Micro Touch Tough Blade Reviews: Silky Smooth Shaving

Shaving. If you’re a man, then there’s no way around it–that is, if you want to fit into polite society and hold most employment positions.

Shaving for the socialized man is as important is combing your hair, or brushing your teeth. You were taught that shaving was not only a step in maintaining proper grooming, but shaving is also a sign of manhood.

It’s no wonder then than shaving blade manufacturers practically hold customers in a figurative vice when it comes to pricing. They know that you’re not going to drop out of society, quit your job, and move to a cave on the other side of the world.

You’re going to shave your facial hairs. And, even if you decided to wear a mustache or beard, then you’re going to need to keep them trimmed and presentable. Sometimes (depending on how thick or wild your hairs grow), you’re also going to want to trim other types of bodily hair like the eyebrows, the nose hairs, the ear hairs, your knuckles, etc.

And, hey: Have you noticed that a clean, bald scalp is socially acceptable these days? The pathetic comb-over is long gone, replaced by confident, clean shiny heads. These are the looks that are achieved by a sharp, precision razor blade on a shaving tool.

All of this  is to say that you could find yourself spending a small fortune on blades. And, again, it would seem as if the shaver manufactures could care less–they’re going to keep generating hand-over-fist revenues due to your need for grooming and style.

But, there is one shaving product that’s designed to give you an optimal shaving experience at an economic price. That product is the Micro Touch Blade.

Micro Touch Tough Blade Review

Product Overview

Micro Touch Blade allows you to address two concerns you face on a daily basis: Grooming, and grooming costs. Shaving isn’t like experimenting with the latest haircut. You can wear a basic, socially acceptable hairstyle that doesn’t require your visiting a barber on a constant basis to maintain. You don’t have to visit a hair salon in order to maintain its texture or color.

But, you DO need to maintain the look of your facial hair, or keep your face free of stubble altogether! There’s no way around that.

This is a product that has you covered. You’ll enjoy the results and the feel of a professional shave at the barber experience, all in the economic, efficient comfort of your own home. But, if you need to maintain proper grooming while you’re away from home, then it’s totally possible!

The Mirco Touch Tough Blade system comes with:

– A traditional shaver tool

– A compact, portable, hair trimming wand

The shaving kit includes 12, 3-blade razors manufactured by German engineers. The trimming tool allows you to take care of those unruly hairs on the other areas of your body besides your beard, and your mustache.


The purpose of the Micro Touch Tough Blade system is to allow you to stop making you feel victimized by the ever-increasing cost of maintaining your basic grooming (and well-being!)

In short, you’ll enjoy a tight, precision shave by using one blade a month. You’ll receive 12 blades in all for one low price, and you’ll receive a portable, precision tool to boot!


The shaver is a standard size that you’re commonly used to using. The trimmer is the length of a pen, and it’s extremely narrow and portable. Feel free to pack both in your toiletry case while you’re on a business trip, or while you’re on vacation.

Additional Supplies Needed

You’ll need to buy a set of replacement batteries for the hair trimmer. Of course, you’ll still need to purchase all of your favorite shaving creams, facial toiletries, etc.

Who Needs The Micro Touch Tough Blade System?

This is the only shaving system you’ll need if:

  • You’re tired of trying out new versions of shavers that aren’t that special
  • You’ve noticed that you spend a lot of money on your hair grooming needs
  • You’re a basic kind of guy who just wants to look groomed without wasting money
  • You’re a highly-groomed guy who knows you can look your best without spending tons of money
  • You like the idea of having all of your shaving needs met for the entire year for less than $20
  • You want to enjoy efficient grooming at home, at work, on vacation, or while you’re away on business

How Is This Product Different From Other Shaving Systems

You already know that if you buy disposable razors, then you’ll need to invest a small fortune into keeping them stocked in your home. And, let’s face it: Disposable razors sometimes do the job in a pinch, but they really don’t work that well.

Worse, you might not be a person who can even bother with disposable razors, because they ruin your complexion!

That means that you’ll need to invest in re-usable razors. You won’t have to buy them as frequently, but you’ll still invest quite a bit of money into them-they’re becoming increasingly expensive!

And, you’ll need to keep buying and testing several brands (and different versions of the same brand) until you find just the right razor that’s right for your face. On top of everything else that you have to consider, the last thing you want on your mind is using your face as an experiment to find the right razor at the right price.

Now, with the Micro Touch Tough Blade system, you don’t have to.

How Much Does The Micro Touch Tough Blade System Cost?

The price for the Micro Touch Tough Blade System varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!