Mr Lid Reviews: The Easy Way To Protect Your Food And Save Cabinet Space

Are you tired of hunting down a plastic food storage lid right when you need to put your food in the refrigerator? Don’t you wish that you had enough food containers to carry your portable meals and snacks with you? And, wouldn’t you love for the tupperware set to prevent spills and leaks from taking place while you travel?

If so, then the Mr. Lid food container system is probably what you’re looking for.

Mr. Lid Review: Premium Food Storage Set

Product Overview

Mr. Lid is a plastic food storage tupperware system that comes with a total of 16 pieces. It’s designed to make your life easier and tidier, while also allowing you to save money. It’s main feature is the lid flip attachment-it prevents the lid from getting lost.


In the old days, you probably grew up placing left over food inside of a bowl, or inside of any container that was left around the house (like a margarine bowl, or a yogurt cup, for example). You either covered these with a piece of foil or a piece of plastic wrap, too.

But then, you probably noticed that they did a horrible job of keeping your food fresh. And, they often took up too much shelf space in the refrigerator, too.

Plastic tupperware helped to resolve many of these issues. They were lightweight, but many of them weren’t heat-safe. Then, microwave and dishwasher-safe plastic options were introduced to the market.

These did the job they were intended for, but they brought their own problems. First, the lids weren’t attached, so they were always getting lost. If you’re like many, you’ve probably spent lots of money on new plastic tupperware sets, simply because you found yourself having more containers than you did lids. And, they take up a lot of cabinet space, because when the lid is placed over it, it doesn’t allow for other containers to fit inside of each other.

That’s why this product is a life-saver. It’s designed with a lid that’s attached to the container, so it can’t get lost. It allows for the containers to stack on top of each other in the cabinet, because the folding flap between the lids and the container allows for both components to stack on top of each other.

You’ll enjoy tidy container storage along, and you’ll start saving money on brand new container sets.

And, if you’re concerned about using plastic products made with BPAs, the know that Mr. Lid is made with BPA-free plastic. So, not only can you store your food products efficiently, you can also store your food safely, too.

Of course, it is both dishwasher and microwave-safe.


It comes in four different sizes, in sets of four. You’ll receive four 4oz sizes, four 8 oz sizes, four 16 oz sizes, and four 32 oz sizes. And, if you take advantage of the current buy one, get one free offer, then you can double that to 8 containers in each size!

How To Use

The this product couldn’t be more simple to use. To close them, all you’ll need to do is flip the attached lid shut, then snap it closed around the edges. To open them, just flip up the attached tab, and you’ll gain immediate access to your food, snacks, or small objects.

Storing is just as easy. They don’t take up valuable cabinet space, because you can easily stack them on top of each other in their open position. They’re designed to fit on top of each other easily after being stacked, so you can create a neat and tidy storage system inside of your kitchen’s cabinets, or panty.

And, if you use them in your laundry room, the kids’s room, or inside of a crafting room, then simply stack them on a bookshelf or a top of a floating wall shelf.

Additional Supplies Needed

There are no additional supplies needed in order for you to use this simple container system. If you can open and snap a plastic lid shut, then you can start enjoying the convenience of this product.

The best news is, you won’t need to purchase a vacuum pump in order to create a tight seal and remove air. The lids have been manufactured to snap tightly around the containers after you close them shut.

Who Needs This?

This is is the right set for you if:

  • You’re tired of spending money on new tupperware due to missing lids
  • You’re tired of your tupperware taking up too much space in your cabinets
  • You want to take home-cooked meals to work or school
  • You want to take fresh salads or portable snacks on the go with you
  • You like using well-sealed tupperware to hold small objects or toys
  • You like getting the most for your money
  • You’re concerned about using non-BPA, non-toxic products

How Is This Product Different From Other Food Containers?

The key difference in the this package and other similar ones is in it’s special attached lid design. Typically, they come with separate lids that notoriously become lost along the way. How many times have you looked at a food container in frustration, because you couldn’t find a lid to seal it shut?

When you use this set, looking for lost lids is a thing of the past, because the lid is manufactured as an attachment. All you’ll need to do is reach on the other side, flip the lid closed, snap it shut, and put it away.

Also, the lid is specially designed to stay shut-this keeps unwanted air out of your food. The design also keeps liquids from spilling out!

How Much Does Mr. Lid Cost?

The pricing varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!