpose of the Grab Bag is simple. It’s designed to allow you the ability to carry your groceries in a manner that protects your purchases from the store, to your pantry. But, more than this, the bag is produced with features that are designed to address all of the most common complaints about shopping bags.

First, most people find that if they can make it out of the store with their bags intact, they still have to worry about transporting flimsy bags filled with groceries inside their home. And, it’s very common for people to find that their groceries or other purchases have spilled out all over their car.

You know that if you’ve purchased something like produce, then this can be a very frustrating experience.

Also, you’ll love how often you can use the bags without having to replace them. If you’re able to wipe the bags down with a damp soapy cloth, then you can keep reusing the same bags for as long as you wish. And, because they expand to hold up to three times the capacity of a regular shopping bag, you’ll find that you won’t need to carry or cart as many bags to or from the store.


Each bag is manufactured to hold up to 40 lbs. The bag is the height of a medium-sized shopping bag, but it’s depth and width adjusting capabilities are what make this bag unique.

How To Use

Using the Grab Bag is easy. Simply open its folding top flaps, and place your items inside of the bag. If you’d like to use the bag while shopping, then attach the side flaps around any shopping cart. When you’re ready to leave the store, then unfasten the side flaps from your shopping cart, then fasten the top of your bag shut.

Additional Supplies Needed

In addition to buying the set of two Grab Bags, you’ll probably find it useful to also purchase the Grab Bag insulated bag. The insulated bag does an excellent job of keeping your frozen and cold groceries cold, and your hot dishes warm.

This is something you should consider even if you’re transporting your food in a vehicle-you might need to make multiple stops on the way home, and you wouldn’t want for your cold groceries to spoil, especially during the summer months.

And, even if you’re simply transporting a cold or warm dish, you know that some recipes need to maintain a certain temperature in order to taste delicious and edible. A well-manufactured insulated bag will help you to maintain the temperature of your food.

Of course, an insulated bag will also help protect the temperature of your cold canned and bottle beverages, too.

Who Needs The Grab Bag?

This is the type of reusable shopping bag you’ll need if:

  • You’re tired of frequently spending money on cheap, reusable bags
  • You find cheap bags to be flimsy
  • You’re tired of plastic bag handles cutting into your hands and arms when you carry them
  • You’d love to be able to drop your groceries in an expandable bag as you shop
  • You want to use a sturdy bag that you can fold and transport in your purse or car seat pockets
  • Your retail or grocery store doesn’t sell insulated, expandable, reusable shopping bags
  • You’ve ever watched in horror as your groceries fell out of the bottom of your bag
  • You hate it when your groceries spill out of your shopping bags while you’re driving
  • You dread carrying heavy plastic bags up stairways, fearing that they’ll break

How Is This Product Different From Other Reusable Shopping Bags?

As you’ve shopped at various retailers and grocery stores, you’ve probably noticed that reusable shopping bags are becoming more readily available at the cashier’s counter. And, many of the reusable bags you’ll see are priced cheaply.

So, what makes Grab Bags different from the other reusable bags you might have encountered? Plenty!

First, the cheap reusable bags aren’t constructed to go the distance. You’ll probably find yourself buying more over a short period of time, especially after you try to wash them. And, they aren’t constructed to offer you the room expansion that a Grab Bag does.

And, it’s a fact that typical reusable sacks aren’t designed to clip the edge of your shopping cart like Grab Bag does.

This is a product that’s thought of all of your needs. It’s designed not to break, and it will last for extended period of time. Not only this, but it’s sturdy enough to carry all of your heaviest groceries, laundry, and laundry supplies, too.

You’ll find that you’ll not only save money on the purchase of shopping bags, you’ll also save money on the quantity of bags you’ll need to purchase, because the Grab Bag is designed to offer you as much space as possible-this allows you to enjoy an efficient shopping experience.

The bags are also mold and mildew resistant.

How Much Does The Grab Bag Cost?

The price for the Grab Bag set varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!