Magic Mesh Reviews: Keep Annoying Bugs Out, Let Fresh Air In

Old-fashioned screen doors allowed homeowners to enjoy fresh air, but the slamming of the doors was bothersome to deal with. Some homeowners try to make their own screen systems, but they involve the use of their hands to open and snap shut the fasteners.

You might not find using your hands to close your screen cover to be convenient. Fortunately, there’s a screen that allows you to enjoy fresh out without all of the annoying things that come with traditional screen door systems: Magic Mesh.

Magic Mesh Review

Product Overview

You want to be able to enjoy fresh air, as much as possible, what you can’t live with are those annoying insects that make their way into your home if you were to leave the door open.

During the summer months, the kids will be out of school, hanging out at home, and they’ll soon become bored. They’ll look for any excuse to come in and out of your house, especially if you have a pool in your backyard.

And, everyone will treat your back doorway like a revolving door when you’re hosting an outdoor picnic, barbecue, or other types of social gatherings.

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a screen door that protects you from insects while you’re at home, while you’re on vacation, and while you’re on the road, camping in your RV? The Magic Screen allows you all of these, and more.


The purpose of the this screen system is to allow home owners (or even apartment dwellers) like you to enjoy fresh outdoor air without feeling imprisoned by flying insects, especially the type of flying insects that are common during the summer months.

Not only do flies and mosquitoes love to set up shop inside your home (especially inside your kitchen), but other insects like to make an appearance, like grasshoppers, crickets, and sometimes, lizards and geckos!

Since the only non-human you want inside your home are your domestic pets, then you’ll need to purchase a product that’s effective at keeping unwanted intruders out, while allowing fresh air to come indoors!



The dimensions are 36”x 83”

How To Use Magic Mesh?

All you’ll need to do is remove the mesh, the magnets, and the Velcro strips from the box. Follow the included instructions which will show you how to mount the Velcro strips around your doorway. Then, attach the mesh around your doorway, and assemble the magnets correctly.

When you’re done, and if you’ve followed the instructions correctly, then you’re all set to open your door and start allowing fresh air in through your new screen!

Additional Supplies Needed

The beauty of this is that there are no additional supplies needed. Everything that you’ll need to install the product and start enjoying fresh outdoor breezes has been included in the package.

Just read the instructions, and you can start enjoying fresh air without enduring nasty flies and mosquitoes flying around your home!

Who Needs Magic Mesh?

You’ll love this product if:

  • You want to enjoy outdoor breezes without the irritation of flying insects inside your home
  • You want to move indoors and outdoors without the need to snap your mesh closed and shut
  • You want your pets to go outside freely without any help from you
  • You want to save money on your energy bill by allowing outdoor air to cool your home
  • You don’t want to be bothered with tools in order to install your screen
  • You want to be able to easily remove the screen and pack it when the weather cools off
  • You want to use mesh on your back doors, sliding doors, your camper, or your RV door
  • You love the idea of a portable mesh that you can take with you on vacations of all sorts

How Is This Product Different From Other Door Mesh Products?

It’s common for many homeowners to travel down to their local hardware store, buy mesh, Velcro, and create their own screen “door”. This method works to keep out the insects, but it also creates a hassle for the homeowner.

First, the do-it-yourself method doesn’t allow for a hands-free experience. When you purchase Magic Mesh, part of what you’re buying is the ability to travel through your doorways without the need to refasten the screen-the magnets do all of the work for you!

The magnets are designed to seek each other out-they’re manufactured to be up to 30% stronger than typical magnets. This means that as you move away from the doorway, and as the screen closes, the powerful magnets will seek each other out and snap shut. This is especially helpful when your hands are occupied.

For example, imagine carrying out food and drinks to the backyard, or bring them indoors. You won’t be able to close the screen mesh with your hands, and this will allow all sorts of insects indoors. Or, imagine that you have to run outside and tend to that fire blazing on your grill, because it’s burning your food.

Don’t you want to get outside quickly without worrying about snapping your mesh shut?

Also, imagine that your dog desperately needs to go outdoors. Normally, your dog will look at you with anxious eyes, whining and pleading with you to go outside, even if you’re busy. Now, imagine enabling training your dog to brush against the screen and let itself outside?

You won’t have to open the screen for your dog, because it easily detaches with enough force. But, as soon as your dog leaves or re-enters your home, the magnets will snap shut, without any help from you!

Best of all, you won’t have to go to the hardware store to buy tools, Velcro, or anything else to install the mesh. Simply follow the instructions that are included, and you’re on your way to enjoying fresh outdoor breezes without the hassle of nasty insects in your home.

How much Does Magic Mesh Cost?

The price for this product varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!