Micro Touch Max Reviews: Micro-Precision Trimmer

Back in the old days, a man made a ritual out of visiting a barber who specialized in the removal of scalp and body hair.

You could kick back and enjoy a rich lather of foam on  your face while getting your facial hair trimmed, your nose and ear hairs plucked, and if you wanted, you could trim down your arm and knuckle hair.

And, most of the time, the barber would throw in a massage to tenderize your tense muscles after a hard week of work, too.

Nowadays, you can still find barbers who offer precision hair trimming services, but chances are good that you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy a leisurely morning (or afternoon) in the barber’s chair. More to the point, you might be trying to save a few dollars every week, and visits to a specialty barber can become expensive very quickly.

And, if you find that you travel on business a lot, the last thing you’ll have time for is to hunt down a specialty barber at every location you arrive in. The life of the 21st century working man is full from sun up until sun down. It’s also based on all things portable!

Think about it: You carry a portable coffee mug. You bring a portable water bottle with you to work, or to the gym after work. You’re able to send messages and conversations through your wi-fi connected mobile device. Why shouldn’t you be able to groom yourself on the go, too?

Well, you can, thanks to a hair trimming tool that was awarded the Men’s Health 2014 seal of approval: It’s the Micro Touch Max.

 Micro Touch Max Review

Product Overview

The Micro Touch Max is a shaving/trimming wand that looks too simple to perform all the powerful tasks that it does. Its purpose is simple: It helps you to remove and trim all of bodily hair without the need to schedule expensive, cumbersome appointments in a barber’s chair.

Think about those mornings when you ran out of the door, forgetting to shave. Think about the times when you were at work looking at yourself in a mirror, only to notice that your nose or ear hairs are getting out of control. Or, think about those times when the hairs on the nape of your neck started to itch, and you wished that you could take care of them right then and there.

When you buy the Micro Touch Max trimming tool, taking care of itchy, bothersome or embarrassing hairs is as simple as a quick trip to the restroom, no matter where you are!


The purpose of the tool is to allow you to trim or remove unwanted body hair quickly, safely, and economically. More than this, you can remove the hairs anytime you need a quick touch-up, or anytime you need to finish your grooming on the go.


Its slender design is just a little larger than a toothbrush. You can carry it in your carry-on baggage, and actually, you could carry it inside of your jacket pocket if you wanted to!

How To Use

The tool will come with instructions, but basically, you’ll flip on a switch, then run the micro-fine combs along the hairs that you’d like to trim or remove. You won’t feel a thing, but you’ll see the results, immediately!

Additional Supplies Needed

Since the grooming tool is battery operated, you’ll need to purchase a package of batteries. You’ll also have the option of buying a grooming kit for an additional shipping and handling fee.

Who Needs Micro Touch Max?

You’re the right customer for Micro Touch Max if:

  • You grow hair on the back of your neck, on your face, inside your ears, your nose, or anywhere besides your scalp
  • You often wish that you could groom yourself after a pre-work session at the gym
  • You work long hours at the office and you want to look your best
  • You frequently travel on business and sometimes, you need to groom inside the airport restroom
  • You see nothing wrong with a quick touch-up inside your vehicle
  • You need to perform a touch-up on your way to meet a hot date
  • You forgot to shave and groom before leaving your home this morning
  • You need to groom on the way to work after spending the night elsewhere
  • You love the idea of a portable grooming tool that fits in with your busy, full lifestyle

How Is This Product Different From Other Trimmers?

The biggest difference between this tool and other trimmers is in its portability. Other trimmers are simply smaller versions of hair clippers. You’ll need to find an electrical outlet in order to use them, and they aren’t very slender. You could carry them in your carry-on bag, but you definitely couldn’t fit one inside of your toiletry case or your jacket pocket.

And, again, there’s the issue of finding an electrical outlet, which could be a problem, especially if you’re traveling overseas.

The Micro Touch Max trimmer is battery-operated. You won’t need to hunt down an outlet, and as long as the battery you’re using is fresh, then you can use the tool all over the world. Again, this is the type of device that’s perfect for your 21st century, on-the-go, jam-packed lifestyle.

Plus, it’s a lot safer to use than traditional trimmers are. You won’t have to worry about burning or nicking yourself with the mirco-fine trimming combs.

How Much Does the Micro Touch Max Trimmer Cost?

The price for the Micro Touch Max varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!