Be Active Reviews: Restore Range Of Motion, Restore Your Lifestyle

Pain in the lower half of your body is not only annoying, it can absolutely impact the quality of your life!

When you’re not experiencing pain, all of your activities and your daily range of motion is as effortless as breathing! But, when you’re imprisoned by your pain, especially by the pain that’s caused by sciatica, everything that you’d like to do and you need to do becomes next to impossible!

Sciatic nerve surgery is expensive and highly intrusive. It requires extensive recovery time, and that might not be realistic for you if you live alone, can’t take time off from work, or you’re the primary caretaker of other family members in your household.

Fortunately, there’s another way for you to address your sciatic nerve pain inexpensively, effortlessly, and discreetly: You can simply wrap the Be Active pain relief band around your knee, and start experiencing lifestyle-restorative relief!

Be Active Review

Product Overview

The Be Active band is based upon the science of acupressure. There are nerve points throughout the body that respond to being touched with slight amounts of pressure. In the case of pain that’s generated from a pinched or damaged sciatic nerve, the nerve sends pain signals that originate from the lower back, and radiates down through the hamstrings, the calves, and the ankles.

Be Active features a soft gel pad that’s set within a fabric knee wrap. The wrap is held shut with easy to open and close Velcro. The gel pad is placed along the point of where the sciatic nerve runs down the back of the knee, into the upper region of the calf. The slight pressure on this point stops the nervous signal that radiates pain down the leg.

The result is the ability to perform everyday functions, such as walking, sitting, and other activities involving the use of the lower body.


The immediate purpose of the Be Active band is to relieve pain, and in particular, pain that’s associated with damage to the sciatic nerve.

Best of all, it’s discreet in most cases. Since it wraps snugly around your knee, you don’t have to worry about it showing through your dress slacks. However, it will show through tight jeans, and depending upon how tight your jeans are (such as skinny jean leg styles), you might not be able to wear the device under your jeans.

Also, the device will be visible if you wear a skirt with a hem above the knee.


The Be Active wrap spans from your lower knee into the middle of your calf. It’s lightweight, and it can fit inside of a large tote bag, or a briefcase. It’s extremely portable, so you can take it with you during your travels. It can fit calf sizes 12.5-18 inches.

How To Use Be Active?

The Be Active pain relieving wrap device is designed to be extremely simple to apply. First, determine which leg you need to wear it on-it’s designed to be worn on both legs. Then, look for the L (left) or R (right) leg designators on the band-they should be facing outwards if you’re wrapping the device on your leg correctly.

The pressure pad that relieves the pain should be applied on the outside edge of your calf. Then, wrap the material around your leg, and fasten the Velcro snaps shut. The wrap should fit just below your knees, and around your calves. That’s all you’ll need to do to start experiencing pain relieve that will allow you to restore your daily activities.

When it comes to the amount of time that it will take for you to experience pain relief, results will vary. Since sciatica pain is a serious medical condition, you should always consult with your doctor before applying the device. You should definitely consult with your doctor if you’re currently suffering with circulation issues, diabetes, blood clots, or any other diagnosis that could become aggravated by using a device like Be Active.

Additional Supplies Needed


Who Needs Be Active?

You might consider using Be Active if:

– You miss playing with your kids

– You can’t take time off from work

– You’re having difficulty walking, standing, or bending over

– Sciatic nerve surgery is too expensive, prohibitive, and invasive

– You want to travel and enjoy socializing

How much Does Be Active Cost?

The price for Be Active varies from time to time and you can check online for the current pricing!