Scratch Aide Reviews: Repair Scratches The Simple Amish Way

Have you ever scratched a value piece of wood in your home? Of course you have-no one is perfect, and there’s all sorts of opportunities for wood to become scratched inside of one’s home. You might scratch your hardwood floors after sliding your table legs or your chairs. Or, you might accidentally scratch your wooden counters while preparing food.

Kids and pets create their own scratches around your home, and all of these lead to the same outcome-there’s a nasty bright line left in the grain of your wooden floors, furnishings, counters, doors, or blinds. Scratches are not only unsightly, but they bring down the value of anything that you might sell later on. Luckily for you, there’s a simple way to not only get rid of the appearance of the scratch, but you also actually repair the scratch. That product is made by the same company that brought you Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk-it’s called Dutch Glow Scratch Aide.

Dutch Glow Scratch Aide Review

Product Overview

Scratch Aide is the simple repair product you’ve been looking for that’s going to restore the look and value of your wood, inexpensively. It comes in a plastic squeeze bottle that fits right in the palm of your hand.

The liquid is clear, so it blends right into the groove of the offensive scratch. But, keep in mind that the product doesn’t simply cover up the scratch-it also repairs the scratch. The liquid formula is designed to adhere to the groove of the scratch, restoring your wood’s level appearance.

You won’t have to be bothered with buying a sanding machine at the hardware store. You won’t have to purchase a buffing machine, either. And, you won’t have to purchase cans of smelly stains in order to match the different colors of wood around your home. As you can see, you’ll save all sorts of money when you purchase this simple, easy-to-use scratch repair product.


The purpose of Scratch Aide is just like the name implies-it’s designed to aide you in repairing scratches in the wood around your home.

Think of how many opportunities there are for your wood to become scratched. There’s moments when you (or someone else) isn’t being careful, and you’ll drag your chairs across your wooden floors. Or, you might be in a hurry to move your table across your wooden floors, and you’ll realize after it’s too late that you’ve damaged your floors.

But, the damage doesn’t stop there-think about your kids and your pets!

Unless your pets are de-clawed, then the chances are very good that they are going to scratch your floors. They like to play with toys on the floors, and they’re often prone to running, especially when there’s someone at the front door.

And, speaking of the front door, how often do your dogs scratch at the door when they need to go outside? How common is it for your dogs to stand on their haunches and climb up the door when they get excited? You can also probably remember all of the times when you had to order your dog’s paws off of your kitchen or coffee table.

Even if you don’t have dogs and you’re a cat owner, you’ll need to worry about the moments when they scratch at your wooden window blinds. And, cats are prone to scratching your furniture when they become bored, or angry.

If all of these weren’t enough, your little ones will find opportunities to scratch your wood with their toys, especially toys with sharp edges. As you can gather, there’s plenty of opportunities for scratching to take place.

In the past, this would have been a nightmare that might have caused you to feel resentment every time you looked at the scratch. Now, you can fill in the indention in a matter of seconds, and your wood will look brand-new again.


Scratch Aide comes in a 0.5 oz squirt bottle.

How To Use

Just follow the instructions for releasing the product from the lid, and squeeze the product into the area of wood you need to treat. Then, consult the instructions regarding drying times. That’s it!

Additional Supplies Needed

There are no additional supplies you’ll need to purchase. For example, there’s no need to buy a buffing or a sanding machine. You won’t have to bother with purchasing cans of matching stain for your wood, either.

You do have the option of purchasing Dutch Glow’s Wood butter-it’s designed for more severe damage to your wood beyond a simple scratch. You can use this product to start filling in deep scratches, gashes, and cracks.

Who Needs Scratch Aide?

Scratch Aide is for you if:

– You resent how your wood looks old and devalued
– You want to protect your investment for years to come
– You don’t want your furniture, cabinets, or floors to look cheap
– You’re getting ready to sell your home and you need to restore your home’s wood

– You don’t have the budget or the time to invest in traditional wood repair products

– You want to keep a product on hand to repair those inevitable future scratches on your wood

– You want a product that actually repairs the scratch instead of simply covering it up.

How Is This Product Different?

Scratch Aide is different from other products such as wood scratch markers and crayons, because it’s manufactured to actually fill in the scratch. What’s more, it’s clear colored, so it will match the color of any type of wood that you’re treating. And, it’s designed to treat both fine and coarse grains of wood. It’s a time and cost efficient method of removing those unsightly marks in your wood, immediately.

How Much Does the Dutch Glow Scratch Aide Cost?

The price for Scratch Aide varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!