Hydro Mousse Reviews: Affordable Grass Restoration For Your Property

Are you getting sick and tired of looking at those unsightly patches where grass refuses to grow anymore? Your property might have developed the patches due to a few conditions:

– People walking through your lawn have created an irreversible path
– Dogs have dug holes or have answered nature’s call on certain patches of your law
– The sun has scorched holes throughout your lawn
– The roots of your lawn’s grass have died due to natural causes or chemical exposure

No matter why your lawn has developed unsightly patches, you can easily and affordably restore the look of rich, lush grass on your property when you purchase Hydro Mousse.

Hydro Mousse Product Overview

Hydro Mousse is a product that’s designed to spray grass seeds on your lawn in a manner that allows for even application of grass seed, and the conditioning of your lawn’s top-soil. The product is designed to be an at-home version of hydro-seeding. The technology was developed in the mid 20th century by sod farmers as a time-efficient way to cultivate grass.

There are advantages to using hydro-seeding technology:

– Birds won’t pick and eat at the seeds
– It adheres to soil without being washed away by rain or floods
– It conditions the soil, allowing for grass roots to take hold
– It takes away the need to till soil

Hydro-seeding technology is still being used by farmers and landscapers, but most homeowners don’t want to pay a landscaper’s fees for restoring a few patches of grass on their residential property. Homeowners also don’t want to spend time outdoors tilling soil or running a grass seeder around their lawn.

They’d rather use a system that allows them to apply the seed on their property in an easy, quick, efficient, and effective manner. Hydro Mousse addresses all of the concerns that homeowners have about their DYI grass restoration projects.


The purpose of the product is clear-it allows homeowner like you to easily apply the mousse over the areas of your lawn where you’d like to achieve grass restoration, and growth. The product also allows you to increase the volume of grass in areas that are starting to thin out.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to achieve the lush look of thick, full grass that all homeowners (and potential home buyers) long for.


The basic Hydro Mousse kit comes in a bottle that’s designed to be attached to your home’s garden hose nozzle. The powdered seed concentrate weighs .5 lbs, and it comes with a 2oz bottle of the magic seed blend. It also comes with a specially designed nozzle that’s designed to fit with standard garden hoses. You can buy additional refill kits for an extra fee.

How To Use

You’ll receive instructions on how to mix the mousse together with the powdered grass seeds. Once you’ve blended the formulas together inside of your spray bottle, you’ll twist the spray nozzle on top of the bottle, and then you’ll attach the nozzle and the bottle to your garden hose. After this, you’ll turn on your water supply, aim your nozzle, and spray the product on the areas of your lawn that you’d like to treat.

The product is designed not to wash away when it rains. However, you should follow any instructions pertaining to allowing children or pets to play on any treated areas of your lawn.

Additional Supplies Needed

When you purchase the basic kit, you won’t require to purchase any additional products beyond what is delivered to you. If you already have a garden hose on hand, then you’re ready to mix the product and start spraying those sparse, patchy, ugly areas of your lawn that you’d like to restore.

Who Needs Hydro Mousse?

The Hydro Mousse kit is for you if:

– You want to avoid hiring an expensive landscaper
– You desperately want to restore the lush look of your lawn, but you’re on a tight budget
– You want to increase the value of your residential property
– You want to create curb-appeal for anyone who might be interested in buying your home

– You want to use a simple, uncomplicated process for applying and growing grass seed

– You’re looking for a way to condition your lawn’s soil

– You’re tired of spending hours tilling your lawn’s soil

– You’re frustrated with losing grass seeds due to hungry birds, or bad weather

– You want to promote an upscale commercial property brand by improving the look of the property
– You’re ready to change the look of your lawn, immediately

Growing or re-growing lush, fresh grass can be as simple as attaching this hydro-seeding kit to your own garden hose. There’s no guess-work or breaking a sweat to worry about. If you can read instructions and if your can press the trigger on a nozzle, then you can start taking steps to grow fresh grass on your lawn.

How Is Hydro Mousse Different From Other Grass Seeding Products?

This hydro-seeding kit is different from other grass seeding kits because it’s extremely easy to use. All you need to do is attach your bottle of mixed product to your garden hose, aim, and spray. It’s also different because it conditions your soil, preventing you from having to buy more tools or expend unnecessary energy.

It doesn’t get any easier than pointing your garden hose and spraying the product. What’s more, you’ll use the same technology that farmers across the country have been using for around 60 years.

Hydro Mousse Pricing

The price for the basic Hydro Mousse kit cost only varies from time to time and you check online for up to date pricing.

Where To Buy Hydro Mousse

You can find Hydro Mousse on the official manufacturer website or other various online retailers. Just do a Google search and you’ll find it easily.